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I’m frequently asked what prompted my move to Peru and my decision to become a shaman. My answer is always surprisingly simple, “The Calling.” I will elaborate on this a bit because throughout the course of my work, I’ve met many participants who experienced, “The Calling” prior to working with the sacred medicine-plants. It’s good to know about this phenomenon because something similar may happen to you.

By way of an overview, in Peruvian shamanic circles, the sacred plant-teachers Ayahuasca and Huachuma are known to call those with whom they wish to work. Being “called” to work with these divine agents of transformation is akin to receiving a spiritual invitation. With regard to Dawn of Eden’s transformational work, it is also possible you might be called by one of more of the Egyptian deities with whom we work. You will know if you’ve been called. You will have an inexplicable “knowing” it is something you need to do.

In my case, for example, I was an ordinary businessman engaged in my chosen profession working as the Director of Marketing for sister companies known as The Monroe Institute and Monroe Products. These companies possess an internationally renowned audio-guidance technology known as Hemi-Sync that can guide listeners into expanded states of awareness (higher states of consciousness). They offer residential programs and products for home use incorporating this technology. As Director of Marketing, I was tasked with helping to develop and distribute new Hemi-Sync products.

In addition to working with these audio-guidance tools professionally (in a marketing capacity), I also meditated daily with various Hemi-Sync products to access higher states of consciousness. For that reason, I considered myself to be pretty in-tune with my inner-guidance. 

One day I came across a website about Ayahuasca. At this point, I had never heard of Ayahuasca, but surprisingly, within minutes of laying eyes on this website, I knew it was something I had to do. I definitely felt “The Calling” and within in a week I had booked a flight to Peru to participate in Ayahuasca ceremonies.

My first ceremony with this master teacher-plant occurred in 2002 and was an eye-opening experience. I felt right at home in the spiritual realms made accessible with Ayahuasca, but was nonetheless taken back to be receiving otherworldly messaging that I was a shaman. These celestial communications persisted, however, highlighting the fact that my primary purpose in this life involved resurrecting my past-life shamanic abilities.

Honestly, I had never considered the notion of becoming a shaman, but my inner-guidance confirmed the validity of my ceremonial revelations. Consequently, I started the process of apprenticing the sacred medicine-plants, Ayahuasca and Huachuma, in a serious way. I began making two trips a year to Peru.

In 2006, it was time to be “all in” and thus, my spiritual guidance became more dramatic. I was instructed to “cash out” from my life in the United States and move to Peru to construct the Dawn of Eden shamanic center. This uprooting move was challenging on many levels, but also a dream come true. Now, my shamanic associate, Denis Montes, and I are blessed with the opportunity to share our transformational medicine work with others.  

In conclusion, in my case, by answering “The Calling” of the sacred medicine plants, I was, in turn, presented with my true purpose in this lifetime. My higher calling, if you will, to resurrect my past-life shamanic gifts. 

I mention this in closing because, as alluded to earlier, I often meet participants who have had similar experiences in so far as “The Calling” phenomenon is concerned. Likewise, it frequently happens that Mother Ayahuasca reveals one’s true purpose during ceremony. When this occurs, it is always a precious gift. Even more so nowadays when many are awakening to a higher purpose in service to humanity.

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