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  • Review for Bluestone Ayahuasca and Huachuma Retreats, Mexico

    Dave Campanella   August 05, 2020

      saw the light, saw the truth, changed my life forever

    Whether this is your first retreat or your 100th this is a life changing experience: it’s not a cliche this is not a tony Robbins or televangelist sales pitch this is using the power of ayahuasca to change your life. Absolutely incredible experience I made 15 lifelong friends, great food fun activities and the most powerful spiritual healing medicine ceremonies with Arturo and his team of shamans. Since the retreat I’ve lost weight stopped eating and consuming sugar dairy alcohol marijuana caffeine processed foods and I have infinitely greater amounts of energy. This medicine will make you so clear and so aware, everything will start making sense. During covid-19 I was doing Uber and eating a lot of junk food. In the month since I’ve been back, my tips in Uber have gone up 300% because I’m so incredibly positive and sending great energy to people, and I’ve saved 750 dóllars on fast food (was spending 25 a day 🤮) so the 1650 I paid, it paid fir itself in 2 month! Truly a life changing experience, follow your heart and check out bluestone!!!

  • Review for Ngakpa International

    Donna Rushing   August 04, 2020

      Intro to Meditation Instructor Training

    I really appreciated being able to see Pema Khandro Rinpoche and hear her thoughts. Even though she was only there briefly, it was so supportive and she seemed so light and happy. I also was glad for the relaxation of not being on camera, but being one of of however many people of interest. As a teacher, I used a Learning Management System (LMS) called Canvas, so I'm curious if we will be able to explore the course before we commit to it. (I will check my email to see if I've received a link.) Since I had conflated the introduction with the actual training, I was surprised when the presenters casually touched on the payment and options, but scrolled quickly past the page with the actual info and moved on fairly quickly. I did ask about that at the end, and they went back and spent some time on the page and in explanation of the options, so my questions were answered. As a low income retiree, this piece is important to me. Since your organization has limited scholarships, I will pursue a scholarship from another organization that might fund me for this training and see what happens!

  • Review for Susan Bookman

    Hiroko Moda   August 04, 2020

      Great intuitive healer and medicine woman!

    Thank you for the channeling session. I went through the audio and transcript and was amazed to the depth of the knowledge that you gave me. Your words were magic to me. Whatever you told me actually showed me the vision of who I am and who I’m going to be. Let’s say you talked that my lower back pain was related to female lineage. I could identify some of the events in my family on both of my parents, ladies suffering from the intolerable treatment of patriarchy society. I was not realized my pain was related to this and your channeling gave me the right direction to look for. I already feel the energy opening. Isn’t that wonderful? Thank you again for this amazing opportunity! (by the way, I love the first meditation that we as the beautiful orbs meet each other somewhere on the ocean!)


    Jung Nam Li   August 03, 2020

      The Most Epic Moment of My Life Happened In Their Retreat

    Naysha and her team provided us with the safest environment possible for us to receive the healing power of Madre Ayahuasca in the retreat. I went through the deepest healing and spiritual awakening with the guidance from Naysha without feeling judged on my scars at all. She really knew what I needed deep down which I didn't even realize. Much love!!

  • Review for

    Jennifer Johnson   August 03, 2020

      Life changing experience

    Avalon is a place you enter on your own and you leave as part of the family. This retreat has been truly life changing for me and all the support you need along the way is there for you. The experience is made so special by selecting the best of the best to support you on your journey, from the warm, loving and fascinating Shaman’s to the incredible food, amazing masseurs and the most supportive team to integrate the lessons you’ve received.

  • Review for Tuscan Fitness

    Ali Maclean   August 03, 2020

      Yoga & Fitness Heaven for 4 days!

    I spent four days and four nights at Tuscan Fitness in July 2020 and I am already missing it! My stay was exactly what I was hoping for - the staff were so accommodating, the food was amazing and all the classes were really enjoyable. The pandemic meant that there were fewer guests staying at La Forra, which meant that all the yoga and HIIT classes were personalised to our small group and reception were able to upgrade me to a nicer room with an incredible view of the valley below. The retreat is on top of a hill and waking up with yoga above the clouds was absolutely magical and something I will never forget. All the teachers were wonderful and each brought something different to the table, whilst also helping us progress our practice according to our requests. The food was utterly delicious and the restaurant staff were always able to adapt dishes to our tastes - Alix's breakfast muffins, massive vegan salads and burrata pasta were definitely highlights! The HIIT classes were also fun (even if challenging at times), with great music keeping us motivated in the hot weather, which left us really feeling the burn by day four. There were always spare moments to jump in the gorgeous pool or read a book in a hammock, but I would make sure to take every opportunity they offer on your schedule. The afternoon hikes were particularly beautiful and it was so nice to chat with the other guests, whilst learning about the local plants and produce in the area from our guide. We even went on a wine tasting, which was such an unexpected bonus, and the wines were so tasty and affordable that I sent a case back home to England. If you are travelling alone and need to recharge your batteries, Tuscan Fitness couldn't be more perfect! I felt totally refreshed and happy when I left and I can't wait to do more solo trips after my experience there. I am so glad that I chose Tuscan Fitness as my first yoga retreat and I am already looking forward to my next visit. Thank you to everyone who made my stay so special!

  • Review for The Sentinel

    Bernice Raabis   August 03, 2020

      What a stunning experience

    Like another world. So peaceful.AMazing breakfast. TRuly comfortable beds. Super close to town for all amenities. Highly recommended for retreats or just to go treat yourself to solitude and comfort.


    Ulla R.   August 02, 2020

      10 Days Master plants Dieta in Skåne Sweden

    This july I joined Taita Inti for the third time, in my first Dieta with them. We were given both Nordic plants, Ayahuasca and San Pedro. It was an eye opener this one! I had a deeper and fuller connection with the plants, they communicated with me and taught me valuable things about myself. There were some really scary and painful moments, but Naysha, Darryl and the rest of the team couldn´t have taken better care of me, so I was never really afraid. They are amazing beyond words that´s for sure! There were also these precious moments when the Plant Spirits showed me how protecting they are and how beautyful. Humorous also, I can see now afterwards. The food was simple, but tasty. I had never imagined that fx only rice and lentils without any salt or spices could taste so good :-) The other participants were also wonderful people. I felt safe and supported by them. Thank you all!

  • Review for Feather Crown Ayahuasca Ecuador

    Hannes Lanznaster   August 02, 2020

      Over 4 months voluntary experience

    I participated at a 5-day retreat and stayed after over 4 months as a voluntary. Jan, the owner, is a passionate expert of the sacred plants of the Amazon, this he showed me often during my time in the center. His indigenous family is also really lovely and kind, from them I learnd a lot about the traditional life in the Jungle. The Ayahuasca-ceremonies are also regularly and give opportunity for cleaning and spiritual development. The place is wonderful, next to a beautiful mountain river and the food was also always tasty.

  • Review for Ngakpa International

    Laura Cannon   August 02, 2020

      A powerful transmission, even online!

    I am very grateful that despite the pandemic, this retreat was beautifully transmitted online. I wondered how the transmissions of such deep and powerful teachings typically given on residential retreat might translate to the online medium. Partially because I wondered if I would feel disconnected being online vs. in person and partially because I wondered if inside of my home I would be able to create proper conditions for the experience. On the retreat we were instructed about how to make a home altar on the very first evening. It was such a powerful part of the experience and it really felt like I was creating a connection between the virtual retreat and my actual inhabited space in my house by having the altar set up. By the end of the retreat I sincerely felt that I liked it even MORE than a live retreat. I highly recommend it.

  • Review for The medicine tribe

    Jens Jensen   August 01, 2020

      Wonderful experience

    I had two ceremonies with Tamara and her team and it was the best and most deep experiences I had with the mother. I felt so much trust just by her presence and the ceremonies left a deep healing and gave me so much strength for all the struggles I’m having in my life. I’m looking forward to the next ceremony with the medicine tribe.

  • Review for 6 days holistic Ayahuasca Retreat in Barcelona Europe (1 spot)

    Karolina Fomi   August 01, 2020

      One of my favourite retreats I’ve been so far!

    One of my favourite retreats I’ve been so far! The team created a truly sacred and safe space for healing and discovering one-self. Every element of the activities like yoga, conscious eating and plenty of hugs with people opened up my heart once and for all. Much love and appreciation to AVALON ❤️

  • Review for St. Placid Priory and The Priory Spirituality Center

    Jacquelyn Mate   August 01, 2020

      Mostly Lecture

    The problem may have been mine because I do not know the Bible very well. I did my best to read the Song of Songs but I didn’t understand it at all. I just felt so totally confused during the first lecture that I did not attend the second one. The lecture format didn’t help me gain understanding of the material covered and too little of our time was spent sharing or asking questions. It was a very boring program.

  • Review for

    Andrej   July 31, 2020

      For those who seek

    If there is anything you want to know about yourself, about life, if yoi feel lost, or if you need healing. This retreat is a perfect place for personal growth, consciousness expansion and learning. Dont hesitate, it is waiting for you.

  • Review for The Sentinel

    Gomez Roberto   July 31, 2020

      Terrific place and experience

    I had an amazing time at this retreat centre. Enjoyed the many activities avaliable such as lake, hot tub, hikes and more. People and staff all super. Thank you.

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