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“Judith Anne is a truly wonderful tantra coach. For me, she embodies the very heart and spirit of Tantra. I experience a very clear transmission of this healing and sacred tradition when in her presence.”

-O.E. Boulder, CO

“Judith is a true healer; it’s a unique privilege to share time with her. My experiences were exhilarating, unsettling and their revelations, astounding. After my series of sessions I feel reborn.”

-M. W. Santa Fe, NM

“Rod and I have never been happier with ourselves or our relationship. Deciding to learn about Tantra with Judith Anne is one of the best decision we have ever made.”

– R & G, Spokane, Washington

Individual & Couples Sessions are available In Person in Boulder, CO and SantaFe, NM

 and via the Internet,  WorldWide.

You know there's MORE

You also know that there has got to be more to lovemaking.

Find out how to FINALLY have the fulfilling depth of lovemaking you’ve been longing for…

(even if you’re currently single)

Create a thriving relationship that is in alignment with who you are, gives you tremendous joy and helps you finally discover the deepest level of union during lovemaking that you have been aching for.

Let's just go ahead and admit it, we all want to have great sex.

For those of us who have devoted years of our lives to self-development and spiritual growth, we often find that no matter how much self-awareness we have cultivated we are still not experiencing the relationships & sex-life we long for… even worse, we know that the old models of ‘spicing up your sex life’ are not authentic to us…

Who do we even go to with our very real questions about how to navigate sex & relationship in a new way? Coaching one-on-one with me will support you in creating deeply fulfilling, aligned, intimacy-rich relationships (beginning with yourself) that break through the old model we have been handed and make way for a new way of relating grounded in truth and love.

I will share with you simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step 5,000 year old system that will help you carve an internal pathway to the relationship and sex-life that you know is possible (whether you are presently single or in partnership).I will hold your hand and support you in getting to those ‘hard to reach’ places ~ you know, the ones that you tend to avoid when you don’t have a guide.

Working in this way is only for those who know in the deepest part of themselves that there is something MORE and those who are willing to risk everything in order to break through to a new world of pleasure and connection.

Some issues that may be addressed through private coaching include:

Unraveling sexual patterns and discovering the true essence of lovemaking.

Creating a new relationship with yourself and your body.

Learning to enjoy sex as a holistic and loving experience.

Moving through past sexual trauma.

Becoming a truly sensitive lover.

Emotional issues such as those stemming from infidelity, financial upheavel and more.

Physical genital concerns, such as:

Women: Painful intercourse, inability to orgasm, vaginismus, vaginal dryness, weakening vaginal muscles.

Men: Premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, prostate health.

There is NO nudity or sexual contact in these sessions, so you can feel completely safe within your exploration.

Getting Started with Conscious Relationship & Tantra Coaching.

My schedule only allows me to work with 5 clients at a time ~ due to my limited availability and the nature of this work, it is absolutely essential that both you and I feel that working together via private coaching is the right fit. Click here to schedule a complimentary 20-minute conversation.

During this conversation, you can get answers to any questions you have about coaching and I can recommend session options and steps to take before we meet. Sessions can take place in person in Boulder, Co, over the phone or via Skype Worldwide.

If we do not feel like personal coaching would meet your intentions and desires, you will receive a followup message from me with recommendations that will lead you in the right direction.

Individual Coaching starts at $175.00 ~ Couples Sessions at $225.00 per 1.5 Hr Session, I will make recommendations for ongoing 7 or 21 Session Coaching Pkgs, and include a BONUS gift of a $50 Discount for attendance at 3 Days of Tantra in October in Boulder, CO.

Complimentary 20-minute conversation. Call ro Schedule or Message me at (contact info blocked)

Judith Anne CondonConscious Relationship & Tantra Coaching, Founder of Journeys to Tantric Bliss,
Individual and Couples Conscious Relationship & Tantra Session(s) In Person in Boulder, CO and SantaFe, NM
and via the internet Worldwide.
Free 20 Minute Is Tantric Coaching for You? Message me at (contact info blocked) to Schedule.
Journeys to Tantric Bliss Community Gatherings in Boulder, CO  and 3 & 5 & 10 Days of Tantra Retreats Worldwide at (contact info blocked)
Watch for 3 Days of Tantra Retreat coming up in October 19 -21 Autumn 2018 - Boulder, Colorado


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