About The Teacher

Shankari, known by many as Shankari the Alchemist, is opening our retreat by creating sacred space during the first Fire Element Day and support you to release old patterns, let go of any possible resentments, blame and guilt and welcome change, as to clear the way for you to easily integrate all upcoming experiences and elements.

Shankari was born 67 years ago in Australia, carrying Scottish and Japanese heritage.

She came to Bali in 1989, set up her jewelry factory and started to build her own Sanctuary, a refuge for creative spirits, nestled in the jungle of Balian Beach, west Bali.

She is not just an artist and conscious healer, but also a philanthropist. As a humanitarian, she encounters others with compassion and patience. Life has taught her a lot in its variety of colours and so she illuminates every topic through wise approach, naturally established by her thorough experience, knowledge, truthfulness and grounded energetic presence.

Shankari studied design in earlier days and was enrolled at the Modern Mystery School. She used to work as a Silversmith and after mastering the art of ceramic costume jewelry, became a jewelry and product designer, further experienced as a producer and international Sales Manager. Her jewelries are designed as tools of power for the modern mystic.

Apart from that she founded and sponsors a foundation in support of Balinese traditional dance and music schools for local children. Shankari is entertaining a school for healing mosaic mandalas, teaching the art of intentional mosaic making and she also invests herself in tree farming and wooden design.

She has a fondness of history and loves to connect pieces of life’s puzzle as to observe the overall picture. She is interested in creative construction and conservation, loves textiles and carpets and sacred geometry design.

Holding and attending sacred fire ceremonies and sunset meditations fills her being with pure life force. She fervently supports expression and freedom of doubt and fear, opening the door to joy, finding joy in all things, every single moment.

Through this project, Shankari feels she can be of great value to those who have found themselves separated and in pain. Having lived a life full of adventures, love, passion but also loss, she knows from personal experience that revival is essential. Rediscovering your “joie de vivre”, your joy of living - is the greatest gift you can receive.

Shankari believes that YOUniverse Revival provides experiences that will open your heart, prepare you to be loved and love again. It all begins with yourself and your own love for you, which is the greatest love of all.

“I have been divorced three times. I have five children and thirteen grandchildren. My parents, despite not being suited to each other, NEVER divorced. Hence, as children we grew up in a war zone. Not something I wanted to pass onto my children. So divorce was easy when I was young and has a strong sense of my own purpose.

As parents, we have great responsibility because we are instructing our children all the time by default."

"My first two divorces were not difficult. They took place in mutual agreement, didn’t have assets to speak of and none of the two men really wanted the kids. 

The third was a doozy. It took a long time to come back to centre and recover my emotional balance. So what I came to discover was that suffering is the easy choice. Recovery is the hard one. To smile and feel joy once again was the hardest battle of my life. Regret, resentment, frustration, anger and rage all present for too long. Not good for my health. But I have healed now. I am in love again, such a romantic... Life goes on.”

My message to you, dear one:

“Remember you are in fact an "infinite immortal being of light" having a human experience. Everything else is the venue and programming you chose for your own evolution. Pushing yourself is never helpful. Blaming yourself or others – not helpful either, but letting go, giving up the old to make way for the new is indeed helpful.

No one else is in your shoes nor feels your pain, nor should they.  

Do not encourage people to feel sorry for you, because their pity adds to your self pity and only digs your pit deeper. Instead, choose a way out. Agree that you can be happy once again and take action for the purpose of joy. You are worth it! 

I love to inspire people who have become disempowered through the process of a breakup. Destabilising and immobilising breaking up can also be a window into a whole new world.”

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