About The Teacher

Tahlia is the angelic female voice of our YOUniverse guided meditations. Other than the soothing online journeys, she also offers live meditations during our YOUniverse Revival retreat and entertains you with live music at the final celebration event.

She was raised in Melbourne, Australia. After having booked a one-way ticket to Asia in 2017, she experienced life in new colors. It expanded her comfort zone and spirit widely, since she had never traveled alone overseas before.

Tahlia has a very joyful nature. She loves making people laugh and charms everyone with her grounded confidence. She’s always up for a laugh.

Travel has elicited a big part of her personal growth, bringing her to being who she is today.

Singing and performing professionally on big stages has been part of Tahlia’s life since the age of 16. In her recent years and due to the experiences in the music industry, she has shifted her focus in making music back to her core values – wanting to sing to serve others and perform from a place of healing, love, truth, and soul.

On her travels, she wasn’t the typical backpacker – but rather a houseguest living with local people. Some of them soon became like a second family to her.

She spent time in Siem Reap Cambodia with a family that changed her life forever with their loving and generous nature. All her worries and life’s problems as a 20-year-old simply did not exist any longer. Tahlia felt at one with who she was and where she was. She felt at home, although being so far away from home. She learned that home never leaves oneself. Home is only forgotten when one identifies with the problems that occur throughout one’s human experience. 

Tahlia’s passion lives within serving others and doing what she loves with purpose and meaning, whether that is traveling this beautiful world, performing for people who listen or simply writing music in her own company.

What kindled her passion for travel was her drive for self-improvement and self-empowerment.

She was in the middle of an incredibly toxic relationship that she knew she had to set herself free of. She knew exactly what she had to do, but needed to realize her worth and find the courage within to do so.

Feeling honored and grateful to take part in this YOUniverse Revival project, Tahlia knows this to be the tool that will transform so many beautiful people into becoming their ultimate self. From her personal experience with separation and loss, she is aware of how alone it can feel and how low one can fall in those moments.

Tahlia experienced a turning point in Ubud, Bali, where she felt she was finally able to take her first breath after drowning in suppressed pain caused by her former relationship. Around that time, she was experiencing separation in so many areas of her life. Only months prior, she had been confronted with her parent’s divorce which showed her a pain never known before, when her relationship with her father broke and led them apart.

This was where her pain and grief were born. But eventually, she discovered that she was healing in the process of becoming a new version of herself. It was clear to her that she wanted to and had to heal in order to grow.

Guided meditations were Tahlia’s tool at the time when she was completely lost and submerged in this grief and pain of feeling so separate, yet in transformation. The mediations allowed her to hear herself. They allowed her to remember that she had never been lost and now she wants to share this precious gift with the world. 

My message to YOU dear one:

“Feel pride and love at this very moment. Take pride in your vulnerability. You are allowed to feel the waves of discomfort that flow through you during this time. I encourage you to love yourself more than you ever have, and to treat yourself like your own best friend.”

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