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My name is Sandra Lagerweij and I organize various ceremonies with a great team of professionals. For me Psychedelics has completely changed my life. In every sense. A few years ago I started to get all sorts of physical complaints. After many investigations I got the chronic bowel disease Crohn and a muscle disease Spondilartropathie. My life and that of my family fell into staves. Several doctors, multiple surgeries and many medications couldn't make me "better" and it went downhill with me and my health. I had no idea who I was, where I was, I had lost myself completely and found myself not so nice anymore.

Since I had a lot of side effects of the medication, I started to delve into the alternative world in all these years. I was seized by this and I started to do several courses to find myself and learn a lot from it. These beautiful courses including aromatherapy, Ayurveda, herbal leather, Moxa therapy, ear therapy, color therapy, acupressure and various Oriental and holistic massages have led me to start my own PurSan Institute in 2007. An institute for "outward Beauty and inner strength."

Where only natural products work, because entrepreneurship does PurSan neatly, with respect for people and the environment.

Unfortunately, there is a negative cover in my life and I get lost by the death of my father, my best friend, my sister in the same year and a divorce.
I tried to survive, but my body no longer works with it..... Help!! I go through, also because my daughter Demi works with me and when I omval, she falls with it. I do not want to lose myself, I do not want to make it my children not to be the sweet mommy, sick, weak, so very tired, nausea, uncertain, angry with myself and the whole world, distraught, stressed out. I love it for another year, but then my mother dies and come into a violent burnout. BAM, then your life also really stops.

This was the moment that I first came into contact with Ayahuasca, Psychedelics and Kambo. A world opened up for me, I got in touch with my inner self and could therefore go to the core of my problems. Ayahuasca has healed me from my illnesses. Ayahuasca helped me to face and solve my problems. I could call on my self-healing ability and my physical and physical symptoms disappeared.

With the help of Ayahuasca, I have gained inner peace, self-confidence, strength and once again learned to enjoy life. And above all to keep myself and of life. Moreover, it has helped me in my spiritual development and seeing my mission here on Earth. The Ayahuasca teaches me ever deeper layers of releasing, trust, Love and truth. She lets me see my ego patterns that hinder me in everyday life to live my truth in full. This is often tantamount to fear. Fear of failure, fear of loss, but perhaps still the most fear of my light. For if there is anything that Ayahuasca shows me over and over again, that love & Light is my birthplace, as they are all of us. And so she learns to choose me again and again for love rather than fear, to surrender to life again, to what is, and to rely on the fundamental goodness of life.

My expertise lies in transpersonal psychotherapy, which offers deep respect for the spiritual, cognitive, emotional and physical aspects of the client. From the transpersonal perspective, the problem holds the solution; the darkest darkness contains a seed of light. After experiences of loss or ego death, rebirth inevitably follows.
I have been trained in a thorough understanding of the inner child. For most people, there are important themes in their current experience that tie in with their early history. Together we can follow these threads skillfully. Awareness is the beginning of changing outdated patterns. We create a space so that the inner child injuries and desires can come forward and be received with compassion. Sometimes it is appropriate to do expressive work; when the client is ready to go beyond the dialogue, we can use other techniques such as breathing, bodywork or spontaneous art.

Inner-Journey uses an atmospheric location in North Holland. Both group ceremonies, individual, duo and smaller ceremonies are held here. The locations are near NS stations and we always have the opportunity to pick you up from the station.

During the group ceremonies I work together with a number of loving and experienced supervisors. 




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