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About The Teacher

Kremena never anticipated that yoga would become part of her daily life.  In fact, she knew little to

nothing about yoga before she reached her 23rd birthday. A Bulgarian girl raised in a small town close to the Black sea who was never exposed to eastern philosophy. After graduating she moved out of Bulgaria in attempt not so much to find herself but to find a job that would support her. With down to earth approach to all life situations and new places she managed to adapt herself and excel continuously. Self-tough entrepreneur with a touch of creativity her career path brought her from junior purser on board of a cruise ship to the corporate world and blended yoga on the way.

After she moved to The Netherlands in 2006 following her partner, she took her first ever yoga class and

felt in love with it. She soon realized that with regular practice, on and off the mat, yoga can change your

life for better.

She moved back to Bulgaria for a short period of 6 months where she practiced twice a day every day

with Hristo Iliev and was sure that yoga will be somehow in her future path. Back in The Netherlands she

started her office work for Reebok where there was a small corporate gym. One day she was practicing

her routine, (no style in particular) just a flow base sequence, and found herself surrounded by people

that where interested in learning what was that. She was given the opportunity to teach yoga to

employees from 2008 and she is being doing that ever since.

She finished her basic yoga education in Utrecht in 2012 with Yoga Point affiliate to the European Yoga

Federation. She took part of all yoga retreats organized by the Bulgarian yoga federation the following

years. Organizing weekly yoga classes, special workshops and events was what motivated her to contact

more yoga professionals to join her mission of sharing yoga to the young professionals.

Taking any yoga class that she could find in attempt to learn something new she captured that it is not

the style of yoga that is appealing to the students but rather is the teacher’s ability to keep students


On her quest for good yoga teachers to be her mentor she met Jemitra. She soon found herself working

directly under Jemitra to sharpen both her teaching skills and her own practice. Her students were

immediately attracted to the easy to follow flow and her ability to bring humor on the mat in a playful way.

In 2012, Kremena met Tara Stiles founder of Strala yoga following year she took the Strala teacher

training in San Francisco. The easy approach in Strala yoga is very appealing to Kremena’s personal

believe that yoga should be a pleasurable journey and not a competition.

As a successful entrepreneur with a full-time corporate career, Kremena is thoroughly aware of the

demands of modern life.

“Through practicing yoga, I found a way to reconnect with my inner self, to get in touch with my feelings

and bring much needed peace and balance into everything I do. Discovering and practicing Strala yoga

has been life changing for me, as it incorporates everything I stand for and want to achieve. Now all I

want to do is bring the joy and radiance of Strala to others” - Kremena comments. And that’s exactly what she does through her enterprise YorYoga.

Since founding it in 2012 Kremena has organized seven international Yoga, Food and Wine retreats, multiple workshops and has taught countless Strala classes. Inspired by her own experience, Kremena is adamant that the exhilaration and benefits of Strala yoga should be brought to as many people as possible, especially ones in an inferior socio-economic position.

Driven by her belief and determination, Kremena joined efforts with The Sports Coaches Outreach

(SCORE) on two occasions to teach yoga to underprivileged children in Africa: in South Africa in 2014

and Namibia in 2016. In her own words - the most unforgettable and rewarding experience of her life.

Kremena unites the philosophy of yoga with modern day real life as the basis of her teachings in yoga.

Her realistic, straight up, modern approach has made her approachable and favorite teacher in both

Amsterdam and The Hague.


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