Don Gino Chaka Runa

About The Teacher

Maestro Don Gino, is a man of great knowledge regarding Consciousness and working with Master Plants from The Peruvian Amazon. He comes from the lineage of The Incas and his grandfather was a Curandero or Yatiri which means Healer of the Soul Body and Mind, from Puno The Highlands of Peru. Don Gino was initiated in this knowledge in his youth in this Antique and Unique Knowledge of the Andean Cosmovision of the Three Worlds, The Hanan Pacha or Higher World ruled by the Kuntur, The Kay Pacha or this World ruled by the Puma, and Uthu Pacha orUnderworld, ruled by the Snake, all this through his Old Grandfather, who only spoke Quechua and who died at the age of 100. Later, Maestro Gino, felt the call of the Amazon, and did the ancient shamanic tradition of the Dietas with the Master Plant Ayahuasca, in Munay in Pucalpa with Don José Campos, who took him under his protection for many years, until he could fly on his own, which is currently doing in Europe for the third year in a row, with many people being transformed and deeply healed during his Ritual. He belongs to the Mestizo line of teachers, starting with Don Solón Tello, renowned teacher of Iquitos Peru, Don Wilfredo Hojanama, both already approved, Don José Campos and others. Don Gino is a Mestizo Shaman already older than 60, who works with his very personal approach based on the Shipibo, Mestizo, and Andean rituals. He works with ancient healing instruments such as the ancient Master Mapacho Tobacco that brings masculine energy to his rituals and it is used for powerful protection, healing, and cleaning; and he works with the old female Healer, the Chakapa; humble leaves, which deeply heal your body, your space, your aura, your etheric body, and open your crown Chakra. He also works with the magic of Agua Florida, Male, and Female, as in the Andes, creating a powerful spiritual protection field, so the participants work safely and protected from external energies. He does his work in Pucalpa, the Amazon, Lima, Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru, and twice a year takes his rituals to Europe and other countries, and this year 2018 for the first time he visits Mexico. He does his work with unconditional love, conscience, honesty, humbleness, respect, and passion. Mariri

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