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  • Review for Amoraleza

    Marcin T   July 06, 2020

      Re. earlier post from David Da Silva

    I think I have to add to the below review by David Da Silva - I have also been booked on a retreat this year which was of course cancelled due to Covid and Amoraleza did state that they would reimburse all deposits once they start running the retreats and recover lost income or accept it for a retreat at another date, I can’t believe how someone can say otherwise and have no compassion given the circumstances. I participated in one retreat in Amoraleza last year and have to say that this is one of the most amazing experiences and genuine people/retreat centers I have ever witnessed.

  • Review for ALMANUNA

    Ava Rein   July 05, 2020

      Wow! Love, Light, Clarity and Healing.

    I participated in a private ceremony with Almanuna. It was the best Ayahuasca experience I ever had, I've even been to Peru to do ayahuasca but this is something else! The shaman, Rebecca is so present and on point when setting my intentions for the ceremony and the reading she gave me, knowing exactly where the journey needed to go. She works with different types of Ayahuasca and depending on the need I had, she made a special brew just to take me to the specific journey I needed to go, to brake the barriers that I still hadn't really been able to go though and go deep in previous ceremonies with other shamans. I felt embraced by the space, the room filled with love, light and music. Her voice is amazingly beautiful and together with the other singer it helped me connect and go deep. There was no fear, she was always by my side, helping me, guiding me, making me feel safe to go even further. This experience Ayahuasca took me to such a beautiful and healing place. This is the shaman to do a ceremony with. She is pure light and her ability to see my problems and how to work with them is nothing I've experienced before. Love!

  • Review for Krishna Village Eco Yoga Community

    Delwyn Kernick   July 05, 2020

      Balinese Massage Course

    From the moment I walked in the room I was welcomed with open arms by the Facilitators Dee & Karen. They both have a wealth of knowledge and deliver the course content in a professional manner, ensuring every detail is taken care of tailored to suit their targeted audience. I absolutely thoroughly enjoyed the course and to have such a high standard of Facilitators guiding you along the way makes the course more enjoyable. I have learnt so much this weekend thank you Dee & Karen you both ROCK! Namaste 🙏 ❤️🙏❤️ Del Kernick.

  • Review for St. Placid Priory and The Priory Spirituality Center

    Olga Hammock   July 05, 2020

      Incredibly helpful

    This retreat spoke to me directly and had so much to say which was relevant to my current situation. I loved the link between Buddhist Mindfulness and centring prayer. The meditation exercises were so very good and will help me in my silent hour with the Quakers. Paul is so tremendously warm, and clear at expressing ideas. Each retreat I do with the Priory makes me wish I lived neared to attend in person!

  • Review for Sinchi Runa

    Améline Dewulf   July 02, 2020

      great vibes & stunning nature

    These were my second experiences with ayahuasca and i’m very happy i went with these guys. It’s so important to follow your intuition for these kinda things,it will always show you in the right direction. The venue was just amazing,stunning nature,your private tent in the middle of the forest far enough from the others. At the end of the hill a river with a little waterfall to cool down in on hot days,it’s perfect for plant medicine work. Everyone on the team had great vibes and held the space beautifully. I’d definitely come back when i feel the next call. Thank you!

  • Review for The Ponderosa Guest Ranch

    Jennifer Turbeville Hazen   July 01, 2020

      Love this place

    This is my third visit to the ranch. I love the yoga, the camaraderie, the food, and the beauty of the place. Lori is a fantastic host who urges you to treat her home as if it’s your own. I can’t wait to visit again.

  • Review for Om-Mij

    Eric Pouchot   June 30, 2020


    I think the people at the retreat where very nice and meant well. The food was amazing, the place also. The others at the retreat had a very good heart. Unfortunately for me my last experience with ayahuasca was terrible. I felt as if I was dying, in immediate danger and could not let go. I felt as if it was the very end of life for me. Since that experience I have/had visions when eyes closed, terrible feelings of anxiety and nightmares. I feel disconnected from reality. I had to be at the psychiatric hospital for months and I am still on medical pills. Well it has been a nightmare. My advice is this: be cautious because nobody, even the guides know what experience you gonna get. Fyi A friend of mine tried to kill himself after an ayahuasca retreat (not organized by om-mij) so really in my opinion its not worth it to take these substances. Or at least if you plan on doing a retreat try to balance the good reviews with the fact that things do not always go well after a retreat.

  • Review for The Sacred House of Eden

    JoeS   June 29, 2020

      A Journey of Smiles

    Curious, intrigued, interested, ready to explore, but stressed with how, when, where and confronted with an apprehension of can this be real... until I talked with Stefanie + Doug... then there wasn't a doubt in my mind of what I hoped, consumed with energy + excitement I couldn't wait. They were very kind, warm, intelligent, knowledgeable, credible which was incredibly reassuring, insightful and invaluable to the experience. Let the journey begin I approached from an adventure all in, I don't know what I don't know, but Stefanie helped me identify and articulate intentions - words reflective of feelings of what I hoped to uncover. The setting/ space was tranquil, calming, so perfectly comfortable. Doug provided a perfect compliment to the environment and his support and presence allowed for worry-free (and quite tasty) experience. Stefanie and Doug were very nurturing to take care of every need to create comfort as I went on a wild adventure through what seemed like caricature of a parallel dimension. I had a surreal experience with a famous rock star in an animated world of make believe, uncovering true lessons and a new perspective of many of the things that flexed control in my life. I experienced tremendous joy as I gave into laughing at the ridiculousness I couldn't even begin to explain. Uncertainty surrounds us and having the ability to embrace with a smile is what Eden, Stefanie and Doug delivered. Grateful for the opportunity, the introduction and hopefully a chance to spend time with them again I am still smiling.

  • Review for Ngakpa International

    Kellie Rupard-Schorr   June 29, 2020

      Transforming, Brave and Safe

    The day was a mixture of tears and wisdom, comfort and peace. I have a better understand of the death process from the view of consciousness. After-Death is unique to Buddhism in Western Culture and knowing what to do, along with permission to be imperfect even as you love perfectly was so empowering. The memorial service gave me a flood of tears, the good cleansing kind, and even though I was on Zoom in my house, I felt Rinpoche and my sangha with me and I was not alone. I am changed by this offering.

  • Review for The Lighthouse

    James Poet   June 27, 2020


    I first met Isher at a ceremony in Holland. He exudes such a strong loving protective energy. True space holder. And this space in Portugal with Shurandy and Dianna is on another level. So beautiful and peaceful. I can't wait for the next ceremony.

  • Review for The Sentinel

    Katrina Moore-Pettersson   June 27, 2020

      The best!

    This was my second time staying at The Sentinel and both times have been superb. I notice subtleties in various accomodations/retreat centres and The Sentinel has it DIALLED. Perhaps the best part is the positive atmosphere and super friendly people around that really shaped my experience. Keep it up! I'll certainly be returning :)

  • Review for Bluestone Ayahuasca and Huachuma Retreats, Mexico

    Delilah Vasquez   June 26, 2020

      Incredible, inviting and well planned

    This was an amazing experience. Sharon, Arturo, Sandra, Ino, Lorena, David are amazing people who really show you love and how to find compassion within yourself. I would not have changed a single thing if this trip. Everything was perfectly planned, the meals incredible and the location serene. Thank you to all of the staff!! Please come to bluestone ayahuasca! You will leave full of love and happiness. A whole new person and full of understanding. If you’re ready to change your life, heal your past/future and see amazing things - contact Sharon right away!

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