Vivienne Tobassa - Sri Dewi Vivyana Etherea - Blue Lotus Sumer Tara S'Ati

About The Teacher

Are you already an experienced and aware person who is seeking to take your path and your personal development to new levels of spiritual awareness and conscious abilities? Perhaps you are looking to further develop yourself or experience a breakthrough of issues that continue to hold you back. Or perhaps you're very clear where you need to head but want to form some structural concepts of how to take your own life coaching practice out in the world - one that sincerely supports others with real life transformation and collective conscious awareness into fifth dimension and higher vibrations, while living a whole, sustainable human existence.

Vivienne Tobassa is offering personal, group, retreat intensive and accredited learning courses online and in international locations to support people who are just beginners but know where they want to head, or those who are well on their path and want something that builds their skills, training and recognised practice in the world. She has enabled her own amazing life transformation—surviving terminal health collapse and crippling to reclaim her mobility also.

Vivienne Tobassa is a Spiritual Emissary with thirty years of life experience devoted to working with others for higher consciousness transcendence and to empower transformation at every level of being. Others she has assisted include people with life threatening illness, people at the end of their desperation to find a clear way out, people who need alternative approaches to wellness. She has been accorded various spiritual titles by spiritual leaders and Elders for her work in community, clairvoyant and spiritual healing. In 2002 she joined World Peace and Prayer Day Leaders Indigenous Elders and Holy people for Mother Earth sustainability founded by Chief Arvol Lookinghorse, and hosted by hon. Ela Gandhi in South Africa. Her work has included over twenty years of direct charity in third world and disadvantaged community. She has been featured on international television (prior to global internet media) to over sixty million viewers in recognition of her exceptional healing, transformation counselling and clairvoyant or super natural wisdom. This higher consciousness has been delivered through an incarnation of Meru cosmology and Goddess Mantle. Her latest book release is an extensive revelation of ancient cosmology and secret legacy revealed of the forgotten or buried Mu civilisation that she has retraced in her various bloodlines, lineages and using her supernatural abilities over thirty years.

Vivienne also has extensive therapies, alternative healing, health science, academic and skills training and recognised expertise in transformation of people, communities, corporations and even governments. Her most recent achievements include sustainable development transformation and an advisor role as an expert facilitator of change and culture to ASEAN board of United Nations. Born in New Zealand and lived predominantly in Australia and Bali, Indonesia where she also has ancestral links.

As a facilitator and coach Vivienne is currently combining her enlightened sacred mastery with workshops and skills. She has conducted international competency standards in coaching and developed practitioner Conscious Coach certification. Her simple but successful programs bring lasting, transformation for those seeking permanent life change - profound, deeper guidance, self mastery and taking their awareness to the next level - a raising of vibration, vitality and consciousness into higher flow states.

Please contact directly to find out how Vivienne can support your personal and group needs with flexible and skilled facilitation across her wide range of creative, healing and life transforming modalities.

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