About The Teacher

Naysha is an internationally-known Peruvian Curandera. Curandera (or Curanderita) is the name pertaining to female shamans and healers of the Amazon. There are many different kinds of medicine women depending on their specialty of focus – they all have their own different kinds of tools, techniques, and ways of healing.

Naysha heals through medicinal plants, ceremonies, music, and traditions and is adept in the shamanic world. Her connection with plant medicine started before she was born. Her mother could not have children so she, like many Peruvians, went to the shamans to find healing after the medical system had failed her.

The shamanic treatment was successful and Naysha was conceived. Naysha, later, worked as a lawyer for the Peruvian government. This was when she realized that to change society, the individual must first change from the inside. She felt a calling and thus quit her job to go to the Amazonian jungle. There, she remained for several years, learning different healing techniques from the plants and studying with the shamans on how to work with the plant’s, life then brought her from the jungle to the very north of Sweden, north of the polar circle.

For two years, she lived together with the Sami people – an indigenous community of shamans where they shared their ways of living with her. From there, she went back to the Amazon once again to continue her Shamanic training. These last 4 years, she has been traveling around Europe, Asia, and South America holding ceremonies and sharing the healing ways of her teachers from the Amazon through an organization she started, named Taita Inti.

Today she is embarking on creating a global community that involves women – bringing women together to help themselves to reconnect, open, heal and transform their lives. Medicine Woman is an NGO – a movement with the aim of creating a series of documentaries about medicine women around the planet – their ancient knowledge, traditional ways of healing, and their sacred role in the connection and protection of our Mother Earth.

Join Naysha as she shares with you her otherworldly experiences and wisdom she gained from her Shamanic training in the Amazon, from doing spiritual work on herself and facilitating the healing of people around the world under the guidance of the Spirit of the Plants.

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  • Adrian Stere   June 24, 2020


    An amazing retreat with the amazing Naysha and Daryl! So glad I found them! The 5 days retreat was the best experience I was have in this life time! I will come back for sure!

  • Ingrid Lidén   May 05, 2020

      Much love

    Im thankful i got to meet Naysha. I got back from my first Ayahuasca retreat, three weeks ago and it was overall magical. Naysha made me feel protected during the ceremonies and i felt like i was in good hands. She even reached out after the retreat to make time for the people who wanted to talk, which is more than i could ask for. I hope i will see her again soon.

  • Ulla R.   October 17, 2019

      A path with a big heart and a powerful shaman

    11-15 oct I visited my first Ayahuasca retreat at Enköping with Naysha Silva and Taita Inti. That was the best decision I´ve done in my life. I understand now why it is good to try not to have expectations. Because if you haven´t done it you can´t possibly imagine how it will be. I discovered clearly how all my experiences and emotions that have been too frightening to fully feel and integrate have been stored in my body and how they have continued to hurt me. I relived some of these and could connect them to where they belong. This gave me very important insights. Naysha and her staff is amazing, so loving and supporting. They helped me and took care of me when I had a very hard time. Through the whole retreat there was always someone who checked to make sure you were ok and there were always people at hand if you needed help. That made me feel very safe. The whole retreat was very well organized, the food was great and the outside nature beautyful. Naysha is a powerful shaman. One can feel that when she's singing her Icaros, and she knows what she is doing. She is also a very warm person and spreads a feeling of joy around her. I am so happy that I started to walk this path. I'm also happy that I chose Taita Inti. I wish this for everyone. Ayahuasca works wonderfully and she really knows what you need most. That also feels very safe.

  • Tobias Königs   October 17, 2019

      Just a wonderful experience

    I had an experience beyond imagination. It was all so lovely and wonderful. Everyone there was gentle and helpful. It were perfect 5 days. I will do it again and recommend it to the fullest.

  • Ciortan Otilia Doris   September 10, 2019

      My first experience

    I had the opportunity to be part of a wonderfull experience next to special people in beautiful places Wich I can still recall when I m closing my eyes. I have had some awfull experiences during my life, it was very hard to find my peace, being imposible to understand life and all sad moments I have had, asking all the time - what's wrong with me? Why can t I be accepted? Why this is happening to me? All the time only bad things happened in life, inside my soul, to my body getting sick and almost died once. I gave birth and sudently we found out that our baby is not like the others, being very hard for him to develop and be part of this life and society. I m thankfull and greatefull to be accepted to heal myself and to open my eyes in order to see clear the path of life I m having and my family. Thanks to this experience I found my light and everything is peacefull now. I can feel my baby boy s path also and since we communicate in right way, things for him are starting to be more clear also. Thank you for everything

  • Sabina Lako   August 21, 2019


    Celia is an amazing shaman, very kind, gentle soul but a powerful medicine woman. I would totally recommend Celia’s retreats.

  • Evrim Helva   August 18, 2019

      the magical voice

    I had my first dieta in Switzerland with Naysha and her wonderful team. It is not that easy to explain with words what happened to me. I had a really stressful and tiring time before dieta. My head was full with my business, employees, customers and privat problems. I would say I was already in a burnout with one leg. First I was critical to give my only 2 weeks holiday for this retreat instead of going to ocean and relax for two weeks.. Now I can say, it was the best decision I did for myself. 12 days without external influences, taking care from her team, got the very best suitable masterplants to helping me to come out of my head into my heart, I had many overflowing moments with gratitude for my whole life. To feel this deep thankfulness and love for myself was incredible healthful for my present situation. I got from the medicine really what I needed and the answers to all my questions I asked for. Now I am full power, have a clear mind and a open heart again. I am already thinking about the next dieta. Thank you Naysha for this unpayable experience ! You do a really great work. Ohhh totally forgot.......the voice from this powerful women is just magic......

  • Ben Ji   August 14, 2019

      Wise and trustable Shaman

    Naysha gave me the opportunity to attend a 12days Dieta in Switzerland with her amazing team I feel grateful that she was open-minded and listened to arrange some of my initial concerns so I could participate with full trust I will take the chance to volunteer in her team, there is a lot to learn about living in the present when you are close to them. There are many details which helped me in my journey and even if I didn't notice, deeply I know that the way she organizes it is really good and full of love Respect to her quality work, have a look at her blog where she drops a lot of value there ;)

  • Vasilis Oikonomou   July 26, 2019

      The Best!

    well organised very caring with knowledge and and a very humanist and spiritual approach to every aspect of everything that came up

  • Ilga Smeile   July 26, 2019

      Great help

    Darryl is really putting his heart in the work. San Pedro ceremonies with him changed my life..

  • Julles Roberto   June 12, 2019

      Friendly and So much a Mother

    Naysha is such a fun and energetic guide who sings really well! She has a lot of ideas in her but when she listens, shr really hears yoi and responds with comments coming from someone who really knows you. Thank yoi Naysha! And Sol too!! ❤️❤️

  • Ugis Vilcans   June 09, 2019

      Rockstar Shaman!

    I've been to two retreats together with Naysha and in both of them I've always felt like I'm home. This is due to kindness, wisdom, humour and experience of Naysha. I can only recommend to work with her. Wonderful soul-teacher to know! x

  • Elizabeth Chen   May 20, 2019

      I felt genuine love and care from Naysha.

    I had a 5 day Ayahuasca retreat in Bali with Naysha and her crew. Naysha the Shaman, Mae the Tarot card reader with healing powers, and Miguel the musician and Naysha's assistant in many ways. The environment was beautiful and safe. They are all so loving and caring. I had 3 ayahuasca ceremonies, each of them were difficult (not what I anticipated at all). Each night I was the last person to retire to my room (till 3-4am in the morning). They were all there holding my hand, helping me get through. Naysha and Mae did a lot of work on me so I could come out alright. I won't talk much about what I saw or experience because it was private and personal. All I can say is I am very grateful for the Shaman and her crew, without whom my experience couldn't have been so meaningful and rewarding. They dragged me back from the brink of despair and gave me confidence to go on from the 1st ceremony; they identified what was bothering me and gave me courage to get rid of them and cheered at my success and re-birth. The last night, when I was in total anguish, they gave me their healing powers and empathy, their shoulders to cry on and embrace to feel love. This has been a life changing experience and Naysha is in touch with us to help with our integration. I feel lucky that I met such wonderful people for my first Ayahuasca retreat!

  • Laura Caputo   April 29, 2019

      Highly recommended!

    I first met Naysha in 2015. I am very grateful for the wisdom, guidance and beauty she always brings to her ceremonies. With her powerful and loving presence she creates a wonderful and safe space to do your work. Her voice when she sings brings you into other dimensions. She has a deep connection to the plants and shares her knowledge with everyone who is willing to change. Her heart is wide open and you can feel her unconditional love. And i absolutley love her sense of humor! She is so funny☺. Naysha knows so much about healing and brings it to the ground, sometimes without even talking about it. When you struggle, she always makes it easier for you but still gives you the responsability to do the work. She brings her purpose to this world and you can deeply feel it. She shares so much. I will for sure continue to work with her and her wonderful Taitainti-Team. With this review i want to leave my deep gratitude for all the changes in my life truly adressed to the meaningful and powerful work of Naysha and her team. Fuerza y Amor.

  • Janne Reckert   April 23, 2019

      Under Naysha's Wing!

    It was my first time being under Naysha's wing and it was a beautiful experience. She has a beautiful voice that guided the ceremonies and a very powerful presence. Amazing times were had and I look forward to going back under Naysha's wing in the future! Much Love!

  • Lori Naudin Truly   February 21, 2019

      One beautiful, strong, funny & courageous soul

    I have been trying to find the words to describe my experience in Peru since I returned home, nearly 3 weeks ago. I will start by saying that I followed Naysha for over a year on her blogs and Ayahuasca talks during the time that I was battling breast cancer. I wasn't convinced that western medicine way for me, and after speaking with Naysha she said she was willing to work with me even though I had zero experience with plant medicine. When the right time presented itself, I went to Peru to partake in a one month "dieta". I had done a small amount of Ayahuasca at this point, but very little. I had no idea what I was getting into. Naysha was there to greet us all, with her loving smile and laughter. I felt comfortable immediately. The Dieta was one of the hardest and most rewarding experience I've ever had, and I am no "spring chicken". It seems that now, it has some kind of effect on every aspect of my life, it is really hard to imagine life before Peru. I am so much happier than before I went and I've realized so much about myself without the distractions of home. I am positive that I no longer have or invite cancer back into my life, as I became super clear where it all started and I changed my energy around it. Naysha was able to facilitate all of my needs, she is strong, experienced and would never ask you to do something that she would not. She brings you to where you need to be, but ultimately, the work is up to us. My rewards just keep coming now that I am back home. I have been to the oncologist, physical therapist, and radiologist since I've returned, and all three of them are stunned. I no longer need therapy, I have no scar tissue left, and my blood is immaculate! I have so much energy and gratitude for life and even the cancer that led me to Naysha and her stupendous team! I am forever grateful for this life changing opportunity! Thank you Naysha, and all of the Taita Inti team! muah

  • Jesse Richardson   February 15, 2019

      A Profoundly Gifted Spiritual Leader...

    Naysha has shown me a way of life, and a side of life that I never knew existed. My faith in her shamanic abilities and wisdom deepened when the Dieta that she led brought me to a space that changed my life forever. I was drawn to Naysha when my fiance died, and I was on the verge destroying myself with drugs and alcohol. The pain I was in have no words to describe it. Fortunately, I partook in Naysha's Dieta, and with the help of the spirit of Ayahusaca, I gained a profound insight into the nature of birth, death and rebirth. I experienced my fiance with senses I didn't even know existed. I experienced death and rebirth, and I tapped into a space that has given me an unprecedented strength and has transformed my life forever. And I did this using Naysha's methods and wisdom. I am forever grateful for her and look forward to continuing my work with Naysha and the Taiti Inti Crew????

  • Jesse Richardson   February 15, 2019

      The Real Deal

    I found Naysha Silva and the Taiti Inti crew on Facebook during a time in my life when I was experiencing immense pain and loss, and where I needed direction, change, and insight into myself and my life. Naysha, Darryl, Mae, Ines, and Celia, with the wisdom and compassion of Taiti Inti, guided me to the most profound spiritual realization and insight to date. I did the work, I had the experiences that set me onto a path that I could never have imagined before, but I could not have done it without their powerful guidance, wisdom, patience, understanding, and love. Taiti Inti (Naysha, Mae, Ines, Darryl, Celia) are the REAL DEAL. Their shamanic power and experience will change your life, like it has changed mine. They emanate unconditional love, and only do this work so they can help people awaken. I will only work with Taiti Inti, and am forever grateful for their purpose????


In seasonal rain
along a nameless river
fear too has no name Yosa Buson

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