Maestra Matilda

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About The Teacher

Matilda has a lot of experience working with women, and is usually really appreciated by female guests. Our maestra does not wear fancy feather crown, nor white turban. She gives no long motivational speeches, does not boast how big she is and how wrong the others. It is not in the words, but in smile, not in answers from the mind, but in melody and vibration from the heart, in games of little girl, in jokes and joy of being and living we dwell, share, and grow. 

"..her singing, when it finally kicked off, great stuff, very feminine, melodious, harmonious, bringing peace and healing, what we needed after roughness of the jungle base and some spiritually sick people that affected us in last weeks. My partner was delighted, saying Matilda was best so far on this journey, so I guess she can be especially recommended for women, looking for care and softness.."

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  • Linoy Sana Raichman   February 19, 2019

      Beautiful Embodyment of the medicine.

    Maestra Matilda is amazing shaman. I never worked with a woman shaman in the plant medicine world before, and working with her was a whole new world of medicine embodyment and connection to the feminine energy of mother nature. I'm in deep gratitude for working with Matilda and hope to come back one day for another journey with her!

  • Diana Wadolowska   November 12, 2018

      Trust Matilda

    Beautiful soul with so much love in her heart! I did 3 ceremonies with Matilda, one was private. Although it was a hard process, it was the most powerful ceremony in my life. She knows what she is doing, you can really feel the healing process. Just let go, trust this person and everything will be good.

  • Bart Gumowski   November 03, 2018

      Couldn't be more happy she was my first shaman

    I have experienced 2 ceremonies with Mathilda and her daughter. As for everybody it's hard to explain in detail what happened, long story short, I believe this experience will stay with me for the rest of my life. Can't wait to come back to the Psychonauta healing centre who together with Mathilda created fantastic environment for my first experience with Ayahuasca!

  • Tania Skryhanava   October 31, 2018

      Mother Earth

    I smile any time she comes to my mind. So many warm memories.. A small woman with an infinite soul. It seems there is a place for everyone in her heart like in the heart of our big mom Earth. Strong and tender, wide and cozy, a kid and an elder. My soul flyed open immediately next to her without any reflection. I know, you'll not read it, but I'm so grateful for your mother's care, energy and strength, you gave me, dear maestra Matilda. I'll keep this beautiful memories as long as I only can. Smiling to you. Lots of hugs.

  • Ahna Aine   October 16, 2018

      Dieting with bobinsana

    I have spent two weeks in the jungle with this amazing healer. Her powerful icaroses were extremely helpful over ayahausca ceremony. I decided to participate in whole process because I was having anexiety and depression symptoms. As a Psychologist I'm aware of the fact that amazonian medicine can heal psyche, but without a curandero ( whos role is actually being a therapist during the journey) no tool would be helpful.


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