Sarah Dalrymple -- Kambo Practitioner

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Sarah Dalrymple — Kambo Practitioner

“Kambo circulates in the heart. It makes the heart move accurately so that things flow, bringing good things to the person. If there was a cloud on the person, preventing good things to come, then when they take the Kambo it becomes a green light, which opens the way making things easier.” — Kaxinawa Kambo shaman.

Sarah Dalrymple became a practitioner of Kambo — also known as the “vaccine of the jungle”— through medical necessity. Sarah explains, “I got Lyme disease at 18 years old, in Minnesota when I was living on an Indian reservation and went six years undiagnosed. The symptoms progressively got worse until I was wheelchair bound.” After she finally received the diagnosis of Lyme disease, Sarah at first turned to western therapy, antibiotics, but ultimately her condition continued to deteriorate. She eventually perused treatment in Mexico, which put her disease into remission for three years. “During those three years I made it my mission to find something curative instead of just putting the disease into remission.”

Through Soul Quest in Orlando, she fortuitously discovered Kambo, and also explored ayahuasca, as she sought an “even deeper spiritual healing.” During one of her ayahuasca experiences, Sarah was given a powerful revelation, “I was supposed to share Kambo with others that had Lyme disease. Because of soul quest and my ayahuasca journey I knew I was called to be a practitioner.” Speaking of her next journey, Sarah recalls: “I went to Peru to pursue training to become a Kambo practitioner and lived with the Matses tribe for a month. In Peru we were required to do dieta with Kambo (a ten-day period in complete isolation, where one’s sole purpose is to connect with the spirit of that medicine. The isolation was terrifying, yet profoundly healing and you really do connect with that medicine when that’s all you’re allowed to do in the jungle. It was the most healing experience of my entire life.”

Kambo, which is derived from the venom of the Giant Monkey Frog native to the northern region of the Amazon rainforest, has garnered much interest from the scientific community as of late. “What makes venom so deadly also makes it an ideal template for drugs — currently treating and saving the lives of millions each year,” Dr Zoltan Takacs explains. According to, scientific studies show that the frog’s poison is made up of many peptides that are beneficial to the human body. Some of these peptides traverse the brain blood barrier and stimulate the endocrine glands of the brain, resulting in an immune effect and a deep cleanse of the body. Kambo has antibiotic properties and strengthens the immune system while physically destroying pathogenic microorganisms. Kambo has also been shown to be anti-inflammatory, relieving joint pain.

Despite its promising physiological implications, Sarah believes its benefits expand far beyond, into psychological and spiritual realms. “In regards to psychology, Kambo takes away brain fog, gives enhanced resistance to fatigue and hunger and enhances your state of alertness and capacity to focus. People who regularly take the vaccine rarely get sick and have a lot of energy.” Sarah adds, “for me, Kambo lifted the cloud of depression and negative mind chatter. It helped me to see things more clearly and also gave me the sense of strength I had never felt before.”

Combining healing of the body, mind and spirit, Sarah administers the Kambo treatment in an intensive ritual. “With the Kambo ceremony, we always want to create a safe, clear space beforehand and we use specific music to agitate the nerves to specifically help the person get to the place of purging. For me to share Kambo, I just feel honored to serve this medicine and help people reach their highest level of healing. I am a servant of the medicine, the medicine does not serve me. I feel honored to be the vessel to connect people with their deepest level of healing.”


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