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  • Review for Krishna Village Eco Yoga Community

    Anna Glisic-Pollock   November 12, 2019

      Karma Yoga

    Staying at the farm and volunteering part time was a terrific experience. I worked in the gardens and loved it every minute. The delicious meals are huge and fresh from the gardens. Everyone is very respectful of each other and good to be around. I highly recommend staying here at the Village

  • Review for Shamanic Healing Retreats: Bolivian Andes & Amazon. Intensive 3 Day Retreat in the Sacha Runa Community

    Paulo   November 12, 2019

      San Pedro Ceremony - Wonderful

    I experienced the San Pedro ceremony under Miguel's guidance. Prior to the ceremony we were given just the right amount of educational material in the form of videos and voice recordings from Miguel to prepare our consciousness for the ceremony. I was nervous going into the ceremony because I had never tried anything remotely similar, and many in our group felt the same way. With Miguel's presence and his guidance however I felt confident to take the leap and I am so glad I did. The experience was eye-opening and one that I will never forget. Will most definitely want to do it again.

  • Review for TwoCan Retreats

    Nancy Murcia   November 12, 2019

      Awesome experience in Dominical

    My husband and I had an amazing experience at this retreat. Mike & Stacey put together a great itinerary complete with beautiful waterfalls, beaches, a visit to an animal sanctuary where we got to volunteer. Everyday was a new full filling experience and the food was healthy and delicious! We will definitely be joining them on their up coming retreats. Wonderful, cool, adventures, good hearted people! 💜

  • Review for Peace Retreat, Costa Rica

    Boris Cvijeticanin   November 12, 2019

      Worth coming back over and over and over and over and over again - that is 5 overs lol

    I first visited Peace Retreat Costa Rica 5 years ago. It was simple, I looked for "Peace" and I needed to "Retreat" from my busy life in Canada. From someone I knew I heard that Costa Rica is known for pristine nature and friendly people and has quite of few Yoga resorts. So I typed in the Google Search "Peace Retreat Costa Rica", and voila - it popped right up; really, it was that easy. I guess when you know what you are looking for it ain't too hard to find - thanks Google lol From then, I made contact and saw lovely cabina's and property and knew this is where I need to be. I booked the trip few days later and it was even better than I had imagined. The resort is located in the jungle, so off main roads, which makes it perfect as there is no pollution of any kind - noise, cars, lights etc. - it is just pure nature that surrounds you. = Cars only enter the resort if they are bringing new guests, fresh fruit or bread - all great by the ways. The property is surrounded by trees and is full of various birds and howling monkeys that start and end the days with, well - howls. I've visited 5 times and always stayed in the same cabina, and I will continue to go back; they also have fully equipped rooms if you prefer that style. For me cabina is somewhere between tent and a room, and make stay more enjoyable as if feels like you are outside. The owner and operator Kevin is a great human and phenomenal Yoga Teacher; his partner Serena is no different. You don't meet these types of people everyday, that is for sure. Kevin is always around either teaching classes, running courses, or mingling with guests. Jessica, Angela, and Marcus are few of the nicest locals you will meet who take care of the guest and the property. They are always great to see and are definitely add value to the place.The property is classified as Wellness Resort and focus is on relaxation and well-being - you will get very relaxed there. The beach, Playa Negra is phenomenal and is located a nice 30 min walk from the resort - great daily exercise to build appetite. It has a long stretch of glass like walkway into the Pacific ocean which is clean and warm. The beach and Costa Rica is very safe. Everyone you see, whether walking, on a motorcycle or in a car will wave at you and smile - it really is amazing. There are numerous beaches around but you need a car of other mean of transportion to see them; for me Playa Negra offers more than enough. There you can set a camp on the beach or move closer to the trees if you need shade. If you feel like a walk, you can take a hike along the beach for about 1.5 km over white and clean sand listening to large surf style waves crashing at volcano formation of rocks. The portion of flat area of the beach is actually charcoal color as it is made of crushed volcano stones; I regularly bathe myself in it but no ones minds lol There are 2 stores in case you want to buy and cook your own food, and few restaurants including food being deliciously prepared by cooks at the Peace Retreat. The resort also offer massage, hiking trips, free bicycles to use, and trips to local touristy town of Tamarindo. You can do yoga twice a day with talented instructors, or on your own in 2 gorgeous studios at any time, day or night. I could go all day, but I think you get the picture. Peace Retreat will blow your mind and make you realize why you need to do something like this every year. See you November. Pura Vida.

  • Review for Iboga Wellness Center

    Pedro Aquino Junior   November 12, 2019

      Out of this world experience

    This place is amazingl. My experience was better then my expectations. Through IWC I found a better version of myself that I didn’t know was inside of me. Thank you for everything and all the hospitality. I will be coming back again definitely

  • Review for Soltara Healing Center

    Vivecca Schmerler   November 11, 2019

      It should not be called Soltara, it should be called soul recycling center

    This whole experience was life changing, or life recycling. You take all your trash with you and you change it into something beautiful. I'm a new person, no doubt. Before coming to Soltara, I did much research and I think I went to the exact right place and with the exact people. I felt so taken care of, I felt loved, I felt I matter. Thank you all for being so loving and caring, thank you Jaymie, Erica,Liliana my sweet friend you are so wise and compassionate, Todd even though God made you very tall your body still not big enough to contain the amount of kindness and compassion the exist in you, you are indeed a giant. Maestra Marina and Maestro Teobaldo, our healers, you are both angels,no doubt in my mind, thank you for pouring your love and holding my hand while caring my soul like a gentle mother and a strong loving father, I never knew such selflessness and love existed. I'm forever thankful for all of you

  • Review for 3-day Truffle-huasca (Caapi + Magic Truffel) + Trauma release breath ceremony incl. overnight stays

    Michael Feiler   November 11, 2019

      Great journey

    It was a great journey. Easy and great communication via email before the retreat. Great location, felt like a save secret island far away from the outer world. Really nice people. Sandra and Marco are great people and great captains on the journey. Even though we knew each other for a few hours, it was a great caring environment. I'd participate in this retreat always again. Thank you!

  • Review for Šumava National Park - Climb on the Green Roof of Europe

    Josef Šťastný   November 11, 2019

      Great guide

    Lenka is a great guide who likes nature. I can only recommend trips with her.

  • Review for Krishna Village Eco Yoga Community

    Zadie Hunt   November 11, 2019

      More of a backpackers campsite than a retreat

    I stayed one night in a shipping container room in November 2019. I loved the yoga classes, visits to the temple (especially the festival celebration on the Sunday evening) and walks around the farm. It is a shame it is not looking lush and well tended at the moment due to the extreme drought and bush fire conditions. However, this venue is really a backpackers campsite providing free accommodation and food in exchange for labour not a retreat to come to for rest and relaxation. My room was right next to the communal kitchen/common area so there was substantial noise from excited young travellers sharing tales of their love exploits and travels until about 9pm at night. This started again at 6am so I didn't get much sleep. I also did not find it the friendliest of places to visit. The young girl on reception was lovely (once I found her) but I found I really had to go a long way out of my comfort zone (and I'm a naturally outgoing person) to interact with any of the villagers, participants in various courses and long-term backpackers, all of whom knew each other already. I think someone with less confidence would really struggle in this regard. I booked a hypno therapy session for my second day but it proved a complete waste of $140.00 - even the therapist said she had "run out of options". This (sadly) left me feeling ripped off, disappointed and negative about my whole experience at Krishna Village.

  • Review for Krishna Village Eco Yoga Community

    Elizabeth Bunyoung   November 11, 2019

      Intuitive Balinese Massage Course

    I thought this course was wonderful. I walked away feeling confident to deliver a massage. Dee and Karen are beautiful souls who make you feel comfortable and are very giving of their energy, hearts, knowledge and time. I would happily recommend this course. The food at Krishna Village is yummy and plentiful, there is no chance to feel hungry!

  • Review for Iboga Wellness Center

    Meditations Marcus Aurelius   November 10, 2019

      A great experience

    I went to Iboga Wellness Center seeking enlightenment and that is exactly what I got. The setting, positive energy, caring providers, and the medicine itself was top notch. I had been seeking for a path to healing for years and I feel I made significant progress toward this goal at Iboga Wellness Center. I am certainly glad I picked this place to explore a master plant such as Iboga. I highly recommend this center to anyone who is seeking a path to healing.

  • Review for Mallku Yerpún Solar

    Günther Schranz   November 10, 2019

      Best transforming work!

    I have been two times in Amazanga for a plant diet, and I can realy recomend the work of Yerpun Solar! My live changed totaly, i get out of my burn-out syndrom, feel healthy, strong and happy. Thank you so much dear Yerpun for your wonderful work. I enjoyed so much to stay in Amazanga, beautiful location, lovely nature and people! Günther Schranz from Austria

  • Review for The Sentinel

    Nikki Zekas   November 10, 2019

      Deeply healing

    I loved staying at the Sentinel. The retreat centre itself was so beautifully put together, with a lot of thoughtful touches. The quiet setting on the lake was so soothing for my nervous system. I loved bathing in the lake every day! The food was plentiful, delicious and nutritious and full of love. The retreat centre provided a beautiful safe and sacred space for us to do deep healing work, supported by the majestic surrounds of mother nature. Much Gratitude to all the wonderful staff!

  • Review for Soltara Healing Center

    Kevin Harden   November 10, 2019


    Gracious Hosts. Amazing Accommodations. Incredible views and beach front property. Once in a lifetime experience, that you can repeat anytime!

  • Review for Amaruanka Healing Center

    sarah sherman   November 10, 2019

      When you are seeking a deeper freedom.

    I am grateful I found Diana Deer Hawk and her work. She has a beautiful touch and her services are truly healing. I came during a week that one of her students that had been there for a month they were working on people in the community. How lucky I feel :) After the first session with both Diana and her student I signed up for 12 more private sessions with Diana. As a healer I know the work that is involved in going deep into traumas and creating transformation Having some one present with her level of gifts has helped me tremendously. I am very grateful and would recommend Diana to anyone that needs transformation. Thank you :)

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My inspiration is to find some very much needed solace away from the stress of raising 4 children, working (as a dietitian) and trying to get my private nutrition counseling practice launched. I am a registered yoga instructor and have practiced for over 10 yrs, and have always dreamed of taking a yoga retreat just for my own inner well being. Linda

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