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  • Review for Naramata Centre

    Ronald Moncrief   July 17, 2018

      Family Reunion 2018.

    Our family from far and wide, had a reunion the second week of July 2018 at the Naramata Centre at Naramata BC with some of us camping and the rest of us in the motel style accommodations. We all had a great experience and a good time in an ideal setting! The staff and the accommodations were great! We plan to go back again.

  • Review for St. Placid Priory

    Jennifer Garrison Brownell   July 17, 2018


    This retreat was so inspiring and God was so present. Beautiful hospitality, delicious food, comfortable bed, and lovely setting. I was especially grateful for permission to rest!

  • Review for Drishti Journeys

    Christina Twidale   July 17, 2018

      Medicine for the Soul!

    Living in a fast paced world where we are often emotionally maxed out, Drishti Journeys provides ample opportunity to hit that pause button for one to restore and rejuvenate in beautiful surroundings. My most recent retreat in May 2018, with Drishti Journeys, was in Bali. The island of Bali, and specifically the spiritual hub of Ubud, absolutely stole my heart. The experience wouldn't have been possible without the wonderfully curated mix of yoga, wellness, adventure, and cultural immersion. I'm still in pure Bali bliss and plan to make this an annual medicine-for-the-soul trip! Thank you for the wonderful experience Drishti Journeys :) Can't wait to join you again.

  • Review for Live Healthy Retreats

    Summer Clark   July 17, 2018

      5-star all the way!

    My husband and I attended Aj's Yoga retreat and juice fast and had an amazing time! I lost 6 pounds and my husband lost 10. We did Yoga together of all kinds. We tried there Aerial Yoga, wall yoga, water yoga, they had so many classes all through out the day to choose from. The location was very beautiful and luxury just as described in their listing. This is well worth the money as everything but the tax and the resort fee every hotel charges now, ugh! We weren't hungry and the smoothies we're excellent.

  • Review for Soltara Healing Center

    Ana Maria Contreras   July 17, 2018

      1st Timer

    I had never been to a retreat before. Part of it was, of course, that most of the retreats are in remote areas, in the middle of nowhere, that are not only very hard to access, but also have, in a way, harsh conditions that I am just really not up for. This place was none of that, except well, maybe in a bit of a remote area, far enough to where you get privacy and can actually see the stars, but close enough to where if something happens to you and you have to go to, say a clinic, you can. I had an amazing retreat with the most wondeful group of people. I´ll start by saying the infrastrucuture of the place is absolutly beautiful, the rooms are spacious and have an amazing view of the ocean and the mountains, the dinning and pool area also have amazing views and great architectural details, and the Maloka is big and comfortable. (I personally suggest spending at least one night here, it´s very nice with the jungle noises and the breeze). The place is also at a walking distance from the beach and has a couple trails that are perfect for cross country if you are into running at all. Now, the people, faccilitators and staff, were wonderful, absolutly wonderful people. They worked really hard throughout the week and you can tell they put all of their heart into it. The staff is also super friendly, the chefs are amazing cooks and its very admirable to see the awesome dishes they come up with given the seasoning and ingridient restrictions. Although we did not share a lot with the cleaning staff, they seem very sweet and all the areas always looked on the spot. Like I said, this was my first time in a retreat, so I havent really experienced other places, but this place sets the bar really high. Thank you guys for everything!

  • Review for Merav Artzi

    Janneke   July 16, 2018

      A Sanadora from the heart!

    Deeply grateful that Merav And I crossed each other path... I did Tabacco ceremonies and a dieta with her. From the Tabacco ceremonies she did a very resonating diagnose for me what would be best for my healing... from there I did a dieta with 2 plants with her and that was exactly what I needed. Merav inspires me, she is a true Sanadora/ healer with a pure heart, strong intuition, very passionate and knowledgeable in what she does. She guides and hold space with love, humbleness and authenticity... Truly grateful for my healing with Merav and the beautiful Plants! This woman has a place in my heart!

  • Review for The Sanctuary of Renana - Medicinal Plant Healing Retreats in Central Portugal

    Danielle Oliver   July 16, 2018

      You’re in excellent hands

    Renana is amazing because Brendan and Ana are incredibly strong and spiritual beings. Their years of experience in the Amazon with the Shipibo tribe makes them perfectly suited to bring out and share the medicine and teachings with the world in a location potentially easier to access. Excellent solution for anyone searching for this medicine with guides who clearly know the way.

  • Review for Soltara Healing Center

    Anders Munch Holm   July 15, 2018

      This is for you <3

    This is the first class ayahuasca experience. Leave the tarantulas and the riverwater toilets in Peru and come to Costa Rica to enjoy the same authentic ceremonies with real shipipo shamans. Feel free to relax in the pool or take a trail to the beach ten minutes away. Enjoy the ocean view from the star deck. Or retreat to your room for wifi and air con. The food is excellent, the staff is some of the sweetest people you'll ever meet and you'll be in good hands throughout your stay. It's not even that expensive. And flying to Costa Rica is much cheaper than flying to South America. My dear friend, I recommend Soltara with all my heart <3

  • Review for The Sanctuary of Renana - Medicinal Plant Healing Retreats in Central Portugal

    Jon Price   July 15, 2018

      The Best

    PERFECT setting for a transformational experience. Brendan, Ana, Michel, Natasha, Hugo, Ben, and the rest of the Renana staff are some of the most awesome and caring people you’ll ever meet. And you won’t find anyone outside of Amazonia with Brendan’s level of knowledge and experience with the medicines. The location and property itself: majestic, just check out the photos. 10-star experience I sincerely wish everyone could have.

  • Review for Merav Artzi

    Anna Gavrilova   July 15, 2018

      Она стала моим Хранителем ❤️❤️❤️

    Я встретилась с Мерав в очень не простой период своей жизни, переломный. Она восстанавливала меня после не очень корректно прошедшей Ауяски. Меня пришлось "очищать" во всех смыслах и балансировать. В её прекрасном, живописно расположенном доме я пробыла неделю; до гор можно было дотронуться рукой, а в саду медитировать в раздумьях у Небольшого горного ручья.. После бережной, тонко подобранном травотерапии и По настоящему сердечного участия- я смогла вернуться на "большую европейскую цивилизованную землю" уже способным жить дальше человеком. Мерав, я считаю своим Хранителем 💚🙏🏻, И это бесценно, спасибо!!!

  • Review for The School of Sacred Arts (SOSA)

    Rachel Bentley   July 15, 2018

      School of Sacred Arts

    This yoga teacher training retreat is everything you’ve ever dreamed of AND MORE!! I knew yoga school would be life changing but I had no idea that it would have been this much of an impact of every aspect of my life. Signing up with SOSA has taught me how to handle everything from daily life stressors, yoga poses/flows, positive thinking, how to truly open my heart, how to handle my seer, how to make and hold space for myself as well as others, how to protect my energy, how to discover my inner sanctuary, healthier nutrition (I’m a TN girl #not easy teaching us to put down the bad food), SANSKRIT❤️ And so many many priceless lessons I learned while studying there!!!! Words can not express my love for ALL the people I’ve met along the SOSA journey..... JUST SIGN UP ALREADY✨✨✨

  • Review for The School of Sacred Arts (SOSA)

    Cat Newton-Haydon   July 15, 2018

      Valuable Life Learnings

    Having completed the 200hrs YTT course with SOSA (2017) in Bali, I found that I’d only touched on a fraction of the practice of yoga, despite having a practice of 8+ years. SOSA provided me with the safest community to, not only guide me into a deeper understanding of the asana practice, but to awaken my questioning as the practitioner. Where I would falter with ideals, their teaching and guidance organically directed me to a rational understanding of myself, life situations and future opportunities. The many statements, for example: ‘know yourself’, ‘you are who you are’ and ‘believe in yourself’ (and there are many others!) came into question during my training and the unfolded answers have made my practice more valuable. For someone to teach others how to benefit from their own yoga practice (both on and off the mat), there are so many other elements to understand before becoming a teacher (the ability to look at yourself, listen to others and to be true at all times, as examples), the course ensured that all the elements are drawn together and worked through in a clear and concise teaching method. The core team, led by Simone, Heather and Randall (plus the incredible assistants who worked with them at the time), bring a well balanced course covering asana practice and posture analysis, anatomy and philosophy with additional elements of mantras, rituals, diet and business guidelines - the latter being very useful for anyone wishing to take their learning in this direction. As I learnt, business is not for everyone and no one has ‘failed’ if this is not their final destination - each person has their own understanding of how they wish to share their learnings - I’m still finding my way. Bali is a magical part of the world and the safe environment SOSA offers in which to learn, share and be healed, should be greeted with an open mind and an open heart - the course truly changed my life! I’m highly privileged to have been a student with SOSA and be part of this incredibly rich and knowledgeable family, and would like to thank Simone, Heather and Randall for opening my heart to change� Love, light and gratitude �


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