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Life is a spellbinding journey full of peaks and valleys. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and within each of us lays the wisdom of the universe. Every one of us has a unique path enriched by the choices we make and the intentions we set.  What is your purpose?  Why are you here?  Are you living your life according to your heart’s’ deepest yearning or are you idling away and feeling unfulfilled?

Journey to Nosara, Costa Rica for a week of yoga and relaxation at the eco friendly Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort famous for their green design structured around nature, leaving the surrounding  jungle as it was meant to be. While you are nestled in the lush landscape, culture, and healthy lifestyle of Costa Rica, you will be taken through guided asana and nutrition courses with Alana Roach and Caileigh Feldman, while being held in sacred space of sound with Brian Russo . To explain this in the purest sense, the culture and environment of Costa Rica is one that supports a healthy lifestyle. By the time you leave, you will fully embrace the country mantra Pura Vida (Pure Life). The beauty of the environment lends to enhance our practice of this spiritual lifestyle.

Nosara is located in the beautiful province of Guanacaste in the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica. Nicoya is considered one of the Blue Zones areas where cultures have evolved to prolong the longevity of human life. Life expectancies of Nicoya residents easily surpass 100 years of age with a population far older than the rest of the country.

A water source enriched with calcium and magnesium, diets composed of naturally harvested foods, and a strong sense of community are a few of the secrets residents of Nicoya follow to live a pure, happy and long life. The community is exceptional and united. The local citizens work really hard keeping the beaches clean. There is also a big drive for ecotourism, sustainability and recycling like no other town in the country. This sets the perfect example of a planned developed community. The natural beauty, way of life and vibe became a dream come true for hundreds of families that chose to live a tranquil and relaxed life. Parents have the opportunity to immerse their children in a more organic way of living in nature. Showing respect and loving nature becomes one of the most important parts of life. Being woken up by monkeys; eating healthy and real food, playing outside, enjoying wonderful bilingual private school options and learning to respect different cultures, the children grow up with a real sense of life.

Nosara offers all modern amenities like: high-speed internet, cable or satellite TV, stocked grocery stores with plenty of imported items and amazing restaurants with a diversity of international cuisine. The official town is located 6 km inland from the beach.

Yoga & Surfing culture is huge and a significant component of this town. You will see that people are either carrying a surfboard or a yoga mat in their arms. Nosara has been called one of the world’s 20 best surf towns.With a diversity of waves in the area, it invites world-class surfers, novice and intermediate surfers to enjoy the magical and consistent waves year round.

Retreat Structure:

8 Days, 7 Nights

Round-trip private shuttle to and from Liberia Airport

Two yoga classes daily in open air shala

Nutrition workshops

Sound Healing with crystal bowls

Sunset pranayama and and meditation sessions

Power circles and guided intention setting

Luxury accommodations at Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort

10 minute walk to beach paradise

Three organic meals daily (Vegetarian and gluten-free options available)

Techniques and Skills to transform your life and resonate with your purpose

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  • Fred dolbow   November 20, 2014

      My favorite classes

    I have been practicing yoga for roughly 5 years. Alana’s classes are some of my favorite. She has a gift for making you feel comfortable wherever you are at with your practice and at the same challenges to reach for your personal goals. She is an extremely warm and kind woman, very genuine, these traits carry over quite well into her teaching style. Often times in her class you will here her say “no judgment”, for me this really helps me to let go of my own struggle with comparing my practice, or should I say where my practice is not, to others around me and allows me to focus on the present moment. As a result I have more confidence in my practice and have never felt anything put peace in her class.

  • Alana Roach   October 24, 2014

      A student of mine who would rather stay anonymous

    Alana has the yogic essence which is a rare quality In yoga teachers.When taking her yoga classes I knew I was with someone who loved teaching and had so much knowledge on the postures and understanding of how the positions work on your body. Alana's teachings is in tune with all three aspects of yoga: body,mind and spirit. She brings the wonderful energy to her classes that exudes warmth and makes yoga a relaxing and challenging experience. I miss her but I know wherever she goes she will bring joy with her teachings -Anonymous

  • Elizabeth Vaughn   October 24, 2014

      Alana Roach--An Old Soul

    Alana's love for mind, body, and spiritual health is evident in every yoga pose. She's passionate about mind/body connection and conveys this with ease to beginners as well as advanced yogis. Alana is able to teach and inspire, while staying grounded and down to earth. She is encouraging and always reminds her students to smile. Alana showed me how to love yoga--it will always be a part of my life because of her!

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