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  • Review for Terri Schanks, MSW, LCSW

    NM Chiro   July 15, 2019

      wow. so amazing

    I have done some work with Terri individually and also with her retreat partner, Samantha St. Julian. It was so fun, and so deep as to be life changing. I can't wait to try it again next year. Sometimes the insights and work are so subtle I don't realize until days later that something has changed inside of me, and my whole outlook on life, or approach to situations has changed. What a gift. Thanks Terri and Sam!

  • Review for Europe's #1 Ayahuasca Ceremonies! Healing & Self-Empowerment in Spain. 5 Day All-Inclusive Retreat

    Rafael Born   July 15, 2019

      If there was a 50 star review I would give that!

    If you are considering a plant medicine retreat - This is hands down the place to do it. What happened in these 5 days for me was above and beyond what I could have even guessed and is difficult to put into words other than I reconnected with my soul and discovered my true purpose in life and I am more excited for life than I have ever been before. The plant medicine is a truly incredible experience, but I personally would not want to do it in any place other than Om-Mij in Spain. I felt 100% safe at all times to go deep into my own personal healing, and the guides were always there to help me (and the whole group!) physically, emotionally and spiritually. The ceremonies are held with such deep respect and love for Mother Ayahuasca, those who cultivated the medicine and those of us there to share in it. I came as a loner and left with a large new family that I cannot wait to continue connecting with again. Thank you from the deepest parts of my now whole heart.

  • Review for Holigral Authentic Self Retreat Moon Retreat

    Kevin Luckham   July 15, 2019

      The magic of Holigral and more...!

    I have been very fortunate in my life to have crossed my path back in 2010 with Jorge Carrillo, Pam Saunders and Josie Saunders. When I first met the team, I discovered that Holigral means Holistic Integration and it’s exactly what it is and i also discovered a whole lot more which I just can’t explain here in words as the “words just don’t do it justice...”’s totally an experiential adventure into the truth of self and the world around. When I arrived to them, I was broken. I knew on some level that mentally, emotionally and spiritually my life was just full of heartaches, bad choices in women, bad choices in business partners and I just kept putting my faith and trust in all of the wrong things and financially money seemed to leave faster than it came in not matter what business project I did or self help book I tried. I can honestly say I read and tried many different things from the good and not soo good to try and find answers from Yoga to One2one psychotherapy; nothing worked. The pain continued and seemed to grow daily. The only escape was to go out drinking and partying but I realized I just couldn’t outrun it. It was always present inside me and very very destructive. In 2010 I went onto a 7 day retreat in Tepotzlan, Mexico and began an inward ...”Alice in wonderland” experience and from there I just kept emerging new parts of me from a simple but incredibly effective method of Holigral. The facilitators were very patient and just allowed me to go down the rabbit hole and this was the magic part. The consequences of my self discovery were beautifully magical and would happen over the next 3-9years whereas my life just kept getting better and better. Money returned. Projects flowed. Life just got easier and easier and peace of mind and peace of heart became ever more present. Today I use my heart in running my business, my teams and family projects followed in conjunction with my mind and thought. Before Holigral it was all mind. Now it’s all heart!... In 2017 I went on a 3 day Moon Retreat Workshop and it was amazing the magical discoveries that emerged while not using my eyes and also to be so at peace with the “Dark” The Dark and the natural moonlight is just as important as the Sun. It sounds so simple now but I have lived always “blinded by light” and the sun and forgot to let the darkness in to create unity and balance. I also did some artwork by drawing people using remote viewing techniques... I didn’t even know that was even possible!,, The colors too of plants and nature were different hues of greens in the moonlight. This gave me a new look on color... For this and so much more I am eternally grateful to them and everything that they are trying to do for humankind and nature as we urgently need a change and a wake up call!!! Love and gratitude, Kevin Please feel free to contact me if you want to meet or have a coffee as I have no problem in sharing my experience before and after Holigral. Just contact this website or one of the Holigral team.

  • Review for Levi Barker | Bwiti Iboga Provider at Iboga Wellness Center

    Judy Wang   July 14, 2019

      Real deal

    Levi was my first point of contact with IWC. The quickness and openness with which he answered my questions put me at ease about working with a new organization. Upon meeting him, my impression was that he has done a tremendous amount of work on himself. Preternaturally calm and gracious, he is extraordinarily in tune with others’ well-being. He really wants his guests to not worry and to focus on their healing. I could bring up any concerns without feeling judged; his sincerity and diverse experiences make his advice easy to take. The kind of sensitivity he devotes to the people under his care is reflected in tender gestures like laying down tissue paper on a surface before setting down pristine clothes for the spiritual shower. While simple, his personal touch truly animates the ceremony’s the symbolic narrative of clearing the old and welcoming the new. It is precisely this kind of thoughtfulness that adds a deeper layer of meaning to any ceremony. The spirit of Iboga runs strongly in him, and those that feel called to the medicine can be assured that in him they would find an authentic spirit guide. Levi is passionate about the Bwiti tradition and clearly wants to share that passion with others. If you find yourself sitting with him one day, be sure to ask him to play the Bwiti mouth bow.

  • Review for Iboga Wellness Center

    Judy Wang   July 14, 2019

      Homey retreat

    IWC offers an unpretentious space for seekers to look deep within themselves. From the nutritious meals to the familial atmosphere, the organizers strive to maintain a safe container that is conducive to healing. Iboga can dredge up a lot from the psyche, but the staff never made me feel judged. I will forever remember Mateo's comforting words when some deep emotions arose: "This is when healing occurs." I felt loved and cared for during that moment of vulnerability. The staff are passionate about sharing the medicine because they have experienced the healing themselves. I am touched that they braved malaria and discomfort in Gabon so that we may also have access to this powerful healing tradition. One suggestion I would make is to have a small chair or stool in each room. This way, when a staff comes to check on a participant, the staff would have somewhere to sit. May the earth nourish our soul.

  • Review for Respiremos

    Khristiane Woods   July 13, 2019

      Expansion through the breath

    This retreat was amazing! I will describe the three most incredible things I learned. First, I learned through the breath that the body is a biometer. This is a word I have invented to describe how the physical body tells me everything I need to know about the reality of me in this moment. I am the sum of God's grace complete with memories of happiness and pain in the tissues of my body. I learned how to use a map to integrate them with my breath so I can move ahead joyfully with my life. Second, I learned to use my heart to think. The breath takes me into my true emotions which are often mad, sad or afraid. This is because the thoughts that I have been trained to think have removed me from my feelings, suppressed them, ignored them, shamed them..... For example, as a child I was not allowed to have opinions about things. I was told "that children are to be seen and not heard", "Little pitchers have big ears". I found the anger I had repressed. I learned to bravely face the emotion and release it. It was so empowering. Beyond words! Only the realm of sound can speak the truth of my heart. I struggled to put it in words and then heard my truth for the first time. For me this was incredible! A veil of overwhelm, with tingling warmth of universal love envelops me and slowly peels off each time I do the practice (and we learned how to do it daily). Third, I connected with Spirit. I learned that I have "an unconscious source urge" which is like a death urge. Sometimes I stop breathing. I learned how to breath through this and manifest the life my soul came to live. I have been moved with waves of thankfulness for all the beautiful work that the breath does in me (in my singularity) and in the unity of human consciousness. It gives me great hope for this generation and the ones to come. Thank you Eugenia and Laura for such an amazing experience. .

  • Review for Doa Retreat in Colombia

    Holly Bailey   July 12, 2019

      Medellin/ Gautape, Colombia Ayahuasca Retreat

    From initially booking with DOA Retreat, they were very organized and clear with their instructions. They gave you everything you needed to know before, during and after the retreat and were always available should you have questions, concerns or help with anything. The staff eased my fears of traveling alone and participating in such a soul bearing experience. The Retreat is well run. The location is a lovely 1950’s classic Colombian Finca, that offers breath taking views of the surrounding countryside. The property is situated overlooking the lake on 3 sides with views of El Penol. You can be part of the group in common areas or easily seek solitude on the grounds. All ceremonies take place on a Beautiful large veranda with a fireplace and comfortable loungers. The food was exquisite vegetarian food and was prepared fresh daily. It was, the best food I had during my time in Columbia. I was not a vegetarian prior to my retreat but have stayed on a vegan diet since. I was pleasantly surprised to see 30 days later I’m 10 pounds lighter. While at the retreat I received several Dorn Therapy treatments for my chronic low back pain. The results were phenomenal. The sessions, along with the ceremonies enabled me to start on my individual healing process. The ceremonies are purposefully small which is very important. There’s a lot of energy moving during an ayahuasca ceremony, and your experience can easily be influenced by others in the room. I was very worried about being in a vulnerable state under the influence of the medicine. The staff of DOA Retreat listened to my concerns and calmed all my fears. They made me feel at ease and safe. I had access to numerous plant medicines during my retreat and the staff gave excellent suggestions for my personal needs. The icaros really helped to guide the process and had a very positive influence on my experience. The music allowed me to connect to Taita Giovanni and the Doa staff. I could feel their protection and love. Ayahuasca cleared the barriers that were blocking me. The medicine helped me to achieve spiritual, emotional and physical healing. I feel better today than I have in years. I was in a dark place before I participate in the ceremonies offered at DOA Retreat. I had been living with chronic pain and subsequent depression, I had been diagnosed with complex PTSD many years ago. In the past I had always been able to manage it well. I was at a crossroads in my life and needed to make major decisions. My PTSD had exacerbated, and I was unable to control it. I was no longer in balance and could not focus on what was important. I had lost sight of my authentic self and my life’s purpose. I was a physical and emotional wreck. Today 30 days later I am happy to report that I’m still pain free. I am calmer, less anxious and my mind is no longer racing to nowhere. I feel balance and whole again. My friends and family saw a difference immediately. I highly recommend DOA Retreat for their supportive staff, comfortable location and knowledge of plant medicine. They convey a genuine desire to help you learn and grow through the medicine. My retreat helped me to get back on track and approach my life with a new level of appreciation, love, and respect for the human being I am. Thank you to all the staff of DOA Retreat you have really made a difference in my world. Holly Bailey

  • Review for Circus and Acro Discovery (Saturday mornings)

    Natasha Riley   July 12, 2019

      Circus and Acro Discovery

    My ten-year-old just loved this program and can't wait to go to the next one! Program leaders are outstanding!

  • Review for Athena Guzman-Poole

    Michelle Kormos   July 12, 2019

      A powerful, grounded, compassionate and wise woman. A storyteller.

    I attended a two day retreat with Athena in 2018. Being in ceremony with Athena was such a blessing, she created the environment, and initiated a process that allowed me to dive deep within. Athena provided a grounding fulcrum which I was able to use to anchor myself while I journeyed. She created a safe, sacred space for healing. She took the time to ensure each individual under her care was well. I felt deeply cared for. She provided me with some support that was specific to my needs and it it helped me tremendously. In ceremony I witnessed many spirits come through Athena as she guided our group - the hummingbird, the wolf, the bear, the wise elder - many spirits shared their voices. She is a story teller, a singer, a healer, a carrier and protector of the medicine. Thank you Athena - truly.

  • Review for Sonia Indigo

    Karine V   July 12, 2019

      Sonia is a blessing and a lifesaver !

    Sonia came into my life at a moment when I needed it most, actually I went to India to reconnect to myself thru yoga, but an injury made me change my plans and I met Sonia, like a guardian angel falling at the very right moment. We worked together during a few weeks with different types of learnings she offers like reiki, counseling/life coaching, astrology, women empowerment/sacred feminine and aqua floating. All during the process she accompanied me from tears to laughs with a beautiful understanding and compassionnate heart, it took me time to realize how our work together did a loads of good to me and the directions I would give to my life. From our first encounter, I knew I was at the right place and hopefully she would help me, and she did, and even more. I left with a big heart to follow on my travels and my life but also with many many tools to be able to navigate thru life without drowning anymore. It's been over a year and I can still appreciate and feel the support, and I use the precious advices and tools in my every day life. I just want to thank her for everything from her listening, her life sharing, her advices, her positive energy to her vegan yummy cooking, or simply to thank her for being who she is and to assume every part of it or also, to thank her to be on her own healing path and to have the generosity to share her knowledge to whomever will cross the door and feel the vibe. Thank you Sonia ! :)

  • Review for Pisatahua

    Stephen D   July 11, 2019

      Retreat Experience

    My experience at Pisatahua for the Ayahuasca retreat was wonderful. The location is an isolated parcel of land in the Aquicuana Reserve in the Bolivian Amazon of the north Beni department. During the entire retreat, the area of Pisatahua felt like a safe little bubble where we could be in peace with nature and ourselves. The curandera who led the retreat, Wara, was the best!! She was very nice, her singing guided us throughout the ceremonies, and she treated us all with love and respect. She really made the whole experience very special, and I am so happy that we all got to meet her. Erik and Sacha were great. They came to check in on us every day. The accomodations at Pisatahua were very comfortable and clean, especially for being the the wilds of the jungle. The cabins along the lake are so peaceful and nice. The medicine was quite powerfull and I learned much about ilfe and death, spirituality, and the Earth. All in all, an incredible experience.

  • Review for Om-Mij

    Mara Sanchez   July 11, 2019

      In 5 days I found love and my true Self ♥️

    I cannot even begin to put into words my experience at Om-Mij in Spain. It went beyond expectations, my soul is rejoicing! I felt like home there, every single one of the people that work at Om-Mij are putting their hearts and souls in everything they do and you feel it every day at every moment. If you’ve stopped believing in love just go to Om-Mij and merge back with your soul. It was the most healing and transformative five days of my life. I felt loved and cared for the entire time. I was there and met people who are now family. I have learned so much about myself and truly feel healed. This is a truly special place and I recommend it from the deepest depths of my heart. Don’t worry about cost or taking time off! It will be worth it. You are worth it. And if you go - lean into all of it. Embrace all that is offered to you and allow your life to change. Listen to the beautiful people because they are speaking life into you. Listen to Mother Ayahuasca and allow yourself to receive the love you deserve and settle into the new and improved you that you always were. This Retreat has changed my life and it will change your life!

  • Review for Europe's #1 Ayahuasca Ceremonies! Healing & Self-Empowerment in Spain. 5 Day All-Inclusive Retreat

    Daria Norris   July 10, 2019

      A safe and magical place. This Retreat changed my life.

    I’ve been to many retreats around the world in my life. But as a female solo traveler Om-Mij's retreat in Spain is the only one choice in the world where one can feel safe and be comfortable. I’m also a kundalini yoga teacher. What I learned about myself and was able to release in 5 days with the plant medicine program would have taken me two or three lifetimes with my current practice. I thought I was pretty enlightened already until Mother Ayahuasca showed me so much more. I was there in February and returned in the end of May with my mother. She too has the right to see her truth, be reborn to reconnect with her soul and heal her heart. And she did. What a wonderful and life changing experience this was for the both of us. Words can't even express how grateful we are.

  • Review for TwoCan Retreats

    Emerson Steady   July 10, 2019

      Life-Changing Experience in a Place of Natural Wonder

    Dear Mike and Stacy, Thank you for an incredible trip to Nosara, Costa Rica. From surfing to zip lining to horseback riding to yoga, our days were filled with wonder in the beautiful jungles and beaches of a tropical paradise. This trip was truly life-changing. I hope to continue surfing back in Santa Barbara, and Rebekah told me you have inspired her to travel the world. We are all extraordinarily grateful for the work you put in to ensure the nine teenagers were able to have a unique trip which will stay in our hearts for a very long time. I hope that Two Can Retreats will continue to give many more people such an amazing opportunity. Buena Suerte, Emerson

  • Review for Shamanic Vida

    Warren W.   July 09, 2019

      A magical sanctuary of healing and love

    I've postponed writing my review of the 11-day retreat I did at Shamanic Vida in April because I wanted to be able to speak to the long-term benefits of the medicine and of the holistic healing program Chrissy and Pacco are offering. Now that it's been almost 3 months since the last ceremony, I can say without reservation that attending this retreat was among the top three best decisions I've ever made for myself. I won't go into detail about the radically positive transformations I underwent because what each person gets out of working with Ayahuasca is a very individual thing, but I know that the care that Chrissy and Pacco and all the other kind souls in their crew put into creating an optimal environment for healing and growth was an essential part of this. I also had the time of my life and was definitely not alone in that feeling :) I can only echo the sentiments of the previous reviewers about how perfect every element of it is. Pacco's heart is big enough to encompass the earth. Chrissy and Pacco are incredibly generous with their empathy, energy, and wisdom. All that you need is there, and more.

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