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Don Guido Tuesta Torres is a most distinguished 61 years old master shaman who works with El Mundo Magico at our Ayahuasca and shamanic apprenticeship retreat venue, in the Amazon jungle, near Iquitos (Peru). He is a Palero (a shaman specialized in working with teacher trees), an Ayahuasquero (a healer skilled in the shamanic work with Ayahuasca), a Camalonghero (a shamanic healer specialized in working with Camalonga), and a Sananguero (a vegetalista specialized to work with the Sanango class of master plants and trees). He is also an Oracionista (a shaman who uses prayers and prayer songs to heal), an Espiritista (a syncretic belief system with elements of ritual magic, widespread in Latin America) and a Rosacrucista (an adept of the contemporary mystical and esoteric Rosicrucian Order of Peru). His icaros are sung in Spanish and Kichwa (a Quechuan language), and are incantations to call upon celestial spirits and those who inhabits the depths of space, of air, earth and water as well calls to the spirits of the master trees and the plant teachers. 

Don Guido prepares a strong, traditional, Ayahuasca brew, using Cielo ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis caapi) vine cuts and Chagropanga (Dyplopteris cabrerana) vine leaves. The Chagropanga - more widely used in Colombia - has more powerful effects compared to the Chacruna (Psychotria viridis), whose use is more widespread in Peru. 

The shamanic diet and apprenticeship with him has a certain degree of flexibility, and although there remains the usual restrictions - e.g. no meat, no fruit, no spices, little to no salt, little to no sugar, little to no oil, and no fats - he allows for rice, porridge, vegetables and salad (all unseasoned) to be part of the diet, alongside grilled/roasted Amazonian fish, green plantains and coconut water. With Don Guido it is possible to diet a single teacher plant or master tree at a time, for a specific period, as well as the diet style involving drinking a super-concentrated brew prepared with 28 different types of Amazonian master trees cooked over a traditional wood-fire for several hours, in the guise of the Ayahuasca brew. 

Don Guido maintains that when one is doing the shamanic diet the spirits of the teacher plants and master trees manifest themselves in the guise of visions, dreams and messages teaching one what to do and how to prepare a medicine for different types of illnesses. The teacher trees help, protect and make one strong during the diet and teach one the icaros, power songs and magical melodies. Then, during the apprenticeship, the disciple is taught by the Maestro a medicine song mentioning the names of each and every one of the master trees taken during the diet itself. 

The shamanic plant diet with Don Guido includes 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies - held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (or else, when done together with Don Sixto, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays), as well as 2 Camalonga dream ceremonies, 3 Toe' rituals, and 2 smudging sessions per week.

The wood of Palo Santo, alongside the leaves of Ajos sacha, Achiote, Mucura and Clavo huasca, as well as the shell of Ajos macho and/or Ajos hembra are used in the spiritual purification rituals during the smudging rituals. 

For more info on the Ayahuasca retreat and shamanic diet with Don Guido, have a look at our webpage: 

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Download the FREE 61-pages PDF programme for our special the 3 months/13 weeks/91 days Amazonian shamanic apprenticeship via the master plants diet from the URL: 

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You may also read more about the shamanic diet on our site, at the page:

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