Sarah A. Sherman

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About The Teacher

Medicine Holder.  Servant of the Great Spirit.

The gift of love, unconditional love is the way I lead my life.  In it's experience in my own life and a gift that I can share with others.  My walk through life with the Creator of all that is has taken me on a deep journey transforming pain and bring it into the light to experience profound shifts and deep healings.

Sacred plants medicines first reached out to me in dreams and I followed the calling.  I have never felt the intelligent loving embrace like I have with my experiences with ayahuasca.  To me she is a mother who profoundly loves you and can hold you in those painful places that no person can reach.  I love working with people who have fear about medicine or have had challenging experiences seeking someone who holds this medicine in a profoundly sacred way with great reverence and service to others.  When I first sat with the medicine I feel like I had finally come home.

It is my honor to share what the plant and my Maestros and instructors have blessed me to do.  All of my life I have been connected to the unseen realms seeing what most people do not perceive.  My hands hold a gift of healing that many people have experienced through my work here: (contact info blocked).

I have a successful background in the professional world being a rule breaker, a concept changer and being profoundly abundant.  What that has gifted me with is the ability to be conscious and present in both worlds.  Being grounded while transforming trauma as well as directing the transformation into positive behaviors so we can be more present and living our lives.  

I am looking forward to meeting you.  Hopefully sharing with you the kind of love that is so simple that a child can understand.

With Love,


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  • Hagit aaronsohn   February 06, 2019

      Benevolent and beautiful medicine woman

    I had an intimate 1x1 session with Sarah. I felt very safe with her, that she has a lot of experience and really knows what she's doing. The way she prays is very powerful and really inspiring and nurturing. I really felt her unique gift of healing, her love, and total acceptance of me, and felt very secure to go through some deep process in the space she had opened. Besides that she's a very generous host, she's very warm and very wise, with many interesting and funny stories. Ah, and on top of everything, she made me an amazing vegan breakfast!

  • 2-Braid Featherhawk   February 02, 2019

      Open hearts and open spaces.

    When I met Sarah she didn't see my flaws she only saw my potential. She opens space for individuals and goes above and beyond to bring comfort. With her incredible backstory and ability to relate, she's able to connect without judgment. Her presence is very motherly and giving. She walks a path of pure intention and invites you to walk it with her. Bringing complete strangers into her home and into her thoughts, she makes her space your space and you are safe in her presence.

  • Yonatan estrella   February 02, 2019

      Talks, energy and medicine healing with Sarah

    Sarah is a wise, experienced and dedicated mentor and healer. Her passionate quest involves heart, intellect, touch and action that combine into her true ability as a facilitator of healing, learning, relief and transformation. Sarah had inspired me, and brought useful tools and good faith into my life. Some of her words still change my perspective very positively months after meeting her. I trust that Sarah's talent and her sincere, down to earth, will to help, can be of great help to many.

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