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  • Ryan Muzzy   February 17, 2020

      Complete 180

    Before attending my healing retreat with Jana, I was angry and depressed. I was always in a rush and had a major cell phone addiction. I was missing out on my kids growing up because I was never present. My relationship with my wife was on the brink of disaster. All this because I was stuck in a spiral of negativity. I wanted to change and the first thing I did was seek out help. In the past I tried seeing therapists but they never seemed to help. They would listen to my problems but would never give me any clues as to how to actually change. The first thing that drew me to Jana was her website. It spoke to me in a big way. I found myself crying halfway through reading her homepage because it was exactly what I was looking for. After speaking with her by phone I knew she was the one that could help me find my true self and course correct my life. I booked for late November, 2018. During the retreat I was surprised at how much trust I developed with Jana in such a short period of time. There was absolutely no judgement from her and it helped me share openly. I went for 10 days and I highly recommend booking a retreat at least that long. The work is hard and you don't want to have to cram it in to a shorter time frame. There is no other way to say this other than to say that Jana saved me. She turned me around 180 degrees. It was the most magical experience I have ever had. I was sad to leave when the 10 days was up but at the same time I was eager to put my training to the test in real life. Re-entry was great! Situations that would normally trigger me became a learning experience. Jana taught me to pause, take a deep breath and try to understand why I am being triggered. It has helped immensely since. Life hasn't been all rainbows and unicorns since my retreat but I can say with certainty that I am coping way better now. I project love and compassion with everyone and everything in my life. My cell phone addiction has slowed since I deleted social media from my life and I continue my healing journey with at home courses from a variety of experts. I am also following a passion of mine and starting a business which I would never have done without Jana's help and support. Ryan Muzzy

  • Christine Matusik   February 17, 2020

      I would do it again!

    Like many of Jana’s clients, I felt that internal pull to get myself to Santa Fe and seek Jana’s help and counsel. I had experienced several tumultuous years which triggered such depression and anxiety that I wasn’t functioning. I’d been in therapy before—but knew something deeper and more intensive was necessary if I was going to change my life for the better. I was apprehensive about the cost, yes. However, I had felt badly for so long, and did not want to feel that pain for the next thirty years or more. I was tired of repeating destructive patterns. I spoke with Jana on the phone for a long time, and decided to take the plunge. Over six months after my one-on-one intensive with Jana, I can say that the experience was life changing! Jana is upfront about the intense pace and need to be fully committed—she definitely is, and you need to be serious and devoted to improving your life. For over a week, I devoted myself to myself. It’s not a “vacation” in the general sense. The natural surroundings are beautiful, the environment warm and comforting, the casita safe and cozy and nurturing. Even the bed and sheets are soft and soothing. But the work is tough. Sometimes I was in a “class” and receiving instruction about the relationships between the heart/mind/brain/larger universe; at other times, I did yoga, learned to breathe properly (for the first time in my life) and practiced meditation. Throughout, I began the process of working through the pain and trauma that had been holding me back. You can trust Jana and I had faith that she would help me navigate the painful and traumatic emotions and memories that came up throughout my five-day intensive, and she did, with compassion and optimism. Obstacles, or perceived obstacles, are opportunities to learn and grow, I learned. Further, Jana is intuitive, and recognized when I needed to have private time to process and think about what I was learning about myself, about my place in the world, and the experiences which had shaped me. I felt surrounded by love and kindness, and was given the right amount of tough love, too, when I needed it. She drew out my strengths—some I did not even know I had. Yes, a few times I thought, “I’ve had enough of this!” because the process can be challenging—especially as I was confronted with truths I had to own and began “rewiring” my negative patterns of thinking. It takes a lot of practice! But I stuck with the program, and I’m so glad I did. As I was driving back home after the retreat, I felt a peace and contentment I had never known—all the while realizing I was at the beginning of a new journey. Perhaps the greatest gift was learning to forgive—not just others, but myself. Without Jana, I don’t believe I could have attained that level of self-acceptance. Months later, the benefits of my five-day intensive experience continue to emerge. I am practicing new skills of self-care, pausing and reflecting on my thoughts and feelings, and have more confidence. I have changed much of my life, and am open to my own evolution. Jana provides continual support, often reaching out at the perfect time—when I am feeling a little down, or struggling with a problem. Not only would I recommend her program, but I would love to go to another Emotional Healing retreat. Christine Matusik

  • Julie Rivas, MD   February 17, 2020

      Life changing

    I came across Emotional Healing Retreats at a time in my life when I was functioning as a person I no longer recognized. I had never attempted anything of this sort. Attending the 1:1 intensive retreat and investing in myself and my well being was hands down the BEST decision I made to kick start 2020—the year of ME!! My experience was both overwhelming yet enlightening and with Dr Lance & Jana’s caring attention I felt completely supported each step of the way. I am stronger today because I finally have a solid foundation upon which I can flourish into the person I am meant to be! Thank you Jana & Dr Lance! -Julie Rivas, MD from South Texas

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