Maestro Curendero Brown/William Koroskenyi

About The Teacher

~Maestro Curendero, Shamanic Practitioner & Spiritual Guide~

Brown was trained in the ancestral medicine traditions of the Upper Amazon Basin, & has earned through his extensive isolated master plant dietas, his ongoing display of integrity, his effectiveness in his healing work, the number of icaros personally received from the plant spirits, & his discipline on the path, the title of Maestro Ayahuascero(an expert healer, specialized in work with Ayahuasca). This title was given to him at the completion of an important initiation ceremony in 2019, with his teacher Banco level Curandera, Adela Navas(70 yrs experience in ancestral medicine traditions of the Amazon). Brown carries this title with great respect, responsibility & humility, with the knowledge that a healer working with the plants is only as powerful as are his/her connection to the Creator & all the spirit allies, and that the most miraculous healings occur as a result of a patients direct connection to source and their own trust and readiness to surrender. Brown regards himself as a spiritual guide, one who graciously assists people on their spiritual journeys, with trust in our infinite nature, and finds great purpose in helping men & women of all ages to transcend their previously conceived limitations, to welcome renewed health, inspiration, connectedness and purpose into their lives. Brown's path with the plants is ongoing, as he has seen that this is a multi-life path for him, not just a goal or position to be achieved, but a path to walk.

Brown is also an expressive musician, eloquent writer, a husband & father, a joyful gardener, and a gifted healer, specializing in work with dozens of plant medicines from the Amazon. At 39 yrs old, Brown humbly and courageously walks the path of his spirit. With each day it unfolds leading to new insights and offerings for the world. He has worked with plant medicines both casually and intensively over the course of 23 years, and has practiced the art of drumming to induce trance for 20+ yrs. What he later identified as the ancient art of shamanic drumming, has aided him in reaching altered states of consciousness, helping him to communicate with other realms, facilitate energetic clearings, and gather information from the ether, to bring back to “ordinary” reality, in effort to enhance his own life and offer support to those around him.

As a self-taught musician, he has been practicing his craft for two decades, and has recorded and performed in several musical projects, successfully playing approximately a dozen instruments throughout his musical path.

From early life visions of his future self, to adolescent out-of-body experiences, to becoming a deep listener of ambient sounds, Brown has trained his ear and transmitting/receiving mechanisms to reveal and refine the gift of deep listening, allowing him to hear music and melodies in the ether and environment around him, receiving songs for the purpose of enjoyment, healing, connecting with the earth and communicating with other entities and realms. He first experienced this type of open channel in his mid 20’s, several years after his first experiences with Ayahuasca.

Through his continued and committed work with Ayahuasca since 2013, he has been working to shed his old programming, which is allowing more doors to open all the time, both in his abilities to channel healing energies into ceremony, and in his relationships.

Brown integrates the teachings from spirit, Ayahuasca, Huachuma, Nihue Rao, Mapacho and other plant medicines into his daily life, holding them all as sacred offerings from the divine. Being alternatively taught, primarily by the the natural world, the spirits, Ayahuasca, and what he calls his higher self, Brown has learned to embrace divine flow and timing. He has learned to release time & form oriented expectations when aligning to intentions, and to surrender to the synchronicities which flow back in response, understanding that right energies, people, opportunities and insights are drawn into our life experiences at exactly the right time they are needed, and if they are not here now, then they are not supposed to be.

Brown has a passion for jungle life, and finds great joy in working with the plants, developing gardens, learning about and identifying the native plant medicines, gathering seeds and baby plantlings from the forest, as he focuses on restoring plant diversity at the Avatar Centre. He’s been a driving force behind planting both food and medicine gardens, with the goal of developing food & medicine independence on the land for the future. His background in permaculture & community gardening is lending itself well to helping the centre develop an earth service model, where everyone is encouraged to have some hand in caretaking the gardens, as well as harvesting and sharing in their fruits.

He feels it as a significant part of his purpose, to support others on their spiritual journeys, helping them to reveal their highest truth and purpose in each moment. With Ayahuasca & the spirits of the forest as his allies, he furthers the pursuit of this mission to help bring man-kind back to a place of harmony with nature.

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