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Having studied diverse religions, psychological and spiritual development practices for over two decades, and worked with some of the most influential psychological and spiritual leaders based in the USA, the Middle East, Far East and Europe, Susie Anthony has become an established personal development  and human potential mentor in her own right.


Her work as a teacher and mentor to tens of thousands of students (often unpaid as part of her philanthropic drive) has allowed her to develop the Super HERO Code.


The Code is a map to personal development which allows individuals to identify and understand where they are on their own personal development journey. It helps people to identify the challenges they are facing, and provides all the tools to face and cope with these. It reveals how to understand what the next steps are before they unfold in real life. It’s totally unique. It’s genius has attracted attention the world over. The greater efficacy of The Code personal development mentoring programme stems from its ability to bring an awakening to spirituality in all, regardless to the individual’s beliefs, religion or spiritual practice (or lack thereof).

In the last 30 years, Susie’s diverse experiences working with world renowned spiritual leaders and elite business leaders, including working directly with the world’s 5th richest man, Takahashi Harunori in Japan, have empowered her with the ability to not only build a business around the Super HERO Code, but also to ensure it is endorsed and supported by influential figureheads, philanthropists and powerful opinion-formers worldwide. To support her building this business, she is advised by Raul Alvarado, CEO, Accenture, a $28bn corporation, and Dylan Bourguignon, a Harvard MBA who has worked among the UK’s leading strategy consultants and private equity investment organisations. 


Susie is a highly experienced operator on both sides of the pond, having ran her own award winning events, and her own holistic day spa and Manor House Retreat Centre on 7 acres in the UK. Formerly she was selected to head up an International Healing Outreach spanning over 29 countries for USA top author/psychologist Dr Joshua Stone's Foundation in Los Angeles. She led meditations and attunements at Dr Stone’s worldwide events of over 2,000 people in one auditorium.

The Super HERO Code teachings have been applied through Susie's work for the past 25 years, mentoring people from all walks of life and all ages, from the homeless and destitute to pillars of society, monarchy, heads of billion dollar corporations, commissioners of police, heads of government agencies, MP’s and the famous.

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  • Zoisa Holder   November 07, 2018

      Retreat with Susie Anthony

    In a world where life is busy hectic and quick o stopped and took the time to reach out to Susie for help. Just that one acts takes courage bit that one small step reaching out had huge repercussions. I learned more about myself, my patterns of behaviour and how they can assist or stop me, learning how to create change and make it long lasting. Susie walls her talk, guides with love and power from experiencing and a big heart. My heart is open and I know it because I feel it rather than think it. Definitely I would recommend a retreat, miracles do happen it starts by reaching out and asking for help so go ahead and reach out to Susie.

  • Judy Mazsa   November 04, 2018

      Authenticity, power and transformation

    My first retreat with Susie was the beginning of the most significant transformation of my life. Before arriving, I dreamt I was giving birth to bats - a symbol of rebirth - and rebirth is exactly what happened to me! I had photos of myself before and after retreat, and I looked 10 years younger after that week! What I loved about the retreat was that Susie lead with such authenticity, sharing her story of breakdown to breakthrough, and this gave us all permission to do the same. I shared addictions and habits I hadn't told anyone, and Susie guided me about why I was addicted and how to overcome those addictions. When each of us shared in group, we all felt honoured, loved and respected and as each of us broke down, Susie guided us to recognise the gift of our suffering. We learnt about energy mastery on a personal and global scale, and I was riveted - Susie was the first teacher I had met who taught me the 'how to' of transformation, all other teachers had not achieved this and I had always left a little lost and disheartened on past courses, but on her retreat, I felt alive, inspired and like I had finally found someone who authentically walked their talk - it was electric! I realised how dead I had felt until that week - I had to force myself to get up each day and go to work, I ran from the world whenever I felt overwhelmed. I was afraid, angry, aggressive, a victim, doormat, co-dependent, afraid of intimacy, aloof - the list goes on, and that week was when I began to change those less than optimal behaviours to ones that created a life of peace, satisfaction, self love and respect, giving, nurturing, we-thinking and fulfilment. I realised by the end of the week that I hadn't had many loving thoughts about anything or anyone including myself, but I began to learn how to authentically love through your example. Then of course there was the incredibly powerful energy work Susie created and lead - that gave each of us the Divine support we needed to breakthrough. I also loved the 'we-thinking' community expectations on each of the participants - we helped to prepare, tidy up, clear and clean our healing space and that felt so rewarding and important. If anyone is thinking of joining Susie's retreat, sign up now!!! Words cannot express what an incredible difference it made to my life - essentially Susie's work saved my life. I am now doing what I love every single day and I am the most peaceful I have every been thanks to everything Susie taught me!

  • Julie Gray   November 04, 2018

      Best decision ever

    I'm a very private person so my review is very generic. However suffice to say it was the best decision to attend ive ever made. Susie is a powerful healer and instrumental to self awareness and development and for that im truly grateful. Don't just think it.... Do it. Life changing stuff x

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I want to deepen my meditation. Jackie

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