April Austin

About The Teacher

A big believer that the world needs each of us to be who we truly are, SoulWork teacher and Integral Coach® April Austin loves seeing the beauty and potential of each person’s soul. She specializes in helping people discover and develop the inner riches of their own unique and authentic self. Through Soul Nourish Soul School, through coaching individuals and small groups, and in teaching the Enneagram, her goal is always to help each person cultivate ways of living that are most nourishing and true for themselves so that their soul can always shine forth.

April brings an acceptance, warmth, and humor that helps make SoulWork, and all inner matters, more accessible and down-to-earth. She has a strong dedication to honoring each person’s individuality as they work collaboratively with her to form a path that will truly serve them. Honest about her own struggles and foibles, April models self-acceptance in a way that inspires others to cultivate self love as well.

April’s rigorous training through New Ventures West and extensive Enneagram learning through The Enneagram Institute combine with the first-hand experience of her own inner processes of healing and growth to create a very grounded and practical approach to integrating soul work with daily life. Along the way she loves to witness people finding freedom, joy, peace, and satisfaction that they didn’t know was possible before.

When she isn’t coaching, writing, or teaching SoulWork, April can most often be found with her husband and sweetie-pie, Mark, having long conversations or taking in a movie together. Based in hilly Cary, North Carolina, April loves walking in the sunshine and watching “critters” of all kinds.



Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 3.32.47 PMAt first, we take a big step just to make soulwork be one part of our lives. Over time, a shift naturally occurs so that everything in our lives becomes part of our soulwork. This shift creates a profound change in the way we experience our world. The processes of soulwork and life integration and inclusion—for me these hold a lot of love.

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