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Javier Regueiro (Lugano, 1965) is a Spanish national born and raised in Switzerland. He is a certified Massage Therapist (Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy, New York City), Rebirther (Body Electric School, Oakland, CA) and Avatar Master, and a student of “A Course In Miracles”.

He moved to Peru in 2004 to study Amazonian plant medicine and shamanism. During those early years, he focused on his own healing, working with indigenous and mestizo ayahuasqueros in the Iquitos and Pucallpa areas. As a result of what he achieved for his own healing, he decided to dedicate his life to working with Peruvian plant medicines. Since 2005 Javier has been a student of Don Francisco Montes Shuña, a plant medicine person and perfumero of Capanahua descent. Don Francisco has lead Javier through months of shamanic diets. During that time he learning the use and healing properties of plant teachers such as Ayahuasca, Tobacco and Datura among many others. With his teacher’s blessing, he became a full-time ayahuasquero in 2006. Since that time Javier continues to deepen his practice by doing extended dietas in the Amazon under his teacher’s care and at the same time has been leading plant medicine ceremonies and retreats for groups and individuals, as well as extended dietas, at his Ayaruna Center in Pisac, Peru, from 2006 until 2017. With a desire to hold retreats in a more secluded and contained environment, he will be leading retreats at Tierra Nuna Ayni in Pillahuara, a small community 3 kms from Pisac.

He is the author of the books “Ayahuasca: Soul Medicine of the Amazon Jungle” and “San Pedro/Huachuma: Opening the Pathways of the Heart”, available worldwide through Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press in print, Kindle, and Audible formats.

He speaks fluent English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

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  • Eldad Oz   July 12, 2016

      Javier Regueiro

    Its difficult to put in words and explain the profound experience I had in Peru. My life has changed dramatically for good since I met Javier and joined him to a week retreat in his beautiful estate in Pisac Peru. I joined this journey to find my true self, to get insights and answers for key issues that burden my life and lift any doubts about my future. Javier with his limitless wisdom and through his mastering in San Pedro and Ayausca ceremonies helped me to achieve all the goals I came for and much more. My life is now empowered by love and self expression, clarity and peace, I never loved my self so much for good and bad. New gate of possibilities opened in my life that I never knew existed. Javier is a true master as a Shaman, is skills and abilities are remarkable. I highly recommend to work with Javier Eldad Oz eldadoz1@gmail.com

  • Henrik Zillmer   April 22, 2016

      A great guide to your spiritual awakening

    It's been a true honor and pleasure to have Javier introduce me to plant medicine. He has a deep understanding of working with the medicine and are able to connect the western mindset with the knowledge and traditions of the andean people. He is a magnificent coach and are able to quickly get to the core of you. You instantly feel safe and comfortable in his presence and are able to talk about everything. In addition, he is a great musician and singer, which is highly appreciated during ceremonies. An unforgettable experience working with Javier. My highest recommendations.

  • Kit Murray Maloney   January 06, 2016

      High expectations wildly exceeded

    I am firmly in belief that the three weeks I spent being guided, challenged, encouraged and deeply supported by Javier resulted in what I may only have uncovered in 15 plus years of weekly therapy. Javier brings his high level of expertise and a professionalism to everything, yet he also brings a wise air of playfulness and humor that allows his guidance to be accessible, even during the most potent lessons. I am sincerely eternally grateful for my experience and to Javier for facilitating shifts in me that I hadn't even dreamed possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  •   I highly recommend Javier Reguiro - by Ethan

    He recently published a book Ayahuasca: Soul Medicine of the Amazon Jungle: A Comprehensive and Practical Guide. I did 2 Aya ceremonies with him and 2 San Pedro ceremonies. His prices are very reasonable. He very much helps with interpreting the experiences and with integration. I also liked that he is located in the Sacred Valley rather than the jungle.

  • Craig Clemens   September 15, 2014

      A truly gifted guide

    Javier is a beautiful soul whose journey work is special beyond words. My experience with Javier was one that profoundly affected every area of my life - from deepening my personal relationships to allowing me to better focus and prioritize in business. I have since sent 2 friends to experience the guidance of Javier and both were blown away by his wisdom. Javier does not give you what you want to hear, but what you need to in order to make yourself a better person. I cannot recommend him enough.

  • Justine Livewell   September 09, 2014

      The highest reccomendation.

    I'm a seeker. I've tried A LOT of different modalities to learn and grow over the last few years, none of which have compared to the level of transformation I've experienced under the care of Javier. He is kind, gentle, wise, and holds a space where one can melt into trust. A true gift to those who find their way to him. I feel so blessed to have had my first plant medicine experiences with Javier. I offer the highest recommendation and look forward to visiting with him again.

  • Michael Costuros   September 08, 2014

      Deep respect for the medicine Javier is in service of

    I have been benefiting from attending Javier's ceremonies since 2011. Since then I have lead 4 groups of 10 people down to Peru to spend 10 days doing ceremonies with Javier. The most common testimonial I get from my participants is "Utterly life changing." Javier is so integral to the experience and integration of the medicine that I can't imagine working with anyone else.


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