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  • Review for Rainforest Healing Center

    Dougie T   March 21, 2019

      Ten out of ten from me!

    I spent a week at the Rainforest Healing Centre, and did three ayahuasca ceremonies. I was quite sceptical before I arrived, but by the time I left, I was in love with the place, and the wonderful staff who work there.⠀ The food, the accommodation, the jungle scenery, the shamans and the support and help given by the facilitators was all top notch. Ten out of ten from me!

  • Review for Shambala Petit

    Simona Musilkova   March 20, 2019

      Amazing service and location

    What a lovely experience to relax on the beach next to beach clubs offering outdoor activities such as kitesurfing, biking, swiming and more. The rooms are very clean with daily room cleaning and comfortable offering one needs.

  • Review for The Yoga Forest

    Madison Levine   March 20, 2019

      Once in a lifetime experience!

    From the moment I arrived, I knew the yoga forest was special. The energy of the place and the staff is incredible. The location is so peaceful and the views are breathtaking. The food is outstanding. Home made breakfast lunch and dinner with lots of variety. The beds and comforters were very comfortable and cozy. The bathrooms are compost but you get used to it quickly and actually enjoy not having to flush. The yoga is amazing! Challenging yet beginners can do it. The teachers give great modifications if you want to pick it up a pace or slow it down. The actually staff are the best! They are available to answer any questions and are true healers. I got two massages and a reiki session and they were outstanding!! The massage cured my neck. The other people who were at the retreat were also so kind and open hearted. Most were around my age 25-35 and had great and positive vibes. I can’t wait to go back to the yoga forest!!

  • Review for Soul Quest Ayahuasca Church #1 Ranked Ayahuasca Retreats in USA

    Amanda Rodrigues   March 19, 2019


    Taita Pedro Divila is phenomenal!!!! He healed me so deeply. Everyone there is amazing!! Soul Quest is the most beautiful incredible place I have ever been. Verena Young, was an Angel from the start. Dr Scott Irwin, a great teacher! Colleen Mix a soothing beautiful healer through her singing.. I can't say enough good things.. I felt safe, comfortable and supported. Thank you to you all for your important healing work. I will be back :)

  • Review for Vida Asana Eco-Retreat and Learning Center

    Trisha Mccoll   March 19, 2019

      Absolutely would recommend!

    Cannot speak highly enough of my experience with Vida Asana. The staff were personable and accommodating, and the space was even more spectacular than I had anticipated. Will absolutely recommend to anyone seeking accommodations in the area!

  • Review for Ayahuasca Costa Rica

    Tomas   March 19, 2019

      I finally found my peace, thanks Erick.

    I finally found my peace, thanks Erick. I have been at war with myself for 20 years and it has been a fucking mess. I been filled with so much anxiety, rage, hate, hopelessness and meaninglessness about myself and my past. Ive gone so deep that I have almost killed myself. I have always felt like this war but in the middle of the second ceremonial I felt at peace with myself. A peace I never felt before and its still with me. I am light as a feather and I think all my emotional attachment to my past is gone. I did a 4 days retreat with 2 ceremonies and I can tell you it was the most intense two nights of my entire life. It was a fucking nightmare combined with a beautiful fairly tale. I got so many answers on questions I didn't even knew I had. Got some of my values incorporated even deeper withing myself. I couldn't ask for more of Erick, he was a true hero and with the help of the Ayahuasca I found my inner peace and the war with myself is over. I will do it again and I think everyone should experience Ayahuasca and the healing power it has. I feel blessed and I would recommend Erick to everyone because of hes action, knowledge and the way he made me feel safe.

  • Review for Casa Chama Trina

    Nia Nicole   March 19, 2019

      Remembrance of Self on the Beach Under the Stars

    Drinking tea with Gabbi, Decio and Balthazar was a magical experience. At the time I wasn't quite aware that I was laying the foundation for some deep trauma to surface and expel itself from my psyche. The healing felt fun like a long and loving sleepover with long time friends. The work we did at Chama Trina changed my life and the way I relate to myself and thus others for the better. It gave me space to accept my physical form in all it's imperfections. I accepted my spiritual gifts there under the guidance of the teachers and it even helped me become more mindful. Worshiping the earth all night is something we all need a lot more of. Chama Trina does a great job of facilitating ancestral healing and joy.

  • Review for Inner-Journey Amsterdam

    Boy   March 19, 2019

      Unbelievable what a weekend!

    I felt connected to my deepest self again; I received the answers I had given at the start of the weekend; I am strengthened in the process that I am going; I now know more clearly than ever what my path / path is; My soul feels (again) connected to my body, and so on. It was intense and besides crying, a lot of laughter was given. An experience that tastes more to me! Thanks to Sandra, Marco, Kaya who share an incredible amount of knowledge about herbs, rape, sananga, moxa, kratom, micro-dosage, so that you can continue to heal your body and soul at home. And finally, what heavenly sounds during the journey through sound-healing and singing. My whole body reacted as if I left my body and could fly. So grateful for these lovely people, who sincerely do their job with love. Can't wait for my next experience. Boy

  • Review for Inner-Journey Amsterdam

    Demi Dijkman   March 19, 2019


    I still look back on my fierce, but especially pleasant, journey with inner journey on a daily basis. A lot has become clear to me. Many things that I spoke during the therapeutic sessions were now provided with visual material. And that makes it even clearer and more tangible for me. I was amazed how easily I already left on the Mao inhibitor. I have also experienced that I am not only composed of body, mind and emotion. But also from energy. What was still a lot of energy disruption, what wanted out of it. The air is so extreme. I feel pounds lighter. That clean-up has also caused me to look differently at the piece of food at the moment. There too came a lot of awareness. There was also an enormous pain that I had not expected at all. I have been more concerned with stuffing than with food. And it's so old. I don't feel empty at all now, but I am very happy for many moments. So let me stop filling up! I now no longer experience any doubts about my parents either. Also want to know the piece and need to know. I understand them more and more quickly and can then say hello with more and more mildness and gentleness. That gives me more peace. Ayahuasca is a magical thing that brings you to the core, your essence, so beautiful! Even if you lie on a mattress for more than 7 to 9 hours, it is hard work. But what it yields, it is well worth it. I feel reborn. 😊 Love and see you soon Demi

  • Review for Sharanam Retreats

    Jane Bodie   March 19, 2019

      Fabulously authentic Healing Yoga retreat in beautiful location

    Had an amazingly healing time at Sharanam with Aleid and Doby. Though the retreat is in their home (a beautiful space) I had my own private area and roof terrace, and could either be a part of the house (for chats and with fabulous sunspots, gorgeous dog and cats and many secret garden reading areas) or take time out for myself and feel private. I felt they were both very experienced in their field (therapy, yoga, cooking and massage) and that they genuinely engaged with my need for rest and recovery. Two very special people, who really care about what they do and healing others. Walks around the area, the beautiful harbour and cliff strolls were a bonus - and morning yoga on a beach whilst waves lapped at the sand was blissful. Have done a lot of retreats and really this was one of the truest and best. I shall be back. Thank you A and D for all you give.

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