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SHAMAN, PRACTITIONER OF ANCESTRAL MEDICINE "As a doctor in ancestral medicine, I believe language goes beyond an alphabet. All beings on this planet: plants, stones, animals, as well as the universe and the stars, sing and transmit sounds that some ears have forgotten how to hear. When you learn to feel this sacred language, you can participate with it." Alejandro is originally from the Cauca region of Colombia where he has been learning through Ayahuasca since he was born. He comes from a lineage of medicine men/shamans on his paternal side, and his grandfather was a curandero, using traditional medicinal plants to treat illness, of the physical, emotional and spiritual nature. He was initially invited to Ecuador as part of a research study on Pasto symbology with the ethnohistoric museum, Mindalae. During this time, he held a few ayahuasca retreats, and was invited to represent the indigenous community where Alma Healing Center is now based. Alejandro is a recognized practitioner of ancestral medicine certified by the Indigenous Government of Colombia and UNESCO. He has worked among the Cofán and Siona people, and is now leading ceremonies among a Kichwa indigenous community in Ecuador.

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  • Timothy Babbitt   February 02, 2020

      Super-Highly-Recommend Alejandro!

    Alejandro’s deep knowledge of plant medicine, spirituality, consciousness, and the human condition in general is beyond impressive. At one Ayahuasca ceremony, during a difficult moment, Alejandro performed an incredibly intricate cleansing on me that was indescribable, but left me wondering how many lifetimes one would need to live to have gained so much wisdom. Alejandro is a very special, caring, and unique shaman. He also has a great sense of humor!

  • Miriam Hinthorn   September 07, 2019

      Authentic, patient, and inspiring guide - highly recommend

    I recently had my first Kambo and Ayahuasca ceremonies through Alma Healing Center and cannot overstate how blessed I feel to have had Alejandro as my guide. Alejandro was able to intuitively sense a lot of what I was going through during all five ceremonies that we did together, and he gave me the exact support and guidance I needed while allowing me to handle what I needed to handle on my own. He also used his remarkable storytelling skills to teach me and the other guests about the history of sacred plant medicine and their place in the modern world. In addition to being such a skilled and experienced shaman, Alejandro has an inspiring, practical, and beautiful outlook on life, loads of patience, and a great sense of humor. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who wants an authentic and meaningful plant medicine experience.

  • Ana   July 22, 2019

      A true teacher and guide

    Alejandro is one of the most knowledgable healers I have met. He is able to explain not only the indigenous cosmology behind the medicine but also the chemistry/science behind it. When Alejandro leads ceremonies, he always makes people feel welcomed no matter who they are. That meant a lot to me as a queer latina because I felt seen and my life experiences were welcomed. He answers any questions anyone might have, from the simplest to the more emotional or profound that come up during the retreats. Most importantly though, he creates a safe environment for the ceremonies and where making sure people's well being is the first priority.

  • Sandra ten Zijthoff   July 22, 2019

      Wonderful person, trustworthy shaman

    When I first met Alejandro I thought he looked a bit young to be a shaman, but as I spent time with him during the retreat and he began sharing stories about plants, ayahuasca, and life, I was blown away at his knowledge and wisdom. He's a very authentic person and quickly makes you trust him as well as ayahuasca and the whole experience. He can tell you every detail about the scientific side of the plant and its effects, as well as the spiritual side. During the ceremonies at night, you feel like he's always aware of what's going on. If you need him, he rushes to help you, but he also knows how to give you the space to meditate and experience the medicine. Near the end of the ceremonies he sings many songs and though I didn't understand all of it, it touched my soul. I don't know if I would ever want to experience ayahuasca with anyone else, to be honest, as long as I know I can come here and have a shaman like Alejandro.

  • Darina Onoprienko   March 12, 2019

      Very supportive and inspiring person, Alejandro

    I'm extremelly thankful to Alejandro for my unique experience during 4 days trip to Puyo. Alejandro is an amazing, extremelly talented individual and a warm-hearted person. First of all, he is extremelly professional when it comes to ayahuasca ceremony, and medicinal plants. His guidance is very valuable and supporting. During the night you might experience different states, some might scare you or make you panic. Alejandro is very inclusive, very gentle; a different kind of shaman. During the ceremony he will definitely step in if you need support and spend as much time as needed to calm you down. I felt very safe and taken care of. Second, I think, being a shaman for him means living a life of thuth and play and enjoy every moment. It's amazing to see it. And to know that it all can work this way, that simple. This was one of the best learnings I took with me from from Puyo.


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