Uxplore and Unlock the healing power of sacred sites Retreat!

  • France
  • Oct 15 - 22, 2016 (8 days)
  • $2,395

About us

At the Explore and unlock the Healing Power of Sacred Sites Retreat in the beautiful Lot Valley of France, you are waiting for your expert chef prepared dinner. Tonight, will it be Quercy lamb accompanied with the delicious Cabecou goat cheese found only in this valley? Or perhaps Magret duck, fresh salad, and foie gras, another specialty of the region.

Tempted? Let’s dive in to the juicy details… During the next exciting 7 nights and 8 days, we will be opening our senses with the energies at sacred sites, our energy systems will be expanding, balancing, and aligning more and more at each site.

Do you seek to learn more about the power and mystery of sacred sites?

No problem we will teach you.

During your travels, do you feel there is more to a beautiful cathedral than what is seen?

Your feelings are right, there is so much more to explore and we are diving in to it!

Do you ever wonder why ancient people built and used stone structures and if they can be a benefit to you?

You are going to experience first hand the energies of the megalithic sites, they are powerful and healing!

Do you want to learn how to connect more deeply with the places you visit?

No problem, we teach you the tools.

Do you want to learn techniques to balance and align your energy system and clear out blockages?

We are building a chakra path together, it is amazing tool to do just that.

Have you ever felt like you have a block to your ability to sense or feel energies?

Our shaman will help you clear away your blocks.

Need more reasons to join us?

This retreat will give you the opportunity to learn how to recognize places of power, how to feel them and finally how to use them for your own healing. You will be able to use your newly acquired skills on all your next adventures! You will receive many energy activations and clearings as we explore each place on our itinerary and this will give you the knowledge of how to decode sacred sites on your own.

You can apply these teachings of how to work with energy in your daily life.

Plus when joining us on this adventure to the Lot Valley, you will be visiting ancient megalithic stone structures, sacred churches, the mysterious black Madonna of Rocamadour, the Compostella Trail, beautiful medieval villages, vineyards, the meandering river Lot, and of course immerse your senses in the delicious local food and wine! This is an amazing tour that brings together tourism, healing, and gastronomy.

The Venue

The south of France, in the sleepy Lot Valley, we will enter our playground – a land completely untouched by time. Small beautiful villages follow the Lot river’s path, stone houses with their colored shutters surround us, and the landscape is green and full of vineyards. We will be staying 7 fabulous nights at Les Hameau des Saveurs.

A beautiful 17th century stone farm house transformed into 3 different houses for us to use. They have a beautiful pool and hot tub in a tranquil rural setting topped off with wonderful French cuisine. Our food will be prepared by their wonderful expert chef.Enjoy local delicacies ranging from the lamb of Quercy, foie de gras, the delicious Cabecou goat cheese, the famous duck of Perigord, and wonderful Cahors wines. Breakfasts are uniquely french, of course, consisting of warm mouthwatering croissants and pain au chocolat. Delicious picnic lunches give us the freedom to eat on the road while we explore all of our wondrous adventures!

We cannot connect to the earth in Southern France without dedicating time to the vineyards. The energy of the wine in the area is a must to explore. Renowned throughout its history, Cahors wines today classes amongst the best in France. Cahors is the birthplace of Malbec wines and are famously known by their medieval nickname of ‘Black Wine’ due to its deep, dark colour. During the Middle Ages, the ‘Black Wine’ was much appreciated by Eleanor of Aquitaine and Peter the Great, and by the bishops of Cahors.

Explore the Master Builder Tradition!

    Gastronomical feasts and amazing local wine – It’s France and this is a must to fully appreciate this country!

    Alignment and balancing of your chakras and your energy systems – you’re getting an energetically upgrade!

    Knowledge of the Master Builder tradition and how they built sacred sites – not too many people really know this and it’s key to understanding what is going on at sacred sites.

    Appreciation of how the traditions of the placeare connected with spirituality of the land – Ah dulce France.

    How to use the energies at sacred sites for illumination and healing – seeing the unseen.

    Cleansing of your energies with the megalithic healing structures – feel more aligned in your bodies, more upgrades for you!

    Touring the beautiful landscape of the Lot Valley – This is what traveling is all about getting out of our routines and seeing something different. 

    Shamanic energy clearing – clear those blocks away!

    Experience an opening in your body to feeling the energies present at sacred sites – Wow, this is going to be fun. 

    Gain a fantastic perception of how it is to feel aligned in your body.

    Experience what happens to you when you are aligned – There is a different perception of the world around you.

    Knowledge of how to feel energies in daily life – A skill you can take anywhere

    Amazing experience of traveling in a fantastic country and getting to know it’s culture.

During our time together we will be playing with many kinds of energies. For example, did you know each sacred site we will be visiting was built on some kind of underground energy that gives the healing power to the structure? That is one of the many energies we will be playing with! Our visit to le Circuit des Dolmenswill be a healing journey, just like the ancients experienced in the past. Very few people can guide us on this healing adventure and we are fortunate to have Dominique Susani share his expertise!

Next on to chakras! Chakras are an important energy system that we can use feel different energies in sacred sites. To help you build a stronger relationship to the sensations of each chakra, we are building our own chakra path to use during our time together. Anytime you have a little free time, walk the path to feel, align and balance your chakras!

Our energetic exploration of sacred sites now focuses on how churches were built using solar geometry, The master builders took in account earth energies and the solar rhythms in their design and construction. Many churches were built on top of dolmens or sacred springs. We are going to explore how all these factors come together as a wonderful healing machine! The Compostells Trail in France has many powerful churches and we will use our new found knowledge to feel the unseen energies in one.

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Uxplore and Unlock the healing power of sacred sites Retreat!
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Uxplore and Unlock the healing power of sacred sites Retreat!

  • Oct 15, 2016 - Oct 22, 2016 (8 days)


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