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  • Review for New Moon Psychedelic Retreats

    Lotte Jones   February 26, 2020

      Huge shifts and changes in a safe and loving environment

    As soon as I arrived I felt held by John and the team. I also felt totally safe and trusting of their expertise, experience and guidance. They quickly forged a gentle bond in our group and allowed space for us all to build our own individual journeys. The ceremony and the hard work New Moon put in to the retreat means that this process meets you where you are at. I left feeling huge shifts at a conscious and a cellular level in my body. I’m just so grateful for the kindness the team exhibited; the patience and time. It’s taught me so much and augmented my personal growth in a way I never knew would be possible. I’m not sure what I expected before I went, but I don’t think I expected to feel so fondly and cherish the memories I’ve built with New Moon.

  • Review for Jeanae White

    Zaheer Nrejo   February 25, 2020

      Start of a whole new life!

    The name new life is appropriate because after going here i feel like I’m starting a whole new life with a blank slate. Matt, Jennae and drew are some of the most genuine caring people who I’ve met in my entire life. A couple of things that set new life apart from other retreats is the private rooms and small group size. I can’t imagine sharing a room after going through a ceremony as there’s a lot to process and by the end of the retreat our group was like a family. Everything is perfect from the delicious food made by jennae, to the waterfall excursion with drew, to the ceremony itself led by Matt. Matt is a legit shaman who secures the space with sacred tobacco and channels the spirit of the medicine. I felt extremely safe and cared for through out the ceremony and the entire retreat. I hope to be back again in the future when mama aya comes calling.

  • Review for Matthew Mormello

    Zaheer Nrejo   February 25, 2020

      The real deal!

    Matt is not only a legit shaman but a real dude who doesn’t pretend to be anyone other than who he really is. He genuinely cares about the people in the ceremony and puts every bit of his Heart and soul into guiding and protecting us. I felt so safe under his guidance and protection that I fell asleep in the ceremony room lol. I hope to be back again at new life in the future when mama aya comes calling.

  • Review for Clear Sky Center

    Nishta Matarese   February 25, 2020

      Personal Retreats at Clear Sky

    "Clear Sky center is a wonderful place to step out of our daily habits and step into what is truly calling us. There one gets the sense of being supported to awaken more deeply - maybe it is the pristine natural environment or the extraordinary silence or a combination of a committed intact sangha of seasoned meditation practitioners who take great care of the details assuring a well appointed and luxurious experience but I, for one, left with a desire to return to explore a wealth of ancient teachings" ~ Nishta Matarese; Business Woman

  • Review for Paititi Institute

    Joanna Bullock   February 24, 2020

      LOVE Paititi Institute

    I have been doing spiritual work for 22 years and I feel that Paititi Institute is the best in integration with a vast list of integral healing modalities. They create a very safe container for deep work to happen!!! I have referred my family, friends and communities to their work.

  • Review for Claire Turner Reid

    Dani Cullimore   February 24, 2020

      Exceptional Qi Gong instruction

    In attending one weekend retreat and three day long workshops over the past 3 years, I've found Claire's instruction to be precise, respectful and knowledgeable of the wisdom traditions she shares. Claire is masterful and light-hearted and it is a pleasure to be in her presence. I can see the impact of a life-long practice in her and it is encouraging and motivating to be with a teacher that seems to be the living embodiment of breathe, QiGong and Taiji. I recommend her without hesitation to my friends, loved ones, and clients.

  • Review for Temple of the Way of Light

    Talitha F   February 24, 2020

      Only concerned about profit.

    I found this retreat center to be unethical and greedy. Their website said 12 participants for a yoga retreat, which was what I was looking for for my healing, yet they crammed 30 people into their yoga rooms and into their "personal" sharing sessions. One young troubled gentleman, who was clearly there for healing and not for the "next trip in life", shared with me that he would've opened up about his problems if the group wasn't so large. What a shame! His healing, as well as my own, was hindered due to their greediness. I didn't go all the way to the jungle of Peru to be herded and crammed into rooms like cattle, and to be snapped at by staff for how long it was taking all of us to do the same thing at the same time. Who would want that?! It was an introvert's nightmare. They admitted that their website was misleading once I returned home early, but refused to refund my money. I'd steer clear of this organization, and find one that actually was concerned with helping people heal, rather than profiting off of hurting people seeking help. Nothing has ever been given to me. I did hard labor to earn enough money for that retreat, and I have literally nothing to show for it. They don't represent good light here. I'd move on.

  • Review for Pachamama Temple

    Bram   February 24, 2020

      This is the real thing

    After a life changing week at Pachamama I can truly say this is the real thing. The meastro's, the team and the energy of the location is honest, loving and real. The attention all of us recieved from the meastro's during the ceremonies was amazing. The facilities are well designed and maintained, basic but comfortabel. The team knows what they are doing and they are connecting to it with their heart (not their wallet). This makes Pachamama Temple a save, loving and real place I highly recommend to anybody who was called by Mother Ayahuasca.

  • Review for Lupuna Ayahuasca Healing Center

    Matt C.   February 24, 2020

      True loving souls

    I have worked as a police officer for almost 15 years. During that time I was clinically diagnosed with chronic PTSD. I was placed in treatment programs and even placed on medication (Cymbalta) which destroyed my mind and body. After getting virtually no results from “western” treatment I was very desperate and eventually found myself traveling to Peru to try Ayahuasca. I can tell you that NOTHING even comes close to the progress I made with Ayahuasca. It set me on a true path to acceptance, forgiveness, happinesses and love. I’ve never felt so welcomed and safe until I arrived at Lupuna. Kay and Kev are true loving souls that did everything to make my stay effective and comfortable. Their property alone is therapeutic. I never once worried about safety. The shamans and helpers were some of the nicest people I’ve met. Through my ceremonies I was able to get to the root of my anger. I was able to forgive those that hurt me and I was able to forgive myself. I experienced profound ceremonies which launched me forward in life. I’m now able to strengthen my relationships with family and friends. I’m able to sleep at night and for the first time in 10 years..... did myself of nightmares. I can accept life challenges much more easily and found my old passions/hobbies. I spent many days having wonderful conversations with Kay, Kev and other guests. I truly believe that the setting at Lupuna is PERFECT!!! I felt a sense of calm as soon as I settled in. There were absolutely no issues getting to Lupuna and I’m very grateful I made the journey to Iquitos. Since I’ve returned home I noticed I felt lighter, happier and motivated. Life still has its challenges but I know I have amazing tools to deal with those challenges. I’ve also witnessed amazing results from others who were attending ceremonies at Lupuna. I want to thank Kat, Kev and their beautiful daughter Sara (who has the most beautiful smile) for all they did. Without them I would still be lost......Still struggling. You guys are such wonderful people and again I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish you success as I know you can truly help people regain their lives. Thank you Lupuna for everything!!!!!

  • Review for Krishna Village Eco Yoga Community

    Shayna Love   February 24, 2020

      A piece of paradise

    My experience at Krishna Village was very interesting. I enjoyed being a part of the community, the food was delicious & plentiful, the vibe was mostly welcoming, the yoga classes were awesome & the cafe served wonderful delights. The temple space was magical & a beautiful place to visit daily as was the nature surrounding the property. However I found the lack of respect from volunteers towards the peace of others & the rules disappointing. The place was generally very noisy due to volunteers talking loudly etc, motor bikes zipping around all day, building happening, & farm work. it’s a very busy place with a lot of movement, cars & people coming & going, so not a very good choice for a peaceful retreat. But it was a great retreat from regular society with like minded people & the staff were mostly very friendly & helpful.

  • Review for Somah Journeys with The School of Sacred Arts

    Jessie Emmons   February 24, 2020

      The Somah Journey of a Lifetime

    Simone, Leti and the rest of the Somah Journey's team provide an unbelievably comfortable atmosphere that enabled me to expand my overall knowledge of yoga and life in general. There was a good mix of heated Vinyasa to more relaxed deep Yin classes that always began with breathing and awareness exercises. Simone was able to provide many guided yoga nidra classes and expand on the science behind it in class form, which was a nice addition to the course. The level of talent Letizia has in leading ceremonies truly shines in her ability to provide support to the group mentally, physically and musically. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who has a true calling to the plant medicines and yoga. To say I left Peru enlightened and with a new spice for life would be an understatement. I truly appreciate everything Simone and Somah Journey's have done for me and fully intend on working with them again. Much love, Jessie

  • Review for Soltara Healing Center

    Yen Duong   February 24, 2020


    This literally one of best things I have ever done. Everyone one on staff was amazing- the facilitators (Erica and Todd), maestro/maestra (Suey and Silvia) and the mediation/yoga guru (PDK). I have always avoided mediation, yin yoga and yoga Nidra because I like intensive yoga. But after a week with PDK, I will definitely add those classes to my routine. The food is so good, that I wanted to take Jesse, the chef, home with me. I can definitely say that I’m thankful to have accommodations with A/C, especially after ceremony and after a brutally hot day. The people we met and the experiences we had are completely priceless. If you have any hesitation, I recommend just doing it. You won’t regret it. Namaste and Irake!

  • Review for Rebecca Facey

    Dan persson   February 23, 2020

      Powerful, honest, safe.

    First time I came in contact with Rebecca was in a reading I recieved from her over the phone. Circumstances wasn't the best because my neighbour had decided to do some home improvements so there was a lot of inconvenient noise in the background. But we had the reading and it was the start of process I'm still coming out of. I was very much taken back by which the clarity she spoke to me, she completely shined light on all the bullshit I had been telling myself, she confirmed things about me which I already knew but didn't want to see, and with honesty and straightforwardness she called me out, or better put; called my ego out. Rebecca saw/see things in me that slowly started to move and come to the surface. By now, I'm making life changing decisions. Rebecca will tell you the things you really need to hear for you to make those necessary adjustments in your life. She see steps which you can take to make those adjustments and all I can say, for me, it was the waking call I needed. I can only warmly recommend Rebecca to anyone who feel the need to shed some light on different aspects/areas in one's life. Rebecca also work with plant medicine and I've had the pleasure to see her in action. She creates a safe space and works with the energies for the benefits of all the participants. Before, during and after the ceremonies Rebecca points out key aspects of the process on a mental, emotional and energetic level which makes the transition easier. Love and gratitude Dan, Sweden

  • Review for Krishna Village Eco Yoga Community

    Anita Bell   February 23, 2020

      Peaceful Retreat

    Had the most wonderful cultural weekend filled with amazing food, yoga and spectacular scenery. Went on the farm tour with Barat, and learnt so much about about the Krishna way of life. Cant wait to come back! Namaskar

  • Review for Gaia Sagrada Ayahuasca & San Pedro Retreat Center

    Sylvain Payette   February 23, 2020

      12 amazing days retreat

    I have just returned from a 12 day stay at the magical Gaia Sagrada Ayahuasca retreat center. The place is a paradise in the Andes far from the mechanical noises of the cities. the location is laid out in the forest while respecting the latter which allows us to connect this revitalizing nature. The warm welcome of the organizers and all the staff and volunteers puts you immediately comfortable and secure. I have made several or even multiple formations over the past ten years, thus raising my consciousness to recognize the high vibrations. My first experience was cleansing with Amalia, it was a fantastic moment that will remain etched in my memory, a cleansing of trauma layers crossing and penetrating to the soul. I highly recommend it, or even essential. Ayahuasca ceremonies are masterfully led by professional Shamans with respect for traditions and our consciences. I had the privilege of contacting Mother Ayahuasca as well as several dimensions of our environment, an extraordinary quest and awareness. It was magical to listen to the traditional songs of the Shamans. I even at some point more intense was accompanied by one of the female dogs which helped me connect to a higher level of consciousness. The family meetings were moments of pleasure even if sometimes they were loaded with great emotions. The San Pedro ceremonies were rich in intensity and introspection of the I am. Again I have cleaned up old roots and traumas from my childhood, a moment of pure joy. The sweat lodge, wow, of maximum intensity and physical and psychic level of consciousness. Mother Ayahuasca recomanded me to do an other cleansing. I did one whit Valeria was magical again. What about the Super San Pedro Christine, it was a memorable journey a major boost in consciousness at very high frequencies. It's been ten days now since I came back home and I know and feel that something has settled in me. I am more sensitive to the flow of energy during my meditations. I feel the connection with my heart during Reiki exchanges. Many thanks To Christine, Carly, Salvador, Amalia, Sophia, Valeria and all of you family volonteers, brothers and sisters...lots of love

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