Rebecca Bauer

About The Teacher

After graduating with a Fine Art degree from the University of Colorado, Rebecca decided to travel and lived and taught English in Japan for two years. Then, she explored India on her own for six months. The shocking contrast between Japan and India created a lasting effect that affects her outlook on life and her work, even today. While Japan was calm, cool, simple and refined; India was bright, bold, colorful, shocking and very raw. She has found that when we can find harmony between the rational, cool mind with the passionate, wild emotions, there is a pure magic that happens. 

After India, Rebecca lived in an ashram in Canada learned to love cooking, serving others, and the amazing benefits of living in community. She is deeply drawn to Eastern spiritual traditions, yoga and meditation. She has done a number of silent retreats, studied with several enlightened Masters, and found the Gift of Stillness that is the Source of Inspiration within herself. Creativity for her, is an exploration into the inner workings of the mind and a journey into deeper Self Awareness. 

Rebecca also spent a year in New Zealand and again enjoying helping others, while working with adults with disabilities. When she returned home, she volunteered at many different homeless shelters and taught mediation and art classes to at-risk children and battered women. She found that despite the harshest of circumstances, art and mediation can bring peace and hope.

 Rebecca feels that creative energy is a powerful force that must be expressed. When it is not, depression, anger and even physical illnesses and pain can be the results of not allowing the creative energy to move though us. Rebecca knows the joy of creative self-expression but she also knows the pain of its blocks. Today, she deeply wants to help others learn to find their inspiration and creative freedom and greater Self Awareness, through her retreats and classes.

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Embodied realization. Kaycie

Retreat Guru's Vision

We believe human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present. Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.