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About The Teacher

Juana is specifically a Noya Rao Maestra. She sings her Ikaros very strong and she is able to channel pure Noya Rao energy. In every ceremony, she sings for the whole group as well as for each person individually. Her singing goes deep and she sings until the work is done. She is there with her full heart and is very committed to her work. She is often in dieta by herself to connect to spirit and to be strong for her groups. Her individual ikaros in every ceremony are very unique.

She is from the Mahua Lineage and learned from strong and famous healers of this family (for example from Manuela Mahua, Pascal Mahua and Benjamin Mahua). She has an open heart and she speaks very lovingly of all her teachers. Some of her older teachers ask her these days for help. She is a very respected maestra within the community of Healers.

Juana has 8 children, a husband and many grandchildren. As working as a healer, she is the care taker from her family. She lives her life in Shipibo tradition and has been drinking Ayahuasca since she was 20 years old. She is now in her 60´s. Juana was very sick when she was a young woman. She started to diet with her uncles for her own healing. This period of dieting went on for 4 years. She lived in isolation and was separated from her husband and children during this period. Only her older uncles, who were strong shamans, were caring for her. This was her initiation into becoming a powerful healer.

Since that time she has been dieting very often and has gained much power and connection with the plant spirits. She likes to share her knowledge with her students. I appreciate her very much and I´m very grateful and blessed that she is one of my Shipibo teachers.

If you decide to do a retreat/dieta with Juana, there is the option of doing a dieta with Bobinzana or Noya Rao. 

In the last year Juana has become quite famous because of her connection to the Noya Rao Energy. I´m very grateful to be able to offer retreats with her and to get some of her time".

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