About The Teacher

“Awakening the Kundalini is the True Guru”

“The body stores both ancient and subconscious information that we may self unleash and heal if aided properly by letting the body speak and move freely.”

Ana Sanz is a Concious Dance facilitator and body/soul therapist whose main focus is to be at the service of aiding at connecting to our own bodies and letting our true essence to manifest. She does this by enhancing energy and healing practices that help us awake our kundalini or being in full health and awareness.

Working with somatic awareness and authentic movement, she is driven towards the work from the feminine (yin aspects of existence). She dives deep into body psychotherapy bringing out to consciousness different processes that are hidden in the participants. Using movement on water as well as on land and private sessions (water massages and Asian based body work) are incredible tools to help individuals one to one to bring up their own healing by activating their pineal gland, rescuing memories and releasing old programs that end up causing disease on the body.

Focused on awakening the YIN aspects of life. She is now focused on the way of HEART OPENING through WHITE TANTRA in combination with CONSCIOUS DANCE, offering extremely transformative experiences round the world. Her Dance sessions are extremely powerful in removing old patterns and belief systems that are an obstacle for the participants daily lives. She is focused on EMPOWERING people thanks to her ability to make people step out of their comfort zone and surpass barriers in an instant of movement enabling people to fully see their true potential and capabilities.

After many years of study and practice in the fields of Communication, Documentary filmmaking, Contemporary Dance and Language teaching around the world, coming from a very solid female background in Spain, Ana has always been working towards BOUNDING COMMUNITY together.

After living and deep study in conscious communities in New Zealand, Thailand and Mexico. Ana Sanz takes the medicine of Concious Dance and AUTHENTIC MOVEMENT all over the world. Her work from the FEMENINE, walking aside the white tantrik path (Hareprem swami, Osho line), makes her a group facilitator whose focus is to help us live from our bodies, connecting profundly with our own temple, bridging the connection body/soul.

Ana employs SOMATIC MOVEMENT through a wide diversity of practices like BIOdanza or WATER DANCE, where we explore INTERELATIONAL dynamics and connecting BREATHWORK as a diverse set of TANTRIK practices whose main aim are to make us connect in deep intimacy; first with ourselves, giving us a deep sense of belonging, to then merge with the community around us. Ana works from the SHAKTI FORCE qualities making us connect with our intuition, listening to our deepest dreams and longings.

As a DANCEmandala facilitator, Ana creates Dance temples that make us journey towards the blissful body. She firmly believes in natural trance states which are deeply healing. DANCEmandala describes an hour and a half wave transiting along the different yoga koshas: body, emotion, heart and spirit. The dancer is encouraged to dance mainly eyes close, falling into their own process where there are many realizations of the dancer own current life process.

Her ONE to ONE private sessions focus on the practice of THAI YOGA STRECH massages that she merges together with AYURVEDIC, as well as AGUAHARA or water massage. From the Mantak Chiak school in Thailand, its Taoist approach has to do with letting the CHI naturally flow in full health along the body. Using accupressure along the main meridian channels, she journeys your body with a wide set of natural essences and oils in a very deep cleansing, detox and restorative massage. CHI NEI TSANG or abdominal Tao massage is always part of her treatments.

As a YOGA TEACHER, after more than 15 years of practice, she shares her RESTORATIVE YOGA FLOW sessions, with a very YIN and FREE FLOW aproach, where yoga is met from deep observation in each of the postures. She embraces and supports the ability of the yogui to listen carefully to their own bodies, needs and unique expression.

Ana Sanz complements her healing with fitotherapy and flower essences. As a herbalist, she uses MAYAN TINCTURES to balance the different systems in the body. Using the principles of geodesia to detect imbalances in the body, she prepares microdosis of medicinal plants to heal your system. Her work with BACH FLOWERS, addresses the emotional source of health issues in the body and she uses flower essences to unleash our dreaming capacity, helping us to materialize what´s meant for us in this life.

Ana Sanz is currently organizing retreats and events round the world. Her philosophy lies on the idea We Are Conciouness and have the ability to materialize and heal from deep within,. She helps both in private sessions or groups to discover what´s hidden in the subconcious body, bringing up to conciousness whatever is needed in our lives. The result is a more CONNECTIVE life living fully and happy THE LIFE WE WANT.

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Am opportunity to deepen my practice..thank you Lilliane

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