FULL BLUE MOON – SHIVA NETRA : The Third Eye Meditation

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Beginners welcome. (mats, cushions provided)

Shiva Netra is a third eye meditation technique. 

This meditation lasts for an hour and has two stages of ten minutes each – repeated three times. 

Instructions and guidance will be given beforehand on Third eye meditation techniques with Krisana Locke and Ali von Stein

A blue light (no strobe light) is used for this meditation, as blue is the color of the third eye.

The first and second stages of this meditaiton are repeated 3 times . 

First: (10 mins) Sit absolutely still, and watch a blue light with a gentle and out of focus gaze. 

Second: (10 Mins) Close your eyes and slowly, gently, sway from side to side. As you shift from side to side, the energy from each of the eyes will move to the third eye. 

Informal tea, snacks afterwards

Modern physiology, scientific research, says that between the two eyebrows is the gland which is the most mysterious part of the body. This gland, called the pineal gland, is the third eye of the Tibetans -- SHIVANETRA: the eye of the Shiva, of the tantra. Between the two eyes there exists a third eye, but it is non-functioning. It is there, it can function any moment, but it does not function naturally. You have to do something about it to open it. It is not blind; it is simply closed. Osho


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  • Dhyana Vargas   April 08, 2015

      Wonderful facilitator and breath therapist

    Krisana is a very experienced meditation facilitator in a lot of different meditation techniques. Her bio energetic, breath and tantra workshops are fun, dynamic and go really deep. She knows well what the participants need and she supports each of them carefully and lovingly.

  • Dhyana Vargas   April 08, 2015

      Great place to connect with your inner silence

    Searching for a quiet space in the crazyness of Berlin I found this amazing and beautiful meditation studio where I was able to try different active meditation techniques that gave me a lot of relaxation and inner peace. If you´re in Berlin and got tired of jumping from party to party then this is a great place to shut down and go inwards. Highly recommended!

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