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Donna Eldridge is a Group Facilitator, Retreat leader, Coach, Yoga teacher, Plant-based chef and teacher, Body worker, Aromachologist/ Herbalist in training and medicine woman. In Colombia 2013 she started her journey of her own healing with Taita Juanito Chindoy, the Grandfather Laureano and the Sacred Plant Medicine. This was where she revealed her calling to help women who have suffered from any kind of emotional, physical, mental trauma and health issues as she herself dealt with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgiaback and the restless body syndrome. This path of transformation has led her to want to help others by creating and hosting an all-women’s retreat with her Taita Juanito and teacher Jairzagua Furativa Gagheta (Adriana). Her mission is to empower humanity in their journey back to the heart, by reconnecting with mother earth and all her elements, thought rituals and sacred practices.

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  • Freya SarahJane Borean   August 08, 2018

      Spirit shifting experience!

    To the dear ones reading this message, I speak to you from my full and honest heart. The experiences I have had with Jairsagua learning the sacred rythems of weaving and sitting in ceremony have truly altered the way I can be with myself, and in turn how I communicate that to the outside world. The insights that I received durning ceremony have time and time again come up in my daily life and, with the memory of those sacred visions I am able to live deeper in my truth and understanding of the natural world. I carry so near to my heart the hours that this dear elder spent teaching me the ancient and divine act of weaving. Every moment she spoke with stories or teachings had my entire beings attention. I feel blessed to have shared space with such a beautiful teacher (and the woman who fly under her wings) I would truly recommend this to other sisters! With love and gratitude, Freya.

  • Carolina Chavarria Pozuelo   August 05, 2018

      Beautiful sweet healing

    The healing opportunities offered by the Weaving of Womanhood retreat are a blessing. Taita Juan is one of the sweetest and most powerful beings, it’s just so nice to learn from him, participating in his ceremonies is a huge blessing. Weaving with the abuela Jairsa is beautiful! It’s not just weaving, she explains were the weaving tradition comes from and how it is used for praying and connecting. Tobacco Shaman don Florito is so gentle and wise. All the team is so sweet and ready to assist in our healing. Let’s not even talk about the beautiful venue...

  • Svetlana Bego   August 03, 2018

      Transformation complete

    Donna and I have been best friends for 20 years. Needless to say that when she embarked on this journey I was very very skeptical. I wanted to see results first hand before getting convinced to do anything about emotional problems that plagued me. I watched her for about three years and seeing the amazing impact this process had on body and spirit was finally enough for me to wake up and join the party. The journey for me has been utterly transforming. After years of physical and mental abuse I have experienced at the hands of a partner I was left with beyond crippling anxiety and self doubt, that I self medicated with wine. Through this process with the help of my best friend Donna and Taita Juanito I was able to rebuild myself whole and truly start living my life to the fullest at 43. Gone are the wine, anxiety and self doubt and a slew of other emotional issues we’ve unearthed during this process. Once I have changed my life went through a major upgrade. This whole thing was a gift from God. I highly recommend Donna and her women’s retreat to anyone suffering from various ailments. My journey has been magic.

  • Angela Brazeal   August 02, 2018


    With the gentle patience of someone who knows, Donna and her team led us into and through a process that taught us about love and community and the love of self through community. With their guidance we built strong bonds that will last. The week was an amazing experience into the feminine. I will look forward to the next time.

  • Damini Beth Alspaugh   August 02, 2018

      A love-filled experience

    I joined Donna on the Weaving of Womanhood retreat this past January. I had such a beautiful, transformational experience there and would highly recommend it. Donna and the other leaders held space for all of the women in a way that made it feel like we really were all sisters. I would suggest this retreat if you are seeking to know yourself better, want give yourself some self care and time for introspection, and feel the call to be in supportive sisterhood. We treated our bodies well with delicious healthy food, swims in the pool, yoga, and walks to the beach. The ceremonies and teachings we received were transformative for me and helped me get clear on my path in life. I left Costa Rica with a more hopeful outlook on life, and a feeling of support that still continues. I still check in with Donna and the other women, and I will attend this retreat again in the future.

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