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Does the idea of a spiritual retreat scare you? Do you feel they are for ‘more spiritual people’ than you? These 6 nights in tranquil Bali will transform your life without enduring endless yoga poses, days of silence or hours of chanting.

The villas are luxurious, peaceful, have WIFI, pool and all the mod-cons. Everything is included in a one-off cost. Cost here.

An unforgettable week to focus solely on your happiness, relaxation and personal / spiritual growth.

What you will Experience in this Health Retreat Bali:
Reiki Healing sessions
Kinesiology (Incl allergy testing).
Tai Chi
Yoga (Hatha)
Astrology and 'Pain Body' healing
Your own room with en-suite in beautiful "Villa Ning".
One-on-One with esteemed Balian Healer.
Aura Photography, Crystal & 'Singing Bowl' Therapy.
Holistic Coaching groups ... and one-on-one sessions.
Massages (Therapeutic & Traditional)
Exotic and organic Indonesian cuisine in the villa,
Healing session with your yoga guru one-on-one.

Wake-up times vary, but most guests choose to arise at about 7am and shower ready for the 7:30am meditation.

Meditation comprises two parts. A ‘body-scan’ that can be used anytime during your busy day at home, followed by a chakra meditation. Each meditation session goes for about a half hour and guests will feel the benefits before they leave the retreat. Our main aim for meditation on retreats is to show people a simple, effective way to quiet their body and mind. A practice that is too complicated will be abandoned by most on returning to their daily routines.

Meditation is followed by a healthy breakfast using only fresh produce bought from a traditional market. We’re not going to force feed raw vegetables or make you chew on lemons. You need to enjoy breakfast. There will be beautiful fresh juices you may never have tried before and healthy organic food. If you wish to have coffee, that is your choice. Our food is like life, you have the choice to make healthy or not so healthy decisions. We’re all about helping your awareness, not about forcing change.

Each morning’s activities will be different as we introduce you to a variety of therapies and traditional healers.

As an integral part of our efforts to present to you the most authentic Bali experience; we visit a highly respected Balian Healer at his home. He diagnoses each guest and administers ancient and proven healing techniques that are truly amazing. Pak ATU Gusti is a Spiritual Healing Master who will put your mind at ease with a session like no other. Exactly what he does will all depend on what he is guided to do and where he ‘sees’ your need being greatest. His amazing insight and awareness encompasses your physical, spiritual and mental states. This is not some ‘show’ for tourists. This wonderful man offers life-changing advice and if needed, healing that really works.

The morning of our day trip to the Ubud region will be spent at Tampak Siring in the Tirta Empul Temple for a full cleansing ceremony. Holistic Retreat Bali guests will never be just tourists with a camera passing through. It is our goal to fully immerse you in a spiritual adventure that will be in harmony with what you are seeking and offer you memories and insight to draw upon for the rest of your days.

Our day trip to the Ubud region continues after a delicious local lunch with rice field view, with a trip to the home of our 'listrik' healers. There is no name for, or school of learning to teach the gifts this beautiful Balinese couple possess. They have a unique style of healing which they believe was granted to them by God. They are guided by spirit to those areas in your body that need attention and love. Their bodies are charged with electrical current. When they lay hands on you, there is no mistaking the energy emanating from them and through you. At times you will physically and involuntarily jerk from this healing energy. All of this in their traditional Bali home … a once in a life time experience.

The morning yoga sessions will commence at approx 9:30 and are designed for beginners, not gurus. You will certainly feel the benefits after only a week. Our aim is to give you a taste of what’s involved and hopefully instill a desire to continue classes in your home environment. No-one is pushed.

Each afternoon will vary, and include … Holistic Life Coaching sessions one-on-one that will assist you identify stresses in your life and develop a real plan to minimize or even eliminate those stresses… understanding how fear and resentment have probably played a major role in your daily life… making an honest assessment of where you are at in key life areas … identifying where you would like to be and … tailoring a realistic plan on how to achieve your goals.

Reiki sessions with either of our two experienced healers. Practitioners transfer Universal energy through the palms to allow self healing and energy balancing (meridian energy lines and chakras). To attempt an explanation of a session with them would always result in injustice. Each person is obviously different; however the results of reiki with our therapists are amazing.

Our Kinesiology therapist has years of experience in this, nutrition and also reiki. She will allergy test you and identify areas of your mental / spiritual life that may need attention. More importantly, she will gently guide you through them and provide real tools for the change. (please note our therapist is away from June to end Aug, 2016).

Each guest will receive at least two massages during their stay. One traditional Balinese and the other Therapeutic ... no better way to relax.

Dinner will be provided at the villa. As with breakfast and lunch, only organic ingredients are used and our cooks are wonderful. Meals are vegetarian unless other is requested.

Please compare the Holistic Retreat Bali program to any other retreats available and we are confident none can offer the experience we do.

We would love to work with you.

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