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Your guide, coach and founder of Primal Foundations... Rina Shaffer, Certified Primal Health Coach

My journey has taken some pretty wild swings to get me where I am today. From Army girl and graphic designer, to Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Personal Fitness Chef, and sometimes, I swear, a little bit of everything in between!! Through it all I've definitely had my ups and downs with weight, fitness, and finding peace and happiness.

I'm here to tell you there's more to it than "just finding balance" as so many health coaches advise. I've discovered myself that it is also more than just eating "cleaner" and moving more. Those are certainly factors, but to truly achieve your BEST life, you need to rediscover yourself, let go of fear, regain lost confidence and arm yourself with a toolbox brimming with tools.

In the '90s (my twenties), I was in the Army and did whatever exercise the Army directed me to do. That was all. I found no joy in it. It was just what was required of me. Even so, I did not become physically fit and lean, so I tried crazy things like The Rice Diet. Yup, that is a thing. There's a whole book on it and you literally eat nothing but rice. I did lose weight, but I care not to think about how incredibly damaging that must have been to my body and muscles. 


Between 2007 and 2011, I found Body For Life. This was a popular 12 week transformation program and its honestly, not the worst thing one can do. It promoted healthy eating (or at least what was believed to be healthy at that time) and a weight lifting program. This aspect was of the greatest benefit to me. Learning how to lift weights set me on the path to becoming a personal trainer and delving further and further into learning about TRUE health. The problem I learned very quickly though was that all the  exercise and training in the world would not overcome poor nutrition, high stress and other life issues.

Eventually, I found keto. Keto is shorthand for a ketogenic way of eating (woe) that focuses on the fact that if you strictly reduce your carbohydrates, you will burn through your "easy access" energy stores and begin to burn your "long term storage", in other words your fat! I felt that THIS would be how I could help people and I became a Certified Personal Fitness Chef. But keto can have its pitfalls as well. There are now dozens, no hundreds, perhaps thousands of websites and Facebook pages now dedicated to keto, how to do it, how not to do it, macros to track, recipes, and cheats. Many of these end up being confusing and often you see and read of the frustration many come to find with this woe. The number one reason for this is the fact that most people's underlying issue is food addiction. Cheats, fat bombs, artificial sweeteners only perpetuate the issue. Once again, I realized this just wouldn't be enough.

Finally, I began to put it all together when I learned about fasting. That's right, centuries old fasting. Combining electrolyte water fasting with a primal way of eating and living was the answer to curing my food addiction, healing my system, calming my mind, and helping me shed the unwanted pounds quicker and easier than ever before. It is also the key to staving off the 1st world diseases that are rampant in this day and age, like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Best of all, the confidence in myself, knowing I was now in complete control over what and when I ate, opened my mind to my true purpose and MY best (contact info blocked) share my knowledge, guidance and support to everyone who wants a healthier, happier new beginning and to provide the tools needed to move forward with real solutions that work. This is what I want for you!! 

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