Karen McMullen

About The Teacher

We hope you’ll join Karen for a themed vinyasa flow to bring you home to your natural state of breath, presence and lightness. You can expect a theme that brings you into intimate contact with yourself, a pace that encourages your sensual awareness and a slow finish so that you melt, release and surrender. Or, come to one of her Gentle Classes. Karen offers a restorative style class, using plenty of props to support your muscles to be able to release and relax. She loves to use adjustments and healing touch to help students release even further into the pose.
Aside from being a Certified Yoga Alliance teacher, Karen has in-depth training in Body-Mind Psychology through the Hendricks Institute. She has been working as a body-centred Life Coach for the past 8 years as her full-time business, guiding her clients into the deep experience of their body. She does it because it works! She has found that working with breath and movement in the physical body is the fastest path to transforming long-held, conditioned patterns.
Her yoga practice is informed by a love of Iyengar, Ashtanga and most recently, Dharma yoga practice. All three of those styles are quite intense, so she prefers to bring more gentleness into the practice. Her intention in her home practice and the classes that she offers is that the breath and movement are nourishing and not depleting.
How Karen ended up in troncones: two years ago she had created the success of her dreams. Live your Genius Inc., her business devoted to helping Leaders to discover and express their Genius, was bringing in an average of $15K monthly. She had an art-filled, cozy and beautifully decorated home in the Rocky Mountains, a great relationship, lots of free-time for skiing, and was networked with the most awesome, successful Leaders in the Transformational Leadership industry. She was considering scaling to the next level when she stopped and noticed that despite having achieved the outward “Success” she’d desired, and worked to achieve…she mostly just wanted to lie on the couch.
She felt discontent, empty and drained! Why create more of the same? Her dissatisfaction with the illusion of Success lead her into a radical experiment with surrender, truth and freedom. She spent 2 years living mostly like a monk and learning rare tools to live truly and freely…without having to sacrifice to create financial security.
In the process, she sold her stuff, ended the relationship she was in and moved to Troncones where she now divides her time between the beach and magical hillside strawbale house on a permaculture orchard. Life and business are simpler.

Services provided by Karen:
Vinyasa Flow Yoga 90min, Restorative Yoga 90min, Private Yoga Classes 60/90/120min
Karen’s website:
(contact info blocked)

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It would my first vacation in the mountains. I think getting away and beginning a new routine would be good for me and a friend. Dianne

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