About The Teacher

ININ NINI is a mystic and medicine woman from North who works as a Soul Guide and healer. ININ is a well-known voice in Latvia, who talks about the plant medicine, shamanism and mystical path of the Soul. Her knowledge comes from deep learnings with one of the greatest cantadoras (storytellers) and Jung analysts of our times – Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes (author of the book “Women who run with the Wolves”). As well as from the Dreamwork studies with her teacher Robert Moss and deep learnings at Mystic School that gave her initiation to guide Souls on their Life Path through most important passages of their lives.

ININ NINI is a part of the world traveling healer family TAITA INTI. Her initiation as a shaman healer comes from Shipibo plant healer tradition in Amazon. In Latvia, she works with her M O O N L I G H T tribe to bring healing and change in peoples hearts, minds, and society.

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  • Juan Carlos Dunick   March 07, 2019

      Love with conviction

    Oh Ines, such a beauty this confident woman is. I found myself constantly being stuck in a daze admiring Ines doing her thing. I saw Ines for the first time online over a facebook live talk. Through the screen I could already feel a connection with what she was saying to my heart. Later I meet Ines at a Dieta in Peru. You know how the say everything is better in real life? Well Ines does not dissapoint haha! For me this powerful woman I would describe in 2 ways. 1 - Total expression of Love and what I wish to be similar to. 2 - Honesty with conviction. It is clear that every action and method Ines makes is conscious and with intent. I once asked her how it was possible that she was moving in such a constant state of awareness, to which she told me that everyday with nearly every small step she chooses the light... HOW COULD YOU NOT TRUST AND LOVE THIS! With the honesty and conviction I say this as when Ines looks at you she is fully present. She looks direct into your eyes and past them. For myself I got the feeling that she saw everything of who I was. It was scary and brought much conviction to me. As our time progressed and I cleaned out the garbage so to speak I was able to connect to her spirit of love. I can not thank her enough for being who she is... She was my mirror, my example, a light in my ocean for which I would strive to reach. Thank you Ines for your love. I wish so badly for your reach to extend so vastly that I am once again part of it hehe

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