Catherine Louise Birmingham

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About The Teacher

My main passion is to help people heal from past pains and blocked emotions and move from a fear based state of life struggles and problems and into a life of awareness, love and empowerment. From someone who has been through her own growth and struggles of depression, lack, anxiety, sensitivity and being the 'different' one in my field of work with horses, I came to meet my spiritual fate when faced with a physical injury that nearly ended my career. I have loved horses my whole life and had to travel to Germany from a young age to continue my passion and training of Dressage. I have always been intuitive and sensitive to the energies of sounds, people and places around me but was also emotionally very deep. I struggled with having to numb these sensitivities down to continue working professionally as a Dressage Rider, Trainer and Coach so pursued my heart and Souls calling of being a spiritual teacher and healer. I began to teach the mastering of riding your own life. I am the author of Ride for Life, The Three Golden Principles for Riders and have 2 more books awaiting Publication - Just Be You, Transformation and The Gift of Fear & The Wisdom of Riding, Where Dressage Meets Spirituality. I now live with my partner and our daughter, in Italy where I continue to write, give Energy Readings & Spiritual Guidance online, travel with my Enlightened Riding Seminar and await the reuniting with my Soul mate horse, Lee. 

If you are looking for healing, guidance, advice or wanting to connect with your own guides I am an intuitive, empath, healer and life coach. Everything I have done and do, is always driven by my heart and a huge desire to bring a more love based consciousness to the people of this world.

'She is a talented, gifted healer and incredibly empathic.' Nadia Muscella, Italy

'(contact info blocked) in your healing energy and heart aligned intentions to that and I was left cleansed, strong and still within. My stress was replaced with empowerment..' Edward Cox, Australia 

'I am in awe of your sensitivity and insight.' Felicity Wischer, Australia

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  • Jillian Drew   July 12, 2018

      Trust in the journey

    I have known Catherine for many years, she has guided and supported me through my many challenges, as a rider, and personally, and helped direct me on a path of personal growth and discovery. The entire time Catherine showed genuine love and compassion, and freely gave of herself, always being authentic, compassionate, empathetic and intuitive. I owe so much to this beautiful lady and I am truly blessed and grateful to have had her come into my life.

  • Nicola Poole   July 10, 2018


    Catherine has a natural ability to empower others. Through patient guidance, encouragement and love, Catherine empowers others to achieve their fullest potential. She has helped me discover strengths within myself I had never recognised before ???? It is a privilege to know, work and share paths with this beautiful, humane soul ????

  • Joanne Verikios   July 02, 2018

      Treat Yourself to a Retreat!

    Having been lucky enough to visit this beautiful space in a truly stunning part of Italy and to spend time with Catherine, Nathan and Utopia, I cannot recommend this opportunity highly enough.

  • Edward Cox   June 29, 2018


    When I sat with Catherine I was instantly at ease in her nurturing and healing energy. She gave valuable and accurate information on a wide range of areas in my life with me having to ask. A compassionate soul who's joy in helping you is obvious. Her healing energy and intuitive abilities are a true gift. Edward


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I teach yoga part time and am a mom of two toddlers full time. I love my life, but goodness do I need a break. My husband and I have been putting off our wedding ceremony for 4 years because life has gotten in the way. We haven't had a single night alone since our family has grown. I wouldn't change a thing about our lives now, but it would be so wonderful to remember what it's like to 'just be us.' Antrim

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