Aleks NIkolic

About The Teacher

How can we see our day to day life, actions, interactions and thoughts as sacred again and become totally immersed and present while exploring them? Why are we doing what we’re doing?

Aleks Nikolic’s mission is to create safe and sacred spaces for people to reconnect back to their hearts, meet their darkness and remember the light by sharing the tools of Yin Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Ecstatic Dance and Ceremonial Cacao with them. For the last year she has been assisting Nik Robson during three Yin Culture Teacher Trainings in Bali and New Zealand.

She has been holding space the last 4 years in different ceremonies and workshops all based on the intention to create space for people to be all they are, feel all they feel and realign with the highest Truth. As much as it is serious and intense, it is also light and playful.

In Switzerland Aleks is offering seasonally Cacao Ceremonies and Yin Yoga or Ecstatic Dance Journeys for EVERYBODY at the Yoga Tribe Studio in Zurich and takes you every January on a Goa Heart Adventure in South India – a retreat focused on connecting back to the heart and living your life from there while channeling different Tantric Hatha Goddesses, dancing, diving deep in Yin Yoga Journeys and letting go of what doesn’t serve you anymore, remembering that life happens right now.

She was born in Zurich, has Serbian roots but has been traveling constantly for the past 4 years, feeling mostly drawn to Bali, India and back to Zurich sharing her experiences.

Magic is real. Love is the answer. Remember your intention. If not (contact info blocked)!

“Aleks is committed to choosing Love over Fear. She chooses to see and experience life as a ceremony; a reality she creates and embodies. Aleks understands the teacher of Cacao to be the way it highlights where there are resistance and acts as a loving invitation to soften, to melt, to open. She shares Cacao in a circle as the natural guide it is towards reconnecting you with your intuition, reconnecting with your hearts truth, and being able to rest in a sense of union, openness, trust, and softness.”

She has been traveling since October 2015 and completed in 2016 her 200hs

with Heidi Dietrich & Heidi Michelle in Costa Rica.

Her most important trip so far has been last year to India – after a painful break-up.

It led her back to her own inner flow, to the journey of her heart.

She completed there a 100hs advanced Tantric Hatha &

Divine Feminine Training with Heidi Dietrich & Jessica Roodvoets.

In June 2018 she dived deep into a 50 hours Yin training with Nik Robson on magical Bali. Since November 2018 she’s been assisting 3 Yin Culture Yoga Teachers with Nik Robson.

She focusses on creating a safe space for people, so they can feel themselves again and live their life from the heart.

In January 2019 she explored Yoga Nidra deeper and did a Teacher Training with her teacher Meera from Diya Yoga in India.

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