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About The Teacher

I facilitate deep transformational retreats with the Holigral Method, a science based psychology model which originated from +25 years in R&D in systems engineering and artificial intelligence. Trauma resolution and shadow work are a main aspect of what mostly is an adventurous path or way to undo that which you are not.
It´s fractal, it´s magikal, it´s hard on the serious one´s yet it´s gentle, deep, insightful and of the least resistance.
Creative expression go hand by hand with +52 processes which are self applied. This work emerge as your personal algorythms for healing, development, re-conception and even re-birth. Enter the darkside if you may. There´s no thing as a small trauma and all is possible, access your deepest insights and solutions, expand the understanding you hold about life, relations, purpose.

My role is as a guide along the processing of your signals and assisting you by asking patterns of questions and mostly, by holding space providing once and every then a little push beyond the boundary of your cosmologies and perceptions. I´ve been told it´s quite trippy :) :D
* The Holigral Method offers a range of models and processes designed to bring an opened-eyes navigation of mindscapes which comprises your individual frame of reality. From this, what is attained is a deep and abiding emotional and spiritual peace, clarity and sense of vision and direction in one´s life and relations and improvement in personal performance to up to 400%. Holigral is a scientific approach to how humans construct their reality, both in personal and group levels, using the physics principle of measurement, mathematics of complex numbers and systems engineering life cycles. As it is fractal, the method allows you to focus into any need or trouble in life or a combination of any, offering from this perspective, a unique approach and results.

Our method is a radical divergence from conventional models and disciplines. From an emergent approach,  we help people to release, unlearn whatever is unnecessary or maladapted by following our own´s system signals´ in order to heal trauma and grow early structures to a present selve, in the "here and now". We aim to empower back people by releasing them from their stories, dramas and dependence of external figures of authority/attraction. You are your own leader, mentor and guide in this powerful journey into your inner reality. 

The method has been successfully applied in trauma release and deep therapy, chronic degenerative conditions, addictions and reincertion, corporate and executive performance, spiritual development, learning dissabilities, mental disorders like aspergers, tourettes, OCD, and a vast range of "normal" issues for people looking to experience their fullest potential in their lives, professional activites and spiritual journeys. We´ve worked with most cultural and language demographies offering consistent and high degree results mostly on a permanent basis. 

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  • Yolanda Aaliyah   July 14, 2015

      Self-awareness on steroids

    I have attended several retreats led by Jorge Carrillo and Steve Saunders. I am impressed by and grateful for the effectiveness of the Holigral method to address deeply-rooted trauma and existential pain. I find the method human, non-intrusive and enlightening (for the lack of a better term). Although I still have some retreats to attend to understand my own mental and emotional structures, I feel very happy about the new level of self-awareness and inner peace I have obtained after this inner work. I believe there is no better investment than the one we make in our own selves. Thank you, Jorge and Steve. - Yolanda Bello, Mexico City

  • Joanna Sullivan   May 10, 2015


    My friend had spoken to me about the method of Holigral as a way of achieving what an expert person who meditates might achieve in a lifetime. He said Holigral could do this in significantly less time, while fully conscious and without drugs. After attending workshops I understand how this is possible. Expert facilitators lead you through a process of self expression intertwined with sets of questions requiring answers. Through the self expression, patterns arise that are identified by the facilitator. What ever it is that underlies the patterns, is addressed and "deconstructed" through questions from the facilitator and answers from the subject. The questions are posed in a way that eventually makes thoughts loose their structure and sense. At the end of the process, there is a literal relief felt mentally and physically. It is as if the facilitator engages the subconscious mind by asking it to speak of that which affects it but is not obvious to the conscious mind. When the issue expressed in a pattern is brought into consciousness and is "deconstructed"; you feel as if a burden has been lifted from you. By the end of a workshop you get to understand what it means when people say "just be". It is as if you have gone back to a moment in childhood when there were no responsibilities or demands and you just exist. The mind empties and all of a sudden you understand what it is like to be in the cliche of the "Now"and fully present. It is almost like magic taking place before you and inside you. It is not a walk in the park. No effort no gain, but it is toooooootally worth it. The internal dialogue inside completely vanishes. Holigral to me now is a method of achieving an altered state of mind and being; while fully conscious and without narcotics.

  • Dalia Oliva   May 05, 2015

      Holigral Retreat

    I was profoundly surprised with the elegance and ease in which the method allows a personal journey of self discovery and healing through self applied exercises using patterns of questions and the information that emerged from several creative activities or just anything that might happen during the same processes. My personal experience of the retreat was of deep transformation in matter of days from which I´ve released my self of any stressful responses to everyday challenges and doings. My inner dialogue reduced to it´s minimal expression giving way to a deep and powerful intuitive connection with myself and others to the point that its amazing the ease and clarity in which I can now see and understand -even anticipate- situations and reactions in people or contextual phenomena. My performance has improved beyond belive and my health is vibrant and energetic. After years of meditation and practicing several healing modalities, I see in the Holigral Method a radical approach to human development and healing. After a couple of years of my experience, the results have been permanent and integral; they have brought a new understanding on the unconscious ways life emerges at every level, an adventure worth living beyod belief and certainly, the best set of skills for this complex modern age.

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To be in my highest self. Josh

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