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The Transformational Yoga'n'Detox Retreat is designed and hosted by TheDetoxIsland, the biggest specialist ongoing year round drop-in detox retreats in Europe.

This means, it's a very convenient place to come because:

1. You can book any date: all year around (for singles, couples or groups).

2. Scape the Winter -Only place in Europe with all year long summer weather (average of 24ºC)

3. Bespoke service, personalized program and schedule adjusted to your needs and goals.

4. We are in Lanzarote, Canary Islands – Spain. Super safe region within the EU.

5. Plenty of low-cost airlines are connecting weekly Lanzarote to Europe for average 90€ return ticket.

This is the most complete yoga'n'detox program of TheDetoxIsland. We combine the full board detox cleansing juices with a holistic package of treatments and activities. You will have the chance to reset and get attuned on a mind-body-emotional level from a wide variety of disciplines and techniques among you could choose. It's a deep cleansing, holistic healing and self-exploration retreat. What else could you deserve?


- Many different kind of yoga practices: from vinyasa to hata, kundalini, anusara, nidra, ashtanga. A blend.
- A introductory session to balanced nutritional lifestyle and the theory behind detoxifining practicies.
- Watsu massage, a thai massage in a pool with zero gravity, or being a mermaid in the moon.
- The Sound bath, a sound healing therapy with the digeridoo, gongs and tibetan bowls.
- Dynamic movement with contact improvisation, african trance, or acroyoga techniques.
- Mindfull hiking, awesome walk into volcanos with a meditative touch and hiking techniques.
- Ecypcian aromateraphy to travel into your innerself and open up your memories and emotions.
- Intuitive painting, or the art of action painting to project your dreams and desires on paper.
- Stone balancing to improve stillness in mind and balance in actions.
- Rebirthing, or how to experience your birth and childhood traumas through breathing techniques.

To have an idea of our itinerary, please, check the picture of our weekly calendar sample.
Keep reading though to have an idea about what you can't see in the Calendar or Itinerary but is essencial to what we are offering:


We are not talking about food detox only. This concept could be nowadays misunderstood, as we can find many definitions or many ways to be implemented. At TheDetoxIsland we understand a Detox as a process with 4 steps:

1. Realizing we need to stop, and rethink about your habits, patterns, attitudes, relationships, circumstances...about your life! (we usally say we need “fresh air”, “take distance”, “scape the routine”, “take a break”, “gett off”)
2. Realizing we need on one hand to be in a place away from that inertia, routine, away from interruptions and duties... to get some clarity. And on the other hand we need to feel empowered to change, get rid off, quit, or just re-evaluate. (we ask our selves, “how I am going to do it?” “Can I do it?” “What if this or that?”)
3. Realizing we need some cleansing at all levels: on our mind -to gain clarity and direction- on our emotions -to get empowerment and commitment- on the physical -to take sustainable actions.
4. To start up with: sign in with us, come here and get some tools to explore and experience a new you.
PS: Food detox, or going under a new nutrition protocol, it's the first step to reset yourself.


1. We all need at some point of our life to stop and rethink, our very inertia will crushes us.
2. This is the perfect place -Lanzarote island- to take distance and clarify thoughts and plan actions.
3. Each one is at different point/moments in his life. We have a program for every need and person.
4. Life is short, detox what's not yours anymore and follow your (new) dreams.


08:00 Group Yoga Session(blend of different styles and schools)
09:00 Early breakfast (Cactus-Pinnaple juice)
09:30 Briefing on Lanzarote (what to see, visit, magic places, secret spots...)
10:00 Introduction to Healthy Nutrition & Detox Benefits
11:00 Free to explore (beach time, excursion, cultural visits)
12:00 First Juice (Fruit blend) in a take-away picnic format.
14:00 Mindful hiking excursion to Volcano, Natural Pools, Canyons, etc.
16:00 Free time ("siesta", hammock, reading, and so on)
17:00 Second Juice (Veggie blend) in a take-away picnic format.
17:30 Silent walking (into nature - desert, volcanos, and others)
18:00 Massage (Thai, Deep tissue, or Ayurvedic massages)
18:00 Algae and miso soup
18:30 Sunset meditation
19:30 Tea time (herbal infusions)
20:00 Chill out time (chatting, reading, social media)
22:00 Suggested time for going to sleep

Note: This is a typical timetable for a day that includes all the activities offered by Kalindi Lanzarote. Once Kalindi receive your retreat booking, they will send you a questionnaire which will be the basis for the design of your custom program, taking into account parameters such as the length of your stay, your personal goals, your health, and so on.


Lanzarote is the perfect island for a detox. As the local elders say (translated from Spanish) “Lanzarote it's not a place, it's a state of mind” Because of the nature of the island. The 4 elements are very present here (water, fire, air and earth). 
- Volcanic fire within to open up and boost you, transform you.
- Sorrounded by water to isolate you, at least 2000 km away from your worries, duties, affairs...
- Expanded by the air and the wide-open views: 180º to 360º of panoramic vision from almost everywhere enables to dream high looking the stars at night, helps you in the search for vision.
- Oh, and did we already mention good weather all year around? Yes, we have 24ºC average yearly.

Our detox program combine perfectly well with hiking and excursions, giving the time to explore by yourself the island or just relax in our rural retreat, reading, chating with other guests, etc. We just provide the conditions and the atmosphere, you take as much as you need or want.


TheDetoxIsland is based in the heart of Lanzarote, the very center of the island, for many reasons, but those are the most important ones:

1. Gentle temperatures (24ºC average) helps any time of the year.
2. Far from everywhere but, still in Europe.
3. Very well connected, accessible and afordable with low-cost airlines.
4. Special landscape: volcanos, sea and endless sky: infinit expansiveness and no distractions.
5. From our location, the center of the island, you can reach within 15 mintues ride the most espectacular places in Lanzarote.
The house where the retreat is happening is called Kalindi, and is located just outside the town of Tao, at the heart of Lanzarote's unique volcanic landscape. Kalindi Lanzarote is an ideal spot to disconnect from your daily routine and reconnect with yourself - relaxing, enjoying nature, eating well, enjoying yourself, and learning new things.


Kalindi Lanzarote is a rural retreat and bed and breakfast that offers private rooms with one double or two single beds, or beds in a four-bed dormitory.
We offer always privat accommodation with ensuite bathroom, but you can always book a twin room if you are coming with a friend and you want to take the discount we offer for couples or groups.

Kalindi is a rustic, simple and cozy guest house distinguished by a close and friendly service. We are driven by our passion for Lanzarote and the island rhythm and lifestyle. If you want to know more about Kalindi and spirit of Lanzarote we recommend you visit our website.

Located just outside Tao, Lanzarote, Kalindi is set in the countryside of the island's unique volcanic landscape and offers communal kitchen and barbecue facilities, shared terrace and landscaped gardens, an outside chill-out area with sofas and puffs, and a 15-person capacity yoga and exercise studio.


Each program is different, but at TheDetoxIsland we always work at these 3 following levels. Sometimes we focus more on physical because it's the goal of the detox program. Sometimes it's more emotional or mental workout to be done. But every step is a cornerstone of another.

- Physical (ex. food disorders, lack of vitality, aging fast,...)
- Emotional (ex. stress out, anxiety, partner break-up, lost in transition...)
- Mental (ex. 40's/midlife crisis, lack of motivation, hyperactivity...)

All programs offer a full board juice cleansing meals, as food (enhancing energy levels and decrising heaviness) is one of the most critical aspect to strength the detox on an emotional and mental level. IMPORTANT WARING: None of our programs is a weight loss program. TheIslandDetox do not promote detox as a way to get slimmer or fitter although can be one of it's results. Although you can lose some weigh you won't feel hungry.

This is probably the most populated region with alternative medicine practitioners and holistic therapists of southern Europe. How come, you may ask? The fact that Lanzarote is a very good place to live in, with a high quality of life, makes it a good place to move in for these professionals -that can get clients easily everywhere. This fact have allowed us to build our 'therapist in residence' group, a network of professionals who commited to our company in order to help our guests. This enabled us to design very specific programs to adress different needs with different approaches and techniques.


This is a full board program based on freshly squeezed fruit & vegetable juices. Summarizing the important aspects:
- All raw food (to take all the nutrients) juices from fruit and vegetables.
- The goal of the juices is to alkalize your blood, give you antioxidants and help on the anti-aging.
- Evenings you will go on a depurative broth (miso-alagae style).
- We follow the dissociated diet, to mix complementary food to help assimilation.
- Nurturing on juices helps liver, gallbladder and pancreas to relieve stress and regenerate.
- You will ingest enough nutrients to have a normal energy spending (2000calories/day)
- We provide you the right balance of nutrients to help you remove toxins safely.
- You won't be hungry :-)


With our program we also give time to explore the island as we also provide take-away meal version (We offer the juices to carry in sealed bottles and in an isothermal backpack). We give as well a 45 minutes briefing next day of your arrival on what to see and do in Lanzarote. Our detox program combine perfectly well with hiking and excursions. And Lanzarote island it's an amazing place to explore as it's open and limitless landscape helps to empty your mind. The sea helps to release and clear out your emotions. And the volcanic landscape.


7 nights accommodation on private room with ensuite bathroom.
Full board detox program based on raw food cleansing juices, nutritional broths, etc.
Detox and Nutritional coaching session
Complete Briefing on Lanzarote Island
Group Yoga Session every morning
2h full body deep-tissue swedish massage
1h of body therapy
4h of mindful hiking
1h holisitc therapy
1h self exploration technique
1.5h body-movement session
1h outdoor excercice


Airplane tikets
Transfers or Car rental
Superior or Deluxe Accommodation
Additional activities, servicies or excursions. 


TheDetoxIsland offers this retreat all year around, as well as other type of retreats on drop-in ongoing basis, some of them more economic, other adjusted to beginners, for couples, and for those looking for more active detox retreat.

We always design our retreat according your needs and goals, and that's why you will need to fill and send us a questionnaire before coming in order to design your program according the dates you have available for travelling.

For more information, ask your questions directly to Kalindi Lanzarote, who will be happy to assist you. Simply click on the Send Inquiry button to send a message.


-Arrival by airplane Please book your flight to arrive at Lanzarote Airport (ACE), which is located only about 15 kilometers away from Kalindi Lanzarote. -Arrival by car From there, you can rent a car from different companies. Prices change depending on the season, availability and demand, as well as the amount of days you are going to rent and the category of the car. Usually, for a week rental, the lowest price can be around 12 EUR a day, and the average around 20 EUR a day. -Arrival by bus You can also reach our rural house by bus. However, the bus network and the connectivity among the different lines is not the best. To go from the airport to Kalindi you have to first take a bus to Arrecife, and from the main terminal take an other bus to Tao. From Tao bus station you have a 15 minutes walk downhill to Kalindi. -Arrival by taxi Alternatively, you can easily get a taxi at the airport terminal any time. Kalindi is only 16 kilometres from the airport, usually a 20-minute drive. The taxi ride will cost your around 18 EUR one way.


The Transformational Yoga'n'Detox Retreat is designed and hosted by TheDetoxIsland, the biggest specialist ongoing year round drop-in detox retreats in Europe.

This means, it's a very convenient place to come because:

1. You can book any date: all year around (for singles, couples or groups).
2. You will enjoy an average of 24ºC -scape the winter!: We are in Lanzarote, Canary Islands.
3. Bespoke service, personalized program and schedule adjusted to your needs and goals.

The accommodation is based in Kalindi rural retreat, a rustic house that works as a Bed&Breakfast as well. The place has a special atmosphere perfect for disconnecting and hosting the detox. If you want to stay in a hotel with more comforts and luxuries do not hesitate to inform us about it, as we offer boutique hotel accommodation and apartments as well.

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