About The Teacher

Rumen is a world renowned teacher of astrologyUsing the ancient astrology methods by watching the stars with a naked eye, Rumen uses observational astrology to interpret the omens of the stars.

As the ancient seers did, he takes notice of the brightness of the stars, the color of the planets and clouds at specific times, reading the symbology of each constellation.

Sidereal astrology will tell you the story of your life through pictures in the skies. Haven’t yet heard of this type of astrology? Let’s break it down.

The word sidereal comes from sidus, the Latin word for star. True sidereal astrology uses the real size and location of constellation in the sky. In other words, the real location of the planets at the time of one’s birth.

The most commonly used astrology in the western world (tropical astrology) sets constellations to seasons, whereas sidereal astrology sets them to the visible sky. As you listen to Rumen’s teaching’s you’ll gain amazing insights from his research and knowledge of astrology.

Rumen’s accolades include

​Developed the first computer program in the world for primary directions. with the first version of program “PLACIDUS’

The sensational discovery of the real age of the Babylonian astrolabe with the help of a special computer program. Dated to 5500BC!!!

Publishing of the book”The calendar of creation”

2018 In Egypt searching for the “lost books of Hermes” study of Arabic. “

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