About The Teacher

Almost 20 years on a long and twisted path of exploration of magic, primordial beliefs, traditional cultures, shamanism and spirituality of the world. From Rastafarian camps in Jamaica, voodoo in Haiti and Africa, desert traditions of healing with trance, in Maghreb, Ethiopia, Pakistan, shamanism of Mongolia, Africa, Pakistan, mysticism of Indian subcontinent, transformative Sufi rites on three continents, Bwiti initiation in Cameroon, finally culminating in Amazon and Andes, learning its traditional medicine, sampling various sources of knowledge of the world and inspiration, understanding of self and bringing others safely through paths scouted before. Worked with shamans in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia, gringos, mestizos and tribes : Shipibo, Siona, Cofan, Tsachilas, Kamsa, Achuar, Kichwa, Witoto.
Traveler, journalist, guide, practitioner. Founder and leader of medicinal camp in the jungle of northern Peru, place where patients from all around the world come seeking solutions to their problems. Specializes in entheogenic plants used in the local tradition. Primal, ancient shamanism reinterpreted through body, breath and own, unique experience for the moment of NOW, improvisation, syncretism, song woven continually, rooted in ancient past and in various cultures with fruits here and for each case individually.

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  • Russ Rice and Angelina Samson   October 13, 2020

      Highly recommend the online connection with Tata Mundo

    Have you ever wanted a deeper connection to source, a purpose that enhances your life in these unpredictable times, to go and participate in an ayahuasca experience but haven't yet been able to, START RIGHT HERE WITH AN ONLINE CONNECTION WITH Tata Mundo YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!! Spirit has nudged me for quite a while in making a move to something deeper, more purposeful, but life moves one along in this race, where we can simply continue patterns on the cost of time, counting the month's or years with no real acknowledgement of the true inner urges. I sincerely feel honored and grateful having had the opportunity to connect with Tata Mundo. For me it has been the "Initiation", the beginning of the true inner dialogue of intent, precisely listening to this inner urge of wanting change, "needing" a change really, reflecting on the patterns that brought me to this place right here and honestly committing to letting go of needing to control the outcome. THIS HAS BEEN HUGE FOR ME!!! I am grateful to Tata Mundo, for his wisdom, insight and guidance in looking at the vast contrast's of conditioned patterns that we in western society so often are not aware of. Needing answers, contracting our bodies and minds and then wondering why we develop or struggle with dis-ease. Tata Mundo allowed insight into relaxing into the gradual work of intention, not needing to necessarily have the answers to all questions. Rather allowing it to be like a dance, like striving-releasing with Love, not demanding, not defending, believing the moment, trusting more, knowing that we all do our best, now. Tata also allowed the insight that we are truly each other's teachers, and realizing that we continuously learn from each other if we only allow it. This is such a beautiful way in crystallizing pattern's, slowly allowing them to come to the surface, without judgment, accepting the flaws and simply seeing the conditions as seasons of change as nature shows us so well. An inhale and exhale, simply being kind to oneself during this process, training our mind to disappear and allowing Source to surface, while sharing love and compassion in times of uncertainty. I am grateful to Tata Mundo for his wisdom, sincerity and authenticity. May I get the privilege in sharing ceremony with Psychonauta Foundation community in Peru one day. Meanwhile, the dance will continue, knowing that "Life is full of peaks and Valley's learning to find the beauty in both. Love always.

  • Luis solarat   April 23, 2020

      An extraordinary maestro

    Mundo was the biggest surprise of this Dieta. My expectations were very high, I was looking forward to learn from the shipibo wich I did doing the one month but what I was not expecting is to meet this mindblowing individual!! Mundo is a man of big values, with a no bulshitt approach, honesty and he is not after your money selling you fantasies but actually is here to do work with you. He is also one of the most kwnoleadgble persons I've ever met. Listening to him talk about history, shamanism, healing, and life in general is just priceless. After spending a life travelling the world parsipitasing in some of the most amazing rituals worldwide, capturing them in camera and writtings Mundo is here to give back. On his side I learnt so much about shamanism and the whole process of the dieta, about his vision, his playfulness and the art he is able to do in ceremony singing some of the most powerful icaros I've ever listen. Mundo has also a great family that lives in the foundation. This is his house and you can feel how important this is for him and that love is transmuted to us as guests. Seeing him as a father is really inspiring. I did my dieta during the pandemia of coronavirus and Mundo also was able to be a great leader for all of us, holding gthe space and helping us to navigate the reality we lived in. He treated us as family and I will never forget all the things he did for us. I wish he Continues sharing all the gifts he has for a long long time.

  • Ellie Ellie   February 10, 2020

      A mysterious, knowledgable, passionate, interesting and beautiful human being!

    I had the pleasure of attending one of Tata Mundo's 2 month programs at his beautiful retreat. I found him to be one of the most interesting individuals I have ever met. His knowledge about the plants and human psychology was impressive. From the first time he came to speak with me and gave me a lot of wisdom until the day I left, he was always a shoulder of support that I could lean on. He always knew what to say to me to help me be clear in every situation I found myself in, and trust me, there were plenty. For me the best thing about Mundo was his otherworldly presence. I felt a strong connection to him from beyond space and time. Could be delusion, could be the truth... I don't know, but whatever he did during ceremonies, and trust me he did many magical things, it was always deeply felt through all versions of me in every dimension. He is a mysterious spirit, dancing between worlds... I met him in other realities and communicated with him there on a few occasions. He would chant magical things during Ayahuasca nights that were speaking to my soul like I've never experienced it. He helped me to become a team with my ego rather than have my ego sit in the driver's seat. For this, I will always be grateful. Thank you Mundo for guiding me, for the many otherworldly experiences I had during ceremonies with you (some of which I never shared with you, but I will never forget), for creating this beautiful space for my brothers and sisters to come and work with the plants... Thank you for everything. I wish you and the rest of the team nothing but the best. Keep shining beautiful soul!

  • Maria Luna   October 07, 2019

      Life changing experience!!

    The journey I went on during this retreat is one of the hardest, best things I have ever done. Walking in, I thought I knew what my intentions were, but ended up walking out with way more than I could have imagined. Mundo has build an amazing home, where people felt like family. Where I created, cried, played and learned tools that I will be using forever. He was also great at knowing when to be there to help, and when I needed to figure it out on my own. And the Chamans!! Their voices guided me through darkness and opened up things I didn’t even know I had inside of me! I could not be more grateful to him, everyone that took care of us and those who went on the journey by my side!

  • Kimberly Hughes   September 29, 2019

      So grateful!

    this was my first dieta and I can't thank the stars enough for aligning so that I landed with Mundo and his team at the Psychonauta Foundation for it. the center is on a beautiful piece of land with rolling hills and winding trails that allowed me to feel really immersed in the jungle while also protected– as well as very secluded in my own little world (ie, jungle hut), really allowing the proper space for the dieta work to come through strong. as seen in the photos, each hut's "walls" are full screens and I loved being able to connect with the beautiful plants, trees, huge butterflies, many birds, and the abundance of life that the jungle is home to– as well as with the weather patterns and changes of light and dark throughout the day and night– it was really quite special. everything is simple and yet perfectly cozy and comfortable, and there's a spirit of love there that's felt– no doubt planted by all of the lovely souls that have graced the place with their presence– and especially by Mundo and his team. everything was done with great integrity and high standards while also having a sense of lightness and joy. we got to make our own medicine, were held in our processes in sacred container, and sat in very powerful ceremonies! after more than 30, these were some of– if not– the most powerful. Maestras Angela and Matilda and Maestros Felipe (father) and Felipe (son)– as well as Mundo– are all incredible healers, each in really unique ways. I'm forever grateful for my experience in dieta with these sacred plants and this whole crew– and so much is continuing to flow through even now, weeks later. truly transformational. thank you thank you thank you! <3

  • Everita   August 18, 2019

      2 week dieta

    I did the two week dieta at psychonauta retreat camp. I went there with an intention to deal with my alcohol addiction. Time spent in silence, immersed in the nature, away from all everyday distractions, opened up space to work on old, stiff blockages in my mind and body. the combination of the strict diet, limited communication, the submission to the rough jungle environment, and the ceremonies was a very intense healing and self exploration process for me. I started my dieta with a focused one question, one intention, but during the process I got to go so much deeper than that, I got to unveil so many more layers that lie deep in the core of any addiction. My experience in the psychonauta camp was truly amazing. The camp is well organized and beautiful in its roughness, realness and closeness to nature. Organizer and the "soul" of the place Tata Mundo is an incredible host, without unnecessary sweet talk or chit chat, he makes everyone feel at home and creates a safe space for each person's dieta process. The ceremonies were small and intimate, I really liked the spaces where they were held. I am happy and grateful that I had my first ayahuasca ceremonies and my first dieta experiences in this special place.

  • Jessica Melkus   July 21, 2019

      A perfectly held space

    I offer gratitude to Tata Mundo and Psychonauta for providing the time, space, and care to do deep personal work with plant medicines. I got to stay in my own casita away from others, and the emphasis is on personal work rather than group work. While we did come together to chat sometimes, the majority of the time was spent in nature or in casita resting, meditating, or making artwork. With so much time to myself, I really got to notice my mental patterns and discover my own inner teacher while listening to the plant teachers. I felt very safe and taken care of in ceremony. The shamans sing icaros all night long and no one is left behind, and everyone stays together until morning in case someone is needing attention. One note: there is a hike into the campsite from the drop off, so backpacks are much better than suitcases ; )

  • Eva Woodbrook   June 29, 2019


    My time at Psychonauta was life changing. Being immersed in the jungle you are directed inward and given the opportunity to undergo the work you need. The jungle is a master teacher. Along with the Ayahuasca and other plant medicines I learned many profound truths that I will keep with me to guide me in life. The work with the medicine was always with the upmost respect to the plants and Shipibo traditions and in a setting where I felt well cared for and supported by the Psychonauta team.

  • Avalon Cornish   May 30, 2019


    I have deep heart felt gratitude for Mundo and the service he is to us in providing this space for us to heal, he is caring and responsive and works tirelessly to make sure our needs where met during our stay. I also appreciate that he was always available to talk or for any request but being that we where mostly in silence and having time and space to ourselves he allowed us to have all the space and freedom to be alone that we needed Mundo was absolutely part of my medicine by facilitating my Ayahuasca process with incredible song, sometimes to help move something deep and dark within me, other times to make me laugh, the best medicine of all. Mundo is very open to sharing this beautiful sanctuary for as long as we wish to stay. Very hospitable. Thankyou brother Mundo for everything you do.

  • Luca Schmitz   May 25, 2019

      A very Funny and amazing Teacher

    You could tell that he had lots of experience, went around and saw many different places, cultures and people. Hes very straight forward, obviously knows how to handle people, at times serious when needed but also has a very funny side to him. what stuck with me the most was that he commented that they are thinks that can´t be explaint, thought or put in words, but can only be felt with the heart. something that followed me through the weeks and the ceremonies and something i very deeply experienced during those times. Hes very easy going and reminds the people that the world and life is not as hard as we make it to be, but that it can be a place of Joy, we just have to make the right choices. All in all a great Person. If you read This, Mundo, I hope your goals and dreams come true and that you´ll go to far away places to share this great Medizin with many more. love&peace

  • Su Palacios   May 05, 2019

      Ayahuasca session in Pisac

    I'm extremely grateful about the session I had with Mundo and the loving Plant. As always, she answered to my intention in the most powerful way, and the presence of Mundo with his sounds, music and care made it possible. The place where we had the ceremony was perfect; we had the option of having a room to sleep afterwards and the family in charge of the house was really loving and open to receive us. Thanks again Mundo, I will be visiting u again soon ????

  • Andrea Itsuo Della Valle   February 09, 2019

      Ayauascha cerymony

    I want recommend this retreat. I had a cerymony near Pisac and the experience was very good. I appreciated the good energy and intention this cerymony was definitely to help people and not for money. I felt in a group of friends. I hope to do other experience with Tata Mundo. thanks

  • Uffe Vilford Jensen   February 08, 2019

      Authentic and trustworthy

    I was with Mundo for about a month in Peru. I had never met him before, when he picked me up at the airport in Iquitos. We drove to his place around Nauta, in the Amazon Rainforest, and I'm not sure why, but it didn't take long, before I had the feeling that I could trust him. I did a two week master plant dieta in isolation, in my own cabin in the woods, and he took good care of me, came around with food, and guided me back, when I wanted to break the isolation. My master plant was Toe, which many people are afraid of. But I was not afraid to do it with him, and I felt that I connected with Toe, in a good way. But maybe two weeks is a little bit short time, to do a master plant like Toe, at least in my situation. The 4 Ayahuasca ceremonies during the first two weeks were very intense and I experienced so much healing on a personal and emotional level, and it really helped me to get some clarity about my future. But it was hard work to, I remember crying a lot, but also laughing. On the third week, Mundo and his crew taught me and the other 3 participants how to make a proper Ayahuasca brew. We made two very large pots full of Caapi and Shakruna boil on the fire for two days, and enjoyed the ceremonies with our own medicine, and our own songs. There were many different Shipibo shamans, some of them changing for each ceremony, and they all sang beautifully, sometimes two our three at a time, and Mundo was singing with them sometimes, but not their songs, he's got his own very unique style, in which you can truly hear how much he has been travelling around, in different cultures, but also where he comes from. In the last week he took us up into the Andes mountains for a few treks with Wachuma(San Pedro) in some breathtaking and sincerely astonishing landscapes. I am very grateful for everything he showed me and gave to me during my one month retreat with the Psychonauta foundation in Peru. The best things I got out of it came directly from the plants and the spirits, but I am very thankful to Mundo for arranging and setting up the space, and for his insisting on honoring the plants and keeping the diet, for translating some of my questions to the shamans, and so on, and so on. I hope we'll get a chance to meet again..

  • Adam Cybulski   February 08, 2019

      Power of plants and people

    I just finished my diet with Ajo Sacha guided by Mundo and Shipibo masters in Amazon selva and It was the most intense and beautiful experience in my previous life. I never learned so much about myself in just two weeks. I could feel the real magic of Shipibo Shamans and power of plants touched my body and soul. After many many years of struggle with demon sitting on my chest the complacency has finally set in my mind. This is also very beautiful and peaceful place in the middle of the jungle which let me reunite with the nature. First time in my life I was able to really clear my thoughts and body, feel the gasp of the forrest and vibration of mother earth, surrounded by fantastic, wise and selfless people who are always ready to give me an advise and any kind of help. They allowed me to reborn and realize incredible power of creation inside me. Now I got clear vision of my life goals and so much energy I can barely handle :). I'll never find words to say how grateful I am. So don't be scared and leave your doubts, Tata Mundo will hold your hand and never let you down !

  • Barbara Kaniewska   January 26, 2019

      Only with Mundo

    I know Mundo for more than ten years, we were travelling together before he settled in Peru. I finally had a chance to visit his place in the Amazon last year and I was shocked how astonishing it is. We've decided to shoot a documentary about Mundo and his work with plants. We've spent there around two weeks, shooting, recording sounds, talking. We were participating in a series of ceremonies connected to the diet that was happening at the same time. I had a chance for the first time to drink ayahuasca in the Amazon and I knew I can feel safe with Mundo. He introduced me to the plants way back on a different ground and I always felt safe and taken care of. In the jungle the experience was even more incredible. Shipibo singing, the medicine freshly brewed, sounds of the jungle and Mundo who was giving this special rough energy to the whole thing. The food was great, simple and organic. Mundo is a perfect character if you need to talk, he helped me to understand what I was going through plus he can be super entertaining in the way he sees the experience with the medicine. Even though the place is also rough and crude, as jungle is, I consider it as home where I can return.

  • tomasz maka   January 18, 2019


    Tata Mundo I had pleasure to have few ceremonies with Tata Mundo. Amazing character! I really like his approach to singing - experimenting with your own voice. This helped myself a lot to find my own inner voice. The way he works with people makes you feel safe and grounded. I had a chance to work with Mundo when I volunteered in Psychonauta Foundation camp. I learned a lot, hard to describe, priceless! I highly recommend!

  • Cynthia Jurgiel   January 08, 2019

      Thank you All-Ways

    This was definitely one of my best experiences with beautiful aligned , heart-centered beings who serve this medicine. Tata Mundo and Blas show a great respect for the implications of their work: the way they take care of all details during the ceremony , the use of healing sounds , words, attention to every person during their process and even after it, that's something to highlite, for sure. I truly recommend them. The way they work through donations and in a beautiful place with local people sharing their experience with humbleness, respect and patience really touched my hear. and also the sweetness they showed to every being there, another preocious hallmark in this healing field.

  • Sean West   January 06, 2019

      Beautiful safe spaced for serious work.

    Juan Denauta is a caring heartful humble person, bringing years of experience into his ceremonies. I highly recommend his ceremonies for serious seekers.

  • Lotta Lotoska   January 04, 2019

      Go to the Moon with Mundo

    At the times of widespread consumerism in spiritual disguise, I see Tata Mundo as one of the rarest gems, so hard to find. I've attended 2 retreats he facilitated in Peruvian jungle, one in 2015 and the other in 2017. Both were life changing journeys. We were guided by Mundo through the less obvious paths, the hidden places, the local curanderos harder to find and meet. Deep in the jungle, by all means far away from the commercial, easy accessible retreat centers. Our habits and views were put to a sincere test more than once. What was ignited there and then, still lightens my path up. It's not only about how beautifully and respectfully he builds bridges between the local tribes and us, the comers. It's also about all the things you may learn from him. Like respecting the World, living from the heart and with courage. No sugarcoating. With all his life experience, he is like a living container of adventure and wisdom. The journeys we had under his guidance were, just as Mundo is - both rough and compassionate, curious and respectful, humorous and honest. Most of all: authentic. While entering this world so different, under his guidance I felt safe, seen and supported in the process, yet encouraged to step out of my comfort zone. I consider Tata Mundo both a great guide and a great friend, and very probably - one of the most wise and inspiring persons I've ever met. If I needed to get to the end of the World, to the Moon or simply home (whatever it means), I would trust Mundo as my guide!

  • Tomek Jerzy   January 03, 2019

      Life changing Journey

    I went to Amazon jungle twice, Tata Mundo aproached us very professionaly. I had beautifully experiences and the whole trip changed my view to the sourrounding world and my life, I have meet great and openminded people. I would like take this opporrtunity and recommend this particular retreat. My next trip will be with the One and only Tata Mundo. Give Thanks Swiatoslaw.

  • Absolem Il Separatio   January 03, 2019

      Tata Mundo Divine Commandos

    I honestly recommend to anyone that interested to change his Life and be the change our planet need, to have trust and faith in the retreats and ceremonys that Mundo is Guiding. I had the honour to take a part in his holy work and pass transformative event 2 weeks long. I very appreciate his gentle but firm approach, his good heart and pure intention and the patience that Tata has towards his participants. very like his unique transformative sessions in them he combines ancient traditions with modern ways, and find the key to your heart for you to open for the new and upgraded yourself. May you all be blessed with the Spiritual awakening

  • Jelena Mišić   December 24, 2018

      Full moon power

    I had a beautifull experience with Tata Mundo serving Ayahuasca, he was profesional and taked really good care of us. We could't have better or more psychedelic shaman than Tata Mundo. Such a beautifull and wise soul. Good luck with future projects, I will definetly support if I am around!

  • Grzegorz Grzegorz   December 01, 2018

      Great retreat

    I highly recomend Psychonauta. It s a beutiful and authencic space. Mundo is a perfect facilitator. I doesn t interfere in your process and space. Your safe with him and he s there when you need him. Ceremonies are led with respect for a tradition and your individual process. His camp is the right place to go

  • Marta Ligier   November 29, 2018

      Don’t be afraid, go all the way.

    Sometimes we need to escape our comfort zone to discover that we can be truly free and alive! Freedom is a state of no fear. And fear is our biggest enemy, nothing else in the world holds us down and limits us more than this. The solitary of the woods, far away from our daily demons, can liberate us and show us our true face. For me this was a life changing time. Lovely hosts from the Shipibo tribe and Mundo, who is a bridge between the Amazonian wisdom and the western civilization made it happen. Place and people I will always keep in my heart. Nights and days I will never forget. Genuinely and pristine surroundings you can’t find anywhere else. I’m coming back soon!

  • Martin Petrus   November 27, 2018

      Exceptional experience

    Some experiences are good and some are exceptional. Mundo is the best guide I know and it is such a privilege to be spending time with him. He not only leads you through the spiritual journey but also through the mind/body transformation. He knows exactly what you need and will give you no more and no less. Bringing in not only culture from Peru but also all the influences from the vast travels as well as mixing in Slavic roots inspirations.

  • Marek Majewski   November 27, 2018

      Tata Mundo - the best

    Amazonia to moje młodzieńcze jeszcze marzenie o podróży do dziewiczych drzewostanów w dorzeczu potężnej Amazonki, Ukajali i Maranion. Marzenie o dżungli zamieszkałej przez Indian, żyjących w zgodzie i szacunkiem dla praw natury. Dopiero jednak jako starszy już człowiek, dzięki Psychonauta Ravel w 2017 roku trafiłem do zielonych „płuc ziemi”. Otrzymałem szansę mieszkania w osadzie zbudowanej przez Shipibo i poznania ich życia w symbiozie z przyrodą. Miejsce mojego pobytu z chatami pokrytymi liśćmi palmowymi, osłoniętymi moskitierami oczarowało mnie totalnie. Osada Światka jest położona na wzgórzu, ze strumieniem poniżej, otoczona ścianą drzew i krzewów tak pięknych, że trudno sobie wyobrazić. Zarówno w dzień jak i w nocy dżungla żyje swoim rytmem. Odgłosy tego życia to jedna, wielka symfonia różnorodnych dźwięków. Dźwięków kojących duszę, dźwięków naturalnego życia roślin i zwierząt. Przez cały czas czułem się częścią tego wielkiego organizmu. Dzięki Światkowi miałem okazję zobaczyć oraz poznać rośliny, zwierzęta, ludzi jakże innych od naszego europejskiego świata. Pływaliśmy łodzią po dwóch potężnych rzekach Ukajali i Maranion oglądając delfiny słodkowodne. Wędrowaliśmy wydeptanymi przez indian ścieżkami, pokonywaliśmy mokradła, strumienie, wzgórza i doliny. Spaliśmy w parku narodowym Contamana, podziwiając 50 metrowy wodospad i gorące źródła. Mieszkaliśmy dwa dni w cudownej oazie Huacachina na pustyni, jeżdżąc crossoverami i na deskach snowbordowych z wysokich wydm. Poznaliśmy prawdziwe, niereżyserowane życie Shipibo oraz Peruwiańczyków w osadach, miastach i na targowiskach. Jedliśmy warzywa, owoce i ryby prosto z puszczy, przygotowywane przez tubylców na ich sposób. Leczyłem ciało i duszę według diety i medycyny szamanów Shipibo. Urok Amazonii i Peru, doskonała organizacja i program Psychonauta Travel zachęcił mnie do ponownego wyjazdu w 2018 roku. Tym razem po diecie i medycynie Shipibo w osadzie Światka udaliśmy się w Andy. Mieszkając u gościnnego Inki Santiago wędrowaliśmy wysokogórskmi szlakami podziwiając dawne warownie Inków położone wzdłuż Sacred Valley. Spaliśmy w namiotach w górach, dolinach i na przełęczach, kąpaliśmy się w lodowatej wodzie jeziora i pod wodospadem w wysokich górach. Zwiedziliśmy architektoniczne cuda cywilizacji Inków w Machu Pichu, Cusco, Pisac. Była to moja druga niesamowita i magiczna podróż do Peru. Dzisiaj mogę powiedzieć, że dzięki Psychonauta Tavel i Światkowi byłem na dwóch wyprawach życia.

  • Paweł Krzemiński   October 17, 2018

      Big Mundo

    To anyone who, with the help of Peru, would like to take a trip inside yourself - do it with Mundo. He ran me for three weeks. We were in different situations, in the jungle, in the mountains, in the sun, in the rain, in the ceremonies ... I came back all and sooo happy. It will not be an easy journey, it does not have to be nice but: A). You are safe. Mundo will take care or everything B). You have support, answer to every question, help and friendship. C). You have a lot of space. Your freedom and personality will not be tied to anything. Grow in the direction you need. And what else to write here? Go to Peru, go with Mundo. Do każdego, kto przy pomocy Peru, chciałby wybrać się w podróż do środka siebie – zrób to z Mundo. Prowadził mnie przez 3 tygodnie. Byliśmy w różnych sytuacjach, w dżungli, w górach, w słońcu, w deszczu, w ceremoniach… wróciłem cały i baaardzo zadowolony. To nie będzie łatwa podróż, nie musi być miła ale: A). Jesteś bezpieczny B). Masz wsparcie, odpowiedź na każde pytanie, pomoc i przyjaźń. C). Masz mnóstwo przestrzeni. Twoja wolność i osobowość niczym nie będą skrępowane. Rośnij w takim kierunku jak potrzebujesz. I cóż tu więcej pisać. Jedź do Peru, jedź z Mundo. To anyone who, with the help of Peru, would like to take a trip inside yourself - do it with Mundo. He ran me for three weeks. We were in different situations, in the jungle, in the mountains, in the sun, in the rain, in the ceremonies ... I came back all and sooo happy. It will not be an easy journey, it does not have to be nice but: A). You are safe. Mundo will take care or everything B). You have support, answer to every question, help and friendship. C). You have a lot of space. Your freedom and personality will not be tied to anything. Grow in the direction you need. And what else to write here? Go to Peru, go with Mundo.


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