Ibogaine Detox for Substance Abuse/Dependency

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The above price range includes our Ibogaine detox/addiction interruption programs for:

45 Day Buprenorphine $18,000

30 Day Methadone $14,000

15 Day Alcohol (w medical detox) $7000

15 Day Ibogaine+Ayahuasca $6500

10 Day Ibogaine+Ayahuasca $5500

10 Day Detox $5000

7 Day Detox $4000

Please call us at (contact info blocked) or visit our website at (contact info blocked) for more information and availability - detoxes are scheduled on an individual basis and can usually be booked at anytime.

With Ibogaine treatment, we can say that detox is actually the simplest part of recovery.  Additionally, most participants agree that treatment with ibogaine is much more than a pain free detox in that it also affords you a deep, honest self-check that can help you to stop unwanted thought patterns that may have caused drug abuse in the first place.

To respect each person's process without further stigmatization is the foundation to which we begin our work with each individual. 

Although Ibogaine has existed for almost a century in the western world, Ibogaine treatment for drug detox and addiction interruption has only recently started gaining the momentum it deserves.   Within the past twenty years, thousands of people suffering from out of control substance use have seen remarkable results using Ibogaine.  With opiate dependency, Ibogaine has proven to provide a mostly pain free/withdrawal free detox (80-100% alleviation).  Ibogaine has also shown great promise in treating alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine, and other substance abuse, as many experience no desire to use for a significant time after their Ibogaine treatment.  

In addition to interrupting substance abuse, Ibogaine is also known for inducing a deep meditative state that can include visions, dream-like states, a feeling of deep physical therapy and cleansing, strong connections and/or communication with the earth or a higher intelligence, etc.  Ibogaine can also often provide us with personal insights that reconnect us to ourselves and to our world in such a jarring fashion that many report a noticeable, long lasting shift in their state of being.

Oka Center is a fusion between two opposite sides of the world:  While we recognize the western clinical protocol for Ibogaine therapy as being crucial for safety, consistency, and detox efficacy, we also hold its traditional use in high regard.  

The people of Gabon have far more experience with Iboga than their fairly new western counterparts and the centuries of wisdom and intuition they possess - although communicated through an entirely different belief system - comprises the bulk of human experience with Iboga as a medicine.  Our numerous experiences in Gabon have guided us in developing our programs here at Oka and we believe the traditional use of Iboga holds much wisdom that we in the west have forgotten as it relates to our life and relationship with nature.   

Taking the most practically applicable and effective elements of each culture is our ongoing project with our goal being that anyone coming to Oka Center will experience a comfortable, authentic, safe Ibogaine treatment that respects the origin of themselves and this medicine.   

Program Details

The week includes:

- Airport pickup and dropoff from and to MID International (Merida).

- Maintenance medications 

- Private lodging with en suite bathroom, wifi, free long distance calls, a pool, media room and informational videos/lectures, modern furnishings and bedding, and beautiful views of the Yucatán countryside.

- 3 meals a day of great food from mostly local and organic sources

- Trips to the beach, Mayan ruins, and cenote included (see pictures). 

- Massage

- Ceremonies performed with authentic Bwiti tools from our Gabonese village.

- Sound and music therapy

- Daily Iboga rootbark microdosing (after flood dose of Voacanga derived, 99.9% Ibogaine HCL).  Our rootbark is a gift from our spiritual family in Gabon and extending this gift to you is a great joy for us.

- Follow up heantos boosters


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  • Val Hawk   January 26, 2017

      Wonderful Experience in a Beautiful Place with Great People

    The Oka Center is a jewel, a perfect setting for a deep inner journey. The people there are passionate about their work, they are dedicated and caring and the real deal. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Since returning to my "normal" life, I am noticing the effects are quite long lasting; many assumptions I've been making and the patterns I've been running are falling away. It's a little scary reinventing oneself, but honestly the only thing that makes life worthwhile. I would highly recommend that anyone interested in this intense and very effective method get themselves to Oka.

  • Henry Gleason   June 20, 2016

      Africa in Mexico

    It's hot every day in Yucatan---I wanted to say that first, because it was the only thing that detracted from my experience at Oka Center. Fortunately all the rooms are air conditioned, and when the sun goes down and the ceremonies begin it goes down to a comfortable 70F. I want to thank Bovenga and Okukwe for their incredible services, prayers and music. I don't know if it was the iboga visions alone or the supporting ceremonies, but I literally went home to Africa when I took my big dose. I had visions which apparently are normal, pygmies, animals and the forest. I also got to review my own life, my choices, everything that's got me to be who I am. Life choices are what iboga's all about, it's given me a clean slate and a fresh start.

  • Deborah Fischer   June 20, 2016

      Exquisite Medicine

    David and Bobby were the perfect hosts for my iboga experience. I was cautious at first because of iboga-ibogaine scams out there, but it turned out Oka Center was the right choice for me. This was a true retreat--the hacienda is completely isolated in nature. They took me on daytrips to the underground cenotes, the Chichen Itza mayan ruins, and the day before I left to a beautiful Caribbean beach. It's a great location but the real benefit was my amazing journey with iboga and ibogaine. After ayahuasca I thought I could get through anything, and iboga laughed at that arrogance, and really put me through a tough time. It took almost 2 full days to fully recover from my flood dose, but now I'm glad I went through that rough patch: I have grown so much from it, so far. I'm going to come back with my aya friends next spring.

Thank you!

We're glad you've joined our retreat community. See you around :)

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