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Kristin Clark Cork, E-RYT 500 

After taking my first yoga class in 1995, I realized yoga would be forever a part of my life. I knew from that day I wanted to share with others the profound effect it had on me. Five years later, I taught my first yoga class. I hope to have the privilege to teach my entire life.

I have been incredibly fortunate to study with my teachers for the last 25 years, each experience with them ads more layers of love into my yoga practices and teachings. There are 3 styles of yoga that I thread through my teachings. Erich Schiffman's book Moving Into Stillness ended up in my luggage somewhat randomly when I was moving to California although I did not know of him or his teachings. 1 year later I landed in his class and I remembered his book which had been packed away since my move. Clearly it was not a coincidence that his book found me! His philosophies and teachings have been monumental in my approach to life on and off the mat. Erich's teachings of being on line all the time takes you out of habit mind and into "life live now". His Freedom Style approach to yoga empowers the inner teacher who is you, me, each of us. This resonates with me as almost every person I meet longs to cultivate a more meaningful relationship with themselves and others. It's about really listening inwardly for guidance, finding the space between each breath, the pause between each thought and slipping into it whether practicing, meditating, driving, anything at all! Taking our inner wisdom and acting upon it. Attuning ourselves to our needs of the moment, day, week, month, being connected for the benefit of all beings.

My trainings with Ganga White, Tracey Rich & Shiva Rea in the vinyasa flow lineage translate for me as meditation within movement. It’s where our physical form meets our emotional and intellectual bodies. Being connected to the breath throughout the practice helps keep us present. It guides us to the subtle micro adjustments our body may need - posing and reposing... analysis in action where we find yin and yang meeting. Flowing is something I take from my practice off the mat and into the world… staying fluid, inhaling life's inspiration, exhaling the debris. Where the breath is stuck, so is life.

My studies with Tias Little over the last 18 years have shaped my inquiry of things when they are slowed down. As I dare to go slowly, to look thru the lens of anatomy and energetics, to inquire what's stored where in the body and how to move thru our many layers with more ease and steadiness is profound. I am grateful for his grounding, introspective approach.

Last but not least my yin practice deepened while living in the high mountains of Colorado and I integrate its physical stillness and profound intuitive inquisition into every practice.

Meditation of movement and action in stillness are the woven fabric of my practices and my teachings within my classes, my retreats and my yoga teacher training courses. 

In conjunction to my yoga offerings, It was natural for me to persue my Nutritional degree, as I was always looking inwards through the lens of yoga towards what was healing, energizing and balancing and not! The way in which we ingest life to me is exactly the same.. what we eat or drink either helps nourish us or deplete us. The stimulus of life thru our senses is so important to understand to balance in this very busy world.  I love helping others return or stay in balance with realistic, foundational lifestyle choices. Food is medicine. I am often found in my kitchen cooking for friends and family enjoying the healing energies of food and companionship, sacred pause indeed.

Over the last several years I have celebrated my strong desire to offer others a way to immerse themselves into the practices of yoga more deeply. I specialize in private instruction and lead several retreats each year as well as 100 and 200 hr immersions and yoga teacher trainings. The journey is an ever lasting one for all involved, connecting to oneself is crucial to be able to fully connect with others in life and with what we do.  Every time I enter the sacred space of my mat, I feel so grateful knowing the shift that can occur in just a few short moments of conscious reflection.

I believe it's our collective efforts that make all the difference ~ Jai Ganesh!! 

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