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About The Teacher

Hi! My name is Julieta Castillo, I created RevolUp, and this is part of my story...

I’m Julieta, a Scorpio in astrology, which accurately describes me as an intuitive, sensitive and expressive; strong, passionate and powerful being. I’m creating continuous improvement and fostering sustainable nutrition and a conscious lifestyle. I am a mindful world traveler and hospitality expert with a career in Nutrition Science.

I remember the days when I was completely confused about food. I was unhappy with the way I looked. In fact, I had many more complaints than compliments. This rose feelings of frustration, irritation and powerlessness. I believed eating was about consuming pretty much any food that tasted good, without giving much thought to what I ate and why it was important. Something felt odd, out of place, I had unsatisfying feelings that only depended on me to change.

At the age of 16, after living 6 years in the United States, moving back to Argentina, my home country, was shocking. In 2006, I became aware that health was declining abruptly. Naive people were stacking weight, mindlessly, like it was the latest trend. Not only “them”, but me too!

In adolescent times, when ideal body image seemed imperative, I was a few kilograms heavier than comfortable; my cholesterol levels where higher than average, I felt fatigued and unsatisfied which directly impacted on my self-esteem and confidence. I had blindly become an obvious victim of the new epidemic, which not just contradicted with my ideal external self-image, but generated internal imbalances as well.

Driven by motivation to heal and curiosity to learn, I wondered “How is this epidemic controlled? And better yet, “Who is in control of this disease?” Then, I realized that the only way to overcome the prevalent disease was to become educated and informed.

Hence, 12 years ago, I began an unplanned journey on health, when I proved myself that I had large control of my body and emotions. Fortunately, at an early stage, I understood that I was responsible for my own health.

Therefore, I decided to expand my knowledge and continued my journey by enrolling in University. My interest and curiosity led me to the top of my class. After 5 years, I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. Heading directly into an office job was not my priority, as I knew that traditional education only provided the minimum grounds and true learning came from outside the classroom.

I am a fortunate traveler; I have had the chance to live long enough in 6 countries abroad, and traveled a great deal of my life, through the continents , consciously learning, gathering enriching experience, self-experimenting and improving my knowledge and skills. I have personally experienced culture, people, and food from around the globe.

Since my nomad life, my working career has been diverse. Growing up, my family was dedicated to gastronomic businesses. I have worked countless days in the hospitality industry, and learnt key skills such as prioritization and multi-tasking, communication, problem-solving, as well as life lessons involving humility, patience, empathy and respect. With time, I learnt my way from bars and cafes to prestigious restaurants and world renowned companies in various countries. I have been surrounded by cooks and chefs, for as long as I can remember, further developing my interest in food and cooking.

Along my journey, one of the most transformative experiences that truly deepened my understanding about life was a 10-day silent meditation retreat in Thailand. I experienced, for myself, pure feelings in the absence of usual distractions. I sincerely perceived mindfulness and patience from a different, uncommon yet clearer perspective, and comprehended childhood and adulthood in a life-changing way.

Travel and experience have taught me that understanding people is essential to help them, especially with such an intimate topic that is nutrition and health.

Over time, through introspective learning and conscious education, with books, conferences, seminars and workshops I have learnt that food can be the safest medicine or the slowest poison, one’s very best friend or worst enemy. I have developed a profound curiosity and sincere interest in REAL FOOD as natural medicine and cooking as creative expression.

After years of witnessing people fall ill and struggle to maintain health plus the overload of disinformation available, I felt the need to make a change.

Consequently, after a great personal/professional development opportunity, offered in Australia, I made the decision to become involved with the community, in an attempt to help it strive. The walk of life led me to create RevolUp; encouraged to join my passion for nutrition, dietetics and health, in combination with, my devotion to hospitality and my extensive experience within the industry.

I truly love to empower people and firmly believe that sharing essential information for a better understanding is needed to generate awareness. I am committed to provide clarity about the role of nutrition in life, to highlight the importance of self-nourishment, breathing and sleeping, as well as to emphasize the exceptional benefits of healthy habits for people to consciously choose to improve their life and that of those around them successfully.

Finally, I dedicate most of my time to make a change, helping one being at a time, by educating and supporting each one, with motivation, and perseverance; promoting self-love to help the shift occur, and encourage sustainable nutrition and a conscious lifestyle.

Although I work hard, I know how important it is to take time to make time for myself!

I enjoy being around family, friends and pets, organizing cook-outs and gatherings, long after-meals and meaningful conversations. I take much appreciation in details, love sunny days, full-moon nights and snowboarding on powder days. A comfortable hammock, a thought-provoking book and a hot ginger-lemon-honey infusion is a usual, chill day. Exploring nature and fun adventures keep me active. Malbec wine, freshly brewed coffee and dark chocolate are non-negotiable pleasures. Photography entertains me, cooking is a fun hobby and gardening is a pleasant, productive work-out. Music is healing and makes life a better one. Spanish is my mother tongue, English is my second language, like second nature. Visiting Antarctica and shaving my head are both on my bucket list. I strongly reject aggression, judgments and stereotypes, and choose to stay away from dishonest people who are not true to themselves.

I look forward to upcoming travels, to gain experience, meet people, impact their story and learn about local culture and enrich my soul.

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