About The Teacher

I am Bhama Raghavan. I am now 62 years old.  My life gave me an opportunity to live on fruit diet for four years, full time, in 100% raw fruit diet. I would like to share my experiences in this regard with you all.

When I was 30 years, I became bedridden with severe back pain. Prior to that I was continuously suffering from severe cold and cough for more than three years. The cough I had throughout night worsen my back pain. Doctors advised me to be on bed rest and go for weight traction whenever the pain is intolerable. I was also advised to have pain killers regularly. With two kids of mine and being in a joint family there was no hope of taking rest and the situation worsened one day that I became a burden to everyone. 

At this point of time, a well-wisher of mine took me to an Ashram and introduced me to the Head of that Ashram, who was living on fruit diet for more than 20 years. On seeing my condition he advised me to go on fasting for few days taking only water. I started vomiting after 2 days which brought out all the medicines I had consumed till then including the anaesthesia which was given to me twice during two tubal pregnancy operations done to me earlier. 7 days of fast relieved me from the cold and cough I had for more than 3 years. I felt cells getting rejuvenated throughout my body. The back pain was greatly reduced. Then I was given honey water to break the fast. Then dates juice and slowly I started eating well riped banana that too only twice a day. After a month I was totally relieved of all pains I had, but felt very weak due to the new diet system. After a month I took coconut and banana in the morning and papaya or any other fruit in the night. It took 6 months for me to accustom to this diet and regain my strength.  But I lost about 20kgs of my weight and was looking very lean and fragile which shocked everyone and all advised me to discontinue this diet system and start eating everything as earlier. Whomever I met discouraged me but I had a strong conviction that I will definitely regain my weight in this fruit diet itself. To my surprise I was so vigour and healthy that I was able to do more physical  work than before. Within a year I regained my original weight also. 

I now do periodic fruit and juice fast detoxes and welcome everyone to the retreat and try out this program for any of your health goals which may range from weight loss to regaining and restoring your health and nervous system which is possibly burnt with hormone injected regular standard diets. We provide you an opportunity for you to follow fruit or juice diet in a proper environment which is essential where there is no need for cooking and you have an opprtunity to heal your digestive system and regain lost vitality, again.

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