Andres Campos Aguero


About The Teacher

Andrés apprentice this tradition from the Shipibo indigenous lineage that comes from Pucallpa, Perú.

In 2017, while finishing his work season in a locally famous Ayahuasca Center in Costa Rica, Andrés founded a small house retreat in the fields of Turrucares, Alajuela, which became the base for his work.

He was the Ceremony Leader and Director of one of the first centers of this kind in the country, located in Cartago, Costa Rica. He visited the place since 2012 to acquire knowledge regarding ceremonies and to start his apprenticeship. Since the first ceremony, Andrés felt that the Ayahuasca medicine was going to become part of his life, and he saw himself sharing the medicine with others, still taking enough time to learn and be prepared for this journey. He is on the other side of the ritual now, as he likes to say, and is embracing this experience with an experienced team next to him.

His personal experiences with Ayahuasca awakened his passion for unlocking human potential to develop a deep connection with nature and the universe. This is where he would ultimately find his call.

He likes to focus on the psycho-shamanic aspect of Ayahuasca and would like to integrate the experience with Yoga, Reiki, Tarot, Psychotherapy, and so on by bringing specialists in the topics.

He has been running a volunteer program for two years, helping other people to experience Ayahuasca medicine from another perspective. His experience sharing medicine has been 100+ ceremonies, working with the medicine as a full time job.


This place was chosen itself by the plant, I had nothing to do with it.

The same way that the plant chooses me to work with her. Later she told me that this house and land give more power to the medicine due to its roots and my connection with them. This is something that had to happen exactly like that. It’s not about me but happens through me.

It’s hard to explain, the mystery brings light.

This beautiful Finca has been in the family for many generations, holding the energies of many of my ancestors who were from land workers to sorcerers, healers with natural medicines, guides in the forest, fishermen, and my maternal grandparents, who were my biggest teachers in life.

I am not the owner, I am the land keeper.

I don’t do anything special or magical, but the connection I have developed with the master plant Ayahuasca during the years has helped me immensely, and now I can share with others my perspective and experience. I am not a shaman, they only exist within the ancient context and are only born in the jungle. I represent a new lineage of the medicine man, I can feel it in all my senses every time I am leading a ceremony and working with the plant. She is like me, in a sense.

I honor all my ancestors, my family, and the master plants by working in this land.

It is sacred to me.

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