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AYAHUASCA  AFTERGLOW MASTERMIND integrates ceremony, science, mindfulness and personal success.

I am a practitioner of Tibetan-Buddhist and Hindu meditations and a scholar of religious, psychological and philosophical texts. 

During my first Ayahuasca ceremony in 2013 I did not experience many of the acute effects of Ayahuasca, but was very impressed by the post-acute flexibility in my thinking patterns and the overall beneficial long term effects it caused in me and others. The positive impact Ayahuasca had on my personal and professional development was not only measurable but repeatable. 

I felt the need to fully understand how Ayahuasca works on the physical and psychological level. I studied scientific research papers about Ayahuasca, actively participated in ceremonies and experimented micro-dosing Ayahuasca. 

Ayahuasca is very well researched in countries where it can be accessed legally, such as Brazil and has proven to be a very promising field of studies. The many findings are hard to be overlooked and some are nothing short of astounding. From healing depression, trauma and addiction to promoting mindfulness, creativity and neurogenesis in the brain. 

As fascinating as the Science is, very little scientific knowledge is known to practitioners, shamans and gurus alike. There are many superstitions about Ayahuasca and even some common misconceptions, that can turn out very problematic for certain individuals, such as unnecessarily strict diets in preparation, unnecessary add-mixtures to the brew or simply over-dosages.

I came to the conclusion, that in order to make the Ayahuasca experience as beneficial as possible, it must not only be taken in a safe environment, with the right context, free from misconceptions and superstitions, but the emphasis should be more on the so-called "afterglow" of Ayahuasca rather than the ceremony.

If you are interested in our Mastermind, get in touch via Email: greinerconnect@gmail.com - or on Whatsapp: +5511959217277 - We speak German, English and Portuguese and are happy to answer any questions regarding our mastermind.

CMO @ Julitec - divergenthinking

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  • Uwe Greiner   January 11, 2019

      Daniels introduction to Ayahuasca

    Daniel gave me good introduction to the character and different possibilities to use Ayahuasca. I learned that a religious approach is possible, as well as a pure scientific approach. The ceremonial settings may help to concentrate on the experience. Daniel guided me through a session. I took the scientific approach by asking for a solution of a certain personal question and found it. Uwe

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