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Diet Counselor and Fitness Trainer

I take this opportunity to introduce myself as a Diet Counselor, Fitness Trainer and Yoga Guru. I am a dedicated fitness professional who is focused on trying to put clients on the right path to achieve all-round fitness. I stress on counseling the members, blowing up the myths and misconceptions and educating them about the true meaning of fitness.

Personal Summary

A well-presented, self-motivated and confident Fitness trainer and Diet Counselor with experience of assisting client’s overall fitness needs and implementing programs for them. Possessing the ability to communicate complex and sensitive information about dietary matters in an understandable form to client and helping them to understand the science of nutrition into everyday understandable information about food.


1. Agnishakti Yog is a powerful yoga system to burn fat fast, burn away mental & physical blocks.

2. I am running this center for more than 7 years and training more than 2000 females.

3. In my center, I provide training for Yoga, Power Yoga, Vinyaas Yoga, Agni Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Chakra Activation Yoga, Meditation, Pilates Yoga, Aerobics, Zumba, Women Self-defense, Commando training, Crossfit training, Boot Camp, etc.


A training programme which trains women in self-defense, discipline & focus, encourages self-empowerment, develops inner strength & courage.

Owner & founder of BAMBOO FOREST GREEN TEA

Bamboo Forest Green Tea is 100% organic product from one of the world’s rarest tea garden.


Get Damn Slim & Fit Body For Rest Of Your Life!

• Permanent fat loss and permanent slimness.

• Build lean, athletic body

• Win the war easily against fat, obesity and lack of energy.

• Boost thinking power, reduce stress and lift your mood.

• Boost your vitality.

• Have a healthy heart.

• Fight aging process

Expertise of working with-

• Obese and over-weight clients

• Mothers busy with kids or working long hours

• People having simply jam-packed social life.

• Professionals like air-hostess, model or receptionist or any other profession which demand fit, slim and shaped body

• Healthy diet plan for children and for elderly people

• Diet plans for individuals with special needs.

• Designing a diet and fitness program that fits in with your life.

Diet related expertise

• Nutritional issue

• Eating disorders

• Nutritional calculations

• Menu analysis

• Developing nutritional care plan

• Dietary treatment of disease and obese and over-weight individuals

Experience in taking workshops

I have 4 years of experience in taking workshops on diet and healthy lifestyle at schools, corporate offices and various clubs

• At Lion’s Club of Vapi, Gujarat

• At Lion’s Club of Kandivali, Mumbai

• At Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Dadar, Mumbai

• Thakur Vidya Mandir, Kandivali, Mumbai

• Thakur College of Science and Commerce, Kandivali, Mumbai

• Don Bosco School, Borivali, Mumbai

• ONGC Officers in Mumbai, Jorhat and Nazira, Assam

• ONGC Ladies Club

• Meena Publications and many more.

Qualification in Fitness & Diet

• Reebok certified Pilates and Yoga trainer.

• Reebok Aerobics

• 1 year certificate course in Diet and Fitness from Yog Sadhna Trust.

• Advance workshop on diet with Kris Gethin who is world famous trainer of Hrithik Roshan and many Hollywood and Bollywood superstars.

• Combat fitness- karate, boxing and self-defense with International coach Sensei Nath who is a 5th Dan black belt in Martial Arts.

• Power Yoga- 1 year certificate course from Yog Sadhna Trust.

• Hath Yoga and Pranayam from Himalayan monks.

• Shotokan Karate

As a Diet Counselor and a Fitness Trainer:

• Personalized nutritional and diet plan- Through assessment of your health and diet history. My nutrition helps you shed off those extra kilos permanently without starvation. Weight loss is more successful when exercise, healthy eating and some degree of calorie control are put together. Improve muscle tone and reduce fat. I formulate an individual program based on your requirement.

• Power Yoga, Agni Yoga, Vinyaas Yoga, Pilates Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Chakra Activation Yoga- A flexible strength and weightloss program with flexibility, endurance, balance, coordination, concentration, abs strengthening, toning and tightening with powerful breathing.

• Kick Boxing and Piloxing- A combo of karate, western boxing with music and traditional movement. Improve muscular endurance, balance and breathing technique.

• Boot Camp and Crossfit Training.

• Self-defense, Commando Training for women- Self-defense means to have confidence in oneself, to trust inner strength and power. It doesn’t only mean to fight against somebody, but instead to stand up for defending oneself.

• Meditation- That includes techniques to promote relaxation, builds internal energy and life force, and develops compassion, love, patience and forgiveness. It clears the mind and solves many health issues.

• Reebok Aerobics Hardrock- A cardio workout with a combination of dance, low-impact aerobics

• Absolute abs- Core stability and abdominal workout to achieve flat tummy.

Other Skills

• Tarot reader

• Palmistry

• Master floral designer

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