Levi Barker | Bwiti Iboga Provider at Iboga Wellness Center

About The Teacher

Levi Barker is a Bwiti trained iboga provider under the blessing of Moughenda Mikala a 10th generation Bwiti shaman from Gabon Africa. Levi has been an iboga provider at Iboga Wellness center for over 3 years.

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  • ZG   September 12, 2019

      Levi Barker should NOT be an iboga provider

    Background: I came to Costa Rica to take Iboga for myself (to cure my depression) and my mother stayed in a nearby hotel for support; however, she was not supposed to be involved in the retreat at all. After the second Iboga ceremony, I started having delusions, and Levi Barker let me leave the Iboga Wellness Center (days before the retreat was over) in a delusional state to accompany my mother at her hotel, although she begged them to let me stay for the duration of the retreat because she didn't know how to handle my delusions. Once I went to the hotel with her, because of my delusions/hallucinations I started choking her and could have killed her. Thankfully, this happened in the lobby of the hotel where security guards pulled me off of her. As my delusions worsened, my family asked if I could return to the wellness center and Levi said no because it was his day off. Finally, I became violent again and was going to be sent to a Costa Rican hospital unfamiliar with iboga. When Levi found out about this, they finally let me come back and receive medical care from a doctor who they are connected to who knows how to treat iboga patients. After I received this doctor's medical care, I started coming back to reality. Why Levi didn't call this doctor initially when my delusions were happening instead of just letting me leave is something I will never be able to understand. Finally, I told Levi that when I was mentally sober, I would send him an email with suggestions on how this doesn't happen again. He apologized and agreed to read my email/make adjustments. However, when I sent the email, he never responded. He also excluded me from a group email which had all of the integration coach contact information. His excuse was that I wasn't mentally sober yet to receive the group email. This is after I had already been at home for about a week and was sending him multiple messages related to how I could integrate my experience. So, I was fully settled in. Also he could've included me in the group email anyway, and I would've just looked at it when I was ready. I feel that he didn't want me to get the group email because it advises you to write reviews (I believe that he wanted to keep how he handled me a secret). In my opinion, he doesn't truly care about healing people or is just incapable of it. He treated me horribly during my delusions and horribly once I came home (by excluding me from the group and then ignoring my email). He should not be an iboga provider , at all. And, I'm afraid that his negligence can result in dangerous situations...even deaths.

  • Judy Wang   July 14, 2019

      Real deal

    Levi was my first point of contact with IWC. The quickness and openness with which he answered my questions put me at ease about working with a new organization. Upon meeting him, my impression was that he has done a tremendous amount of work on himself. Preternaturally calm and gracious, he is extraordinarily in tune with others’ well-being. He really wants his guests to not worry and to focus on their healing. I could bring up any concerns without feeling judged; his sincerity and diverse experiences make his advice easy to take. The kind of sensitivity he devotes to the people under his care is reflected in tender gestures like laying down tissue paper on a surface before setting down pristine clothes for the spiritual shower. While simple, his personal touch truly animates the ceremony’s symbolic narrative of clearing the old and welcoming the new. It is precisely this kind of thoughtfulness that adds a deeper layer of meaning to any ceremony. The spirit of Iboga runs strongly in him, and those that feel called to the medicine can be assured that in him they would find an authentic spirit guide. Levi is passionate about the Bwiti tradition and clearly wants to share that passion with others. If you find yourself sitting with him one day, be sure to ask him to play the Bwiti mouth bow.

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