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Left to Our Own Devices:  Relating to Everyday Technology

Personal computers, smart phones, i-pads, e-everything — technology has reshaped our lives.  Our reliance on cyber-devices grows stronger every day, affecting how we spend time with others, fill solitary time, get information, manage sexuality, look for potential partners, form and maintain relationships.  For most of us, technology’s appeal is alternately seductive and challenging, soothing and addictive, helpful and harmful.  Despite possible reservations, we are hooked. Yet rarely do we examine this thoughtfully. In this workshop we’ll  look at our engagement with everyday technology, including some hands-on (and maybe hands free!) activities, strategies to modulate usage, pros and cons of dating in an app-based world, and ways to shed light overall on our techno-habits.

How to Date Life + 

Do you need to be partnered to be happy?  No matter your circumstances — partnered or single, urbanite or country mouse, religious or agnostic, in your 20s or your 80s – ultimately our primary relationship is with this mysterious enterprise of being alive.  Think of it as dating or partnering with life — an ongoing, committed courtship and romancing of meeting whatever greets us (routinely or unexpectedly) moment by moment, day by day, year by year.  This workshop incorporates Buddhist teachings and general psychological principles to offer a framework for viewing our engagement with life as an ongoing project of intimate connection – and, like any relationship, figuring out what does and doesn’t work, and honing skills to make it more rewarding.


Steve Schwartzberg, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist, senior Body Electric facilitator, and frequent presenter at Easton Mountain.  At Single Men’s weekend he will facilitate two workshops.  Left to Our Own Devices:  Relating to Everyday Technology explores how technology — especially our phones and computers — has reshaped our lives, affecting how we spend time alone and how we connect with others — especially, for better or worse, in a dating world that is increasingly app-based.   How to Date Life is a workshop based on general psychological and Buddhist teachings about creating a more fulfilling relationship with yourself regardless if you are partnered or single.  Ultimately, our primary relationship is with the mystery of being alive — so isn’t it worth while figuring out, as in any relationship, what works and what doesn’t, and hone skills to make it more rewarding?


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