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Mikis Hasson was born in Greece. After spending a life of trying to gain acceptance through business, creating a family and various achievements, his cozy life was demolished in 2002 through serious life threatening illness, divorce and financial collapse. After a period of deep, suicidal clinical depression he decided to live and dedicate some time to his growth, disengaged himself from his workaholic business interests and started a sabbatical to explore the world, both inside and outside.To the surprise of his cynical, analytical mind he suspiciously encountered Shamanism through Dr. Alberto Villoldo and the Four Winds’ Light Body School, a program of workshops designed to teach and familiarize westerners to the wisdom and practices of indigenous Earth traditions and Shamanism in a palatable and understandable way. 

His sabbatical extended from one year to practically permanent and after completing the Light Body School started traveling extensively through the Americas delving ever deeper into the study of ancient and contemporary spiritual practices. He studied with many wise men, shamans and sages, learning tools such as Soul Retrieval, Shamanic ceremony and healing, Yin and Yang, guided voyages and learned about medicine plants, seeking knowledge and light. In the process he lived amazing, magnificent adventures and healed childhood wounds and family relationships, becoming a very very happy man.He was one of the initial dreamers of the Mythic Voyage and the founder of TierraMítica as well as the main guide and leader of the Mythic Voyage.

 Through his search for knowledge and understanding of the human psyche and the magic of the universe, as well as his extensive experience, he has developed clear, practical ways to assist people in navigating the Ayahuasca experience so that specific barriers are broken down, specific questions or dilemmas are resolved. His work on human nature proves conclusively that our divinity is actually in our humanity, and that every single thought and emotion we have is the result of an intricate web of universal and personal truths, a belief system designed for safety and protection from emotional or physical hardship rather than happiness, greatness and adventure. 

Furthermore, he found overwhelming proof that any disagreable or painful emotion or thought is the result of a paradox: believing two or more contradictory things at the same time.He provides clear and precise sets of practices, for those who want them, that mathematically lead participants into creating through their personal art a new belief system that serves their happiness, pride and open heart. A belief system encompassing the serenity, the peace and the trust in that everything, absolutely everything around us and everything that we are, is exactly, deliciously as it should be. And he repeatedly proves it in every single Mythic Voyage beyond any doubt to anyone who completes it. 

The practices he teaches are not of the kind that say ´do that for 40 years and you might get something at the end or in another life¨ but real, practical paths to things like enlightenment, understanding the soul and our role in the universe woven seamlessly into beautiful, creative lives.His book ¨A Mythic Voyage¨, his journey of discovery for the holy grail, sustainable, easy happiness, will be published soon.

Tags: ayahuasca retreat shamanic journeys soul retrieval

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  • stuart pridham   November 11, 2017


    The owner of Tierra Mitica is an overbearing bully who displays not slightest sign of respect, kindness, empathy or compassion for anyone. He presents a series of ideas but permits no discussion of those ideas at any time. He claims to be a happy man but quickly becomes agitated and aggressive if anyone does not agree with him or attempts to point out the deficiencies in what he says. Anyone attending this course would be well advised to read about Narcissistic Personality Disorders and cult formation before they attend. Better yet... stay away.


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