Body, Mind, Mandala, 5 day retreat in Ubud, Bali

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Discover the ancient practice of tantric yoga in the rejuvenating environment of a breathtaking Ubud retreat.

Explore your creative capacities with an expansive approach on art and meditation.

Body Mind Mandala is a 5 day retreat that offers a healthy combination of balanced yoga practices and artistic workshops and creative sessions. The body and mind get a reboot and in the discovery of mandala meditation the whole personality can be expanded and purified. Reviving ancient practices of the masters tradition and refreshing them with a contemporary approach, your teachers take the best of care to provide an environment and routine for growth and nurturing. Discover your inner artist and meditator and learn about the secrets of the tantric yoga tradition.

The retreat is set in the stunning Michi Art Village in the vibrant area of Ubud, Bali with an appealing mixture of local culture and progressive yoga. Ubud streets blend a variety of art with great food, everyday convenience and Balinese traditional ceremony of offerings and gratitude.

The retreat space is composed of different buildings, houses and villas that are nestled amongst the picturesque cliffs along the river and include 1 yoga studio, meditation pod, swimming pool, restaurant, garden, fire area, art studio and art gallery, a spring water temple and motorbike parking.

Accommodation, breakfast and lunch are included in your personalised retreat price. Dinner is at own expense and can be taken in the many restaurants in the area.

Early Bird prices from 5 million Rupiah (500AU$)

Tantric Yoga?

Tantra comes from the words: Tanoti, expansion or growth and trayoti; liberation or emancipation. So Tantra means 'the liberation of consciousness through the expansion of energy'. In Tantra the two ancient archetype: Shiva, the representation of consciousness, and Shakti, the representation of energy, are interacting in a cosmic dance or love embrace. In this dualistic philosophy, that is the oldest of all known darshanas or views on life , the expansion of energy drives the upliftment of consciousness. 
The practices of the krya or kundalini yoga, meditation on the movement of energy to higher awareness and the ideas of chakras and nadis, used in dynamic and relaxing yoga practices, and even ritualistic religion, all came forth from Tantric philosophy. Lifestyle connected to these ideas has been mostly conserved in traditional India but it is said to once have been the sanatan (eternal) culture of the world. 
In the West, Tantra got renowned for physical and mostly sexual practices with the emergence of non ascetic spiritual principles, using the body as a tool for liberation. In essence however, tantra is a spiritual practice without dogmas and with very little emphasis on the physical realm. Tantra meant to inspire humanity to overcome the limitations of mind and body. In Tantra everything in existence has a sacred quality and by placing our awareness on that quality we develop our life within and the connection to what lies beyond. 
By gradually overcoming the downsides of our human nature: craving, fear of death, arrogance, ignorance, anger and so on, we handle the daily struggles of contemporary life with more grace and clarity. To obtain these values the energetic body undergoes purification and the mind is constantly re-minded of its own composition by techniques such as meditation. Ceremony, yoga practice, chanting and rituals are all part of tantric yoga and in this retreat we will explore these ancient practices with a fresh approach. 


The practice of mandala is an ancient tantric practice of drawing circular shapes with repetitive patterns. Sometimes the mandala represents a geometrical pattern similar to a sound-wave in which case it is called a yantra. Mandala represents the energetic and natural link with the form of consciousness, this balance of an external object and an internal state is the essence of tantra. The level of focus, balance, composition, devotion and human excellence that one puts into the mandala will resonate in the practice of contemplation or meditation on the same form. 

The Practices

By combining the insight of ashram trained yoga scientist Christoffel Hendrickx (Academy of Yoga Sciences, yoga4life, Australia and Anahata Yoga Retreat, New Zealand) and the skill of visionary artist Guillermo Gomez (Latrobe College of Visual Arts, Melbourne) this retreat offers a unique occasion to deepen both the artistic and yogic aspects of the tantric lifestyle and to explore simply the joy and freedom of working with the body, the mind and its creative outlet. 
In this retreat we offer practices designed for the occasion but based on the combined forces of traditional hatha yoga and tantric artwork. 

Some of the practices we will do: 

hatha yoga: asana (posture practice) pranayama (breath work) mudra (gestures) bandha (locks)
mantra (sacred sound meditation) kirtan (group chanting)
trataka (meditation on a fixed form) 
mandala (form creation)
poojah (ritual ceremony)
yoga nidra (deep relaxation exercises) 
other meditations from the tantric tradition

All the practices are designed to deepen awareness, heal mentally and physically and inspire individual growth by stimulating pattern recognition, self knowledge and creative expression. 


The retreat is set in the stunning Michi Art Village in the vibrant area of Ubud, Bali. 
This area has an appealing mixture of local culture and progressive yoga. Ubud streets blends a variety of art with great food, everyday convenience and Balinese traditional ceremony of offerings and gratitude.

The retreat space is composed of different buildings, houses and villas that are nestled among the picturesque cliffs along the river and include 1 yoga studio, meditation pod, swimming pool, restaurant, garden, fire area, art studio and art gallery,  a spring water temple and motorbike parking.


We offer the choice between following accommodations:

- Suite Room Class A: Suites and Top Views Balcony

- Standard Room  Class B: Comfortable large rooms with views to the rice fields
- Budget Room Class C: With everything you need to be comfortable and fitting your  budget.

Food: Accommodation, breakfast and lunch are included in your personalized retreat price. Dinner is at own expense. Restaurants are available in Ubud area at 3 km from the retreat. Shops are located at Singakerta Main Road (10 min walk)


Christoffel Hendrickx started his spiritual path in the European underground. As a cultural activist and promoter of experimental performance and rave culture he expressed his inner voice, opposing all forms of establishment and violence. In need for self healing and inner peace he traveled to New Zealand and departed on an inward journey with Vipassana Meditation. Seeking more diverse and energetic practice, he settled in ashram style Anahata Yoga retreat in Golden Bay, practicing traditional yoga's on a daily basis. He found a deep love for bhakti yoga and hatha yoga and devoted two year study to a degree at the Academy of Yoga sciences in Australia. When living in Melbourne he was working as a vegan chef in a bhakti restaurant. During that period he started a series of events and workshops under the label of Yoga4Life. When he returned to Anahata Yoga Retreat he deepened his connection with chanting and teaching hatha yoga classes and meditation. In the preparation of a journey to Ma India he collaborated with Guillermo Gomez, one of his first yoga students. Before they both head off to India they decided to share their gift with yogi travelers in Bali. 

Guillermo Gomez is a semi-nomadic visionary artist whose journey started in 2012. He left his country at the young age of 20 leaving behind a materialistic lifestyle, in response to an inner call to search for his inner truth. This search lead him to Australia where he first got in touch with oriental spiritualism. He started practicing meditation (Vipassana Meditation, Sri Lanka) and Yoga, while developing his art practice with an increasing focus on spirituality and Visionary Art.
During the last 4 years, he has been living in Melbourne, Bali and Spain, developing his art practice in various forms (Body paint, Paintings, Illustrations, Tattoo Art and Mandala) while combining his studies at Latrobe College of Art and Design (Melbourne) and volunteering in diverse communities such us ‘Friends of the Earth or ‘Lentil as Anything’. In 2015, he co-created ‘Mandala Project’, a series of workshops to help people to connect to their inner truth through this ancient art. Since then, he had share his skills and knowledge with people from diverse cultural backgrounds an lifestyles through Australia, Bali and Spain. 

House rules

As we are exploring deep yogic practices we hope to have a mature audience (18+ only) and support a peaceful retreat experience. We ask to minimize consumption of alcohol and only outside workshop schedule (in the evening). Smoking and other drugs are not allowed on the retreat grounds during the sessions. We also advice to stick to vegetarian diet and make space for Mauna or silence in late evening and morning, which will help to integrate the learned practices. We invite you to attend as many of the classes and workshops as possible as to progress equally with the other guests and out of respect for their efforts and attendance and that of the teachers. A healthy group spirit accommodates the power of sanga or community and amplifies individual focus. During the booking process you will be asked to fill out an enrollment form for your safety and regarding your health for teaching and insurance purposes. If you need support for sitting or laying down we advice you to bring a yoga math, blanket, cushion and other props you may need. 

Extras: the retreat includes opportunities to learn about healthy diet and lifestyle. During the evening there will be optional extra workshops and events. There are amazing walks and activities in the area and there will be plenty of free time to enjoy this too. There is opportunity for other creative sessions with music, dance and ceremony depending on the intention and interest of the group. After the retreat there may be opportunity to stay on at the retreat and continue your learning with optional workshops or regular classes. 

Language: The retreat will be in English but that we can provide language aid for Spanish, French, Dutch. 

Optional extras:
private sessions to be booked in free time slots: 

personal session for developing your own yoga practice tailored to your needs $50/ session
energetic healing/massage stretch yoga one on one. $50/ session
shatkarmas (yogic cleansing practices) $100/person 

 small one hour tattoo by Guillermo Gomez $50/session 

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Body, Mind, Mandala, 5 day retreat in Ubud, Bali
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Body, Mind, Mandala, 5 day retreat in Ubud, Bali

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