About The Teacher

Novalis Serving Medicine Woman, Medicine Songstress, Accredited Anthropologist (NMSU), Founding Author of the Oracle of Sachamama, Advocate & Activist for Indigenous Women, Cacao Carrier, Sacred Sexuality Consultant.


Final Day of facilitating Pueblo Drum Building Workshop (12 drums in 2 days), Singing Springs Community, CO 2015After receiving my degree in Anthropology in 2013 (emphasis in medical traditions & healing) from NMSU, I found myself on a very magical & awakening path. I had been studying traditions in healing for many years, but the years to come held within them an immense pathway of knowledge & medicine that I am blessed by Creator to carry & share with my relations. 

I began my path with Ayahuasca in 2013, the same year that the Pueblo Drum tradition was taught to me. For the years to come, I wove between the worlds of Mexican curanderismo (clinical & home via Doctora Adela Felix), birth & death doula experience, moon lodge facilitation, jungle shamanism in Peru, Temple Priestess to the Feminine Arts (Goddess Temple of Ashland), Serving as Priestess, Drum Carrier & Songstress for Red Tent Priestess Event 2017, Ashland ORAyahuasca center coordination (various locations), and apprenticing many strong elders in various traditions of healing (North, Central & South American). By the grace of Creator, my voice opened & I began learning the ancient songs of many tongues. It was a period of intensive 5 year, immersive study, by the time I reached my home center of Novalis. 

At Novalis, my role is working with plant medicines, but I am also a devoted community member, Brewing La Abuela, Ayahuasca @ Novalis 2018Medicine Woman, and activist for the Jungle. At the center, I pour Cacao, serve Ayahuasca (with our Medicine Team), facilitate Moon Lodge Circles as well as Sacred Song Circles & Wisdom Circles (usually with Mama Coca), and am involved in many of our projects to aid in the well being of the land, our surrounding communities, and the development of our own community at Novalis.

In essence, Creator (and Creatrix) gave me the mission of volunteering my life to transformation, wellness, and offering of Earth. I walk with the prayer that, by the grace of the Mother, my service awaken, protect, support & empower the medicine inside of each person. I am honored & blessed to have been given diverse lineages to cherish & hold, embody, and share with my brothers & sisters in humanity. Thank you.Group organizer & facilitator to the Pilgrimage of Qoyllurit'i (sacred journey of the Andean Culture) & Karpay Initiations with Andean Paqo (2015)

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